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Maduro: Hands off Venezuela, Donald Trump!

Hands off Venezuela’: Maduro slams Trump in English after US sanctions country’s oil giant

Venezuela Crisis: U.S. Has Painted Itself Into Corner duurt 8 minuten.

South Front
Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019

Sanctions against Syria & Venezuela are crimes against humanity!

Syriana Analysis
Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019
The #USA declared a new package of sanctions against Syria, named “Caesar Law” project.

These sanctions, which are expected to be adopted soon, might be the toughest on Syria, which aims
The main goal of these sanctions is to impoverish ordinary people into extent which their financial stability is no more dependent on the government.

Sanctions could amount to crimes against humanity.
Lift the sanctions on #Syria! Lift the sanctions on #Venezuela!

History of US interventions in Latin American countries

Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019
#Venezuela is not the first country the #US has tried to overthrow its democratically-elected government.

Maduro treks carefully as US adds pressure

RT America
Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019
The US-backed coup in Venezuela has turned into a testy game of poker. Yesterday, the United States handed over some of Venezuela’s frozen assets to opposition leader Juan Guaido. Then it appointed a new envoy to Venezuela, and the United States apparently plans to send troops to Columbia’s border with Venezuela. RT America’s Manila Chan sits down with former U.S. diplomat Jim Jatras to figure out what’s going on.

US in Venezuela: Like Syria, ‘but stupider’

RT America
Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019
The United States is “doing Syria all over again, but much stupider” in Venezuela, says Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute. He speaks with RT America’s Manila Chan.

Israeli Troops in Brazil

TeleSUR English
Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019
Snapshot | What seems like a simple act of solidarity is most likely another step in strengthening the bonds between the two far-right governments of Israel and Brazil.

Hondurans Are Protesting Against The U.S.

TeleSUR English
Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019
Snapshot | Hondurans are protesting against the U.S. and its support for the government

Venezuela Gold: Bank of England ‘no longer neutral player’ – Richard Wolff

RT America
Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019
Economist and co-founder of Democracy at Work Prof. Richard Wolff joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss the freezing of Venezuelan funds in the Bank of England amid the deepening political crisis in Caracas. He says the Bank of England’s decision is a signal to all countries out of step with US interests to withdraw their money, as the Bank has shown itself to be “under the thumb of the United States.” He also opines on the “horrific prospects” of regime change in Venezuela.

Max Blumenthal: How US trained Juan Guaido for Regime Change

RT America
Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019
Journalist and author Max Blumenthal joins Rick Sanchez to offer his analysis of Venezuela’s political crisis. He says Juan Guaido’s “real constituency is in Washington” and that he’s at the forefront of a years-long destabilization campaign orchestrated by the US.

Venezuela: Top court bars opposition leader from leaving country

Jason Unruhe
Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019

Venezuela Propaganda Debunked – People Are Against Coup duurt 24 minuten.

The Jimmy Dore Show
Gepubliceerd op 27 jan. 2019

Met Abby Martin!

Tot zover de Global WARming…

28 Reacties

  1. mr.drs.Bou

    Venezuela plot thickens… UN should be probing Washington and allies for regime-change crimes

    The audacity of Washington and its allies is astounding. The wanton destruction these powers have inflicted on other countries in the name of bringing democracy – from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Libya, Ukraine to Syria, among others, is truly spellbinding in the worse sense. Still, here they are doing the same demolition job on Venezuela, trying to turn the country into a failed state at the mercy of American hegemony. As Russia’s foreign policy spokeswoman Maria Zakharova drily noted: “Now, it’s Venezuela’s turn.”

    Again, this is the same formula as was applied in Ukraine, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. Not only are the political institutions subverted by external forces, but then when the authorities try to move to defend the nation they have their hands tied behind their backs through slanderous blackmail.

    If the UN Security Council actually functioned as it’s supposed to, it should be investigating the regime-change machinations of the US and its allies, with a view to prosecute for criminal aggression.

  2. Nexus

    Ik vraag mij af wat dit voor de internationale rechtsorde gaat betekenen. Kan ik vanaf nu ook wetten negeren en enkel toepassen als ze mij uitkomen? Kan ik vanaf nu overal ter wereld president worden, ongekozen en wel omdat de VS of andere zionisten mij aardig vinden of kunnen gebruiken? Hoef ik nog wel belasting te betalen? De wetteloosheid van overheden is nog nooit zo duidelijk geworden als vandaag!

  3. mr.drs.Bou

    Beste Nexus,
    De “internationale rechtsorde” was gebaseerd op de mondiale olie-dollar economie. De VS kon daardoor wetten negeren en enkel toepassen als ze hen uitkomen. Het resultaat is te zien in het Midden Oosten, in Afrika en nu ook weer in Zuid Amerika. Maar de olie-dollar relatie is nu ook in Venezuela doorbroken. Even een YouTube uit de “memory hole”, let op de datum:

    Venezuela Drops US Dollar

    RT America
    Gepubliceerd op 17 okt. 2018
    Anya Parampil reports on an announcement this week from Venezuela that the country will stop using the US dollar on its exchange markets, instead adopting the euro. Venezuela says the decision comes as part of an effort to subvert US imperial sabotage of the country. Former UK MP George Galloway joins In Question to discuss how the US uses the dollar as a weapon and why there’s a growing international movement to buck the US buck.

    Na Irak en Libië is dit dus slechts een déja vu! Wie de olie-dollar niet wil, krijgt sancties aan de broek en bommen op de kop.

    Venezuelan Crisis Can Become A Catastrophe – Doomsday Clock 2 Minutes To Midnight!!! duurt 10 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 26 jan. 2019, drie dagen na de “coup”.

    Tot slot de economische sancties en de internationale rechtsorde:

    US Sanctions Are Killing Venezuelans: UN Expert Says duurt 10 minuten.

    The Jimmy Dore Show
    Gepubliceerd op 29 jan. 2019

  4. mr.drs.Bou

    Even een duik in de memory hole:

    Washington’s long and bloody history of violent intervention in Latin America

    Voor de poging om Hugo Chavez af te zetten, zie:

    THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED DIRECTED AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY KIM BARTLEY AND DONNACHA O’BRIAIN IRELAND, 2003 74 MINUTES IN SPANISH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES HUGO CHAVEZ ELECTED PRESIDENT OF VENEZUELA IN 1998, IS A COLORFUL, UNPREDICTABLE FOLK HERO, beloved by his nation’s working class and a tough-as-nails, quixotic opponent to the power structure that would see him deposed. Two independent filmmakers were inside the presidential palace on April 11, 2002, when he was forcibly removed from office. They were also present 48 hours later when, remarkably, he returned to power amid cheering aides. Their film records what was probably history’s shortest-lived coup d’état. It’s a unique document about political muscle and an extraordinary portrait of the man The Wall Street Journal credits with making Venezuela “Washington‚s biggest Latin American headache after the old standby, Cuba.”

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Chavez, The 2002 Coup duurt een uur en 15 minuten.

  5. mr.drs.Bou

    EU passes resolution recognizing Guaido as Venezuelan president

  6. mr.drs.Bou

    Who is legally in charge of Venezuela?

    RT America
    Gepubliceerd op 31 jan. 2019
    Rick Sanchez explains the intricacies of the mounting political struggle in Venezuela between the country’s National Assembly and its embattled President Nicolas Maduro. Then Marjorie Cohn, law professor and former president of the National Lawyers Guild joins to discuss the impact of US sanctions on Venezuelan society and its unfolding political crisis.

  7. mr.drs.Bou

    US plot to assassinate Maduro alleged

    RT America
    Gepubliceerd op 31 jan. 2019
    The Venezuelan government has accused the Trump administration of plotting with Colombia to assassinate embattled President Nicolas Maduro following the frustrated coup attempt by his rival, the US-backed Juan Guaido. RT America’s Dan Cohen reports for the News with Rich Sanchez.

  8. mr.drs.Bou

    Greed for oil drives EU support for Guaido

    RT America
    Gepubliceerd op 31 jan. 2019
    The European Union’s move to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido as the new Venezuelan president is illegal, says former UK MP George Galloway, who chats with RT America’s Manila Chan.

  9. mr.drs.Bou

    Regime Change In Venezuela: Army Defectors, Russian Mercenaries And Disappearing Gold

    South Front
    Gepubliceerd op 31 jan. 2019

  10. mr.drs.Bou

    Sanctions of Mass Destruction: America’s War on Venezuela

    Over the past five years, American sanctions have cut Venezuela off from most financial markets, which have caused local oil production to plummet. Consequently, Venezuela has experienced the largest decline in living standards of any country in recorded Latin American history.

    Prior to American sanctions, socialism in Venezuela had reduced inequality and poverty whilst pensions expanded. During the same time period in America, it has been the absolute reverse. President Chavez funneled Venezuela’s oil revenues into social spending such as free+6 healthcare, education, subsidized food networks, and housing construction.

    With billions of dollars worth of minerals in the ground and with the world’s largest oil reserves, Venezuela should not only be wealthy, but her people the envy of the developing world. But the nation is essentially broke because American sanctions have cut them off from the international financial system and cost the economy $6 billion over the last five years. Without sanctions, Venezuela could recover easily by collateralizing some of its abundant resources or its $8 billion of gold reserves, in order to get the loans necessary to kick-start their economy.

    Trump just hired Elliot Abrams as U.S. Special Envoy for Venezuela, who has a long and torrid history in Latin America. Abrams pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the Iran Contra affair, which involved America funding deadly communist rebels, and was the worst scandal in the Reagan Era. Abrams was later pardoned by George Bush Senior. America’s new point man on Venezuela also lied about the largest mass killing in recent Latin American history by U.S. trained forces in El Salvador.

  11. mr.drs.Bou

    CrossTalk: Venezuela Targeted duurt 25 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 1 feb. 2019
    Washington’s forced regime change strategy targeting Venezuela continues unabated. Everything is going to plan. First, sanction the country in ways that punish the poor. Second, back a so-called interim president in Caracas. Third, deny the legitimate government of its export revenues. Is the use of force next? CrossTalking with Pablo Navarrete, Miguel Tinker Salas, and Paul Dobson.

  12. mr.drs.Bou

    US recipe to overthrowing governments

    Gepubliceerd op 1 feb. 2019
    US ‘Regime Change Stew’ recipe:
    1. Heat the pot by condemning the regime’s legitimacy
    2. Stir gently and physically join opposition
    3. Season with sanctions
    4. Throw in some guns
    5. ???
    6. Profit

  13. mr.drs.Bou

    Shock and awe strategy being employed in Venezuela regime change duurt 20 minuten.

    The Duran
    Gepubliceerd op 1 feb. 2019
    The Duran Quick Take: Episode 71.

    RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou take a quick look at the financial and media war being waged in Venezuela, as John Bolton employs the usual U.S. weapons of regime change to tighten the screws on Maduro and his embattled government.

    Will Maduro survive the US onslaught to emerge in tact, or will Venezuela slide quickly into chaos and civil war or slowly drift into a frozen quagmire of a nation state?

  14. mr.drs.Bou

    Zakharova: We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet, US Might Still Invade Venezuela if Coup Fails

  15. mr.drs.Bou

    Why must Venezuela be destroyed?

    By Dmitry Orlov

    The precedent established by the US government’s recognition of Juan Guaidó allows Nicolas Maduro to declare Donald Trump’s presidency as illegitimate for virtually all of the same reasons. Trump failed to win the popular vote but only gained the presidency because of a corrupt, gerrymandered electoral system. Also, certain opposition candidates were unfairly treated within the electoral process. Trump is also a disgrace and a failure: 43 million people are on food stamps; close to 100 million are among the long-term unemployed (circularly referred to as “not in labor force”); homelessness is rampant and there are entire tent cities springing up in various US cities; numerous US companies are on the verge of bankruptcy; and Trump can’t even seem to be able to keep the federal government open! He is a disaster for his country! Maduro therefore recognizes Bernie Sanders as the legitimate president of the United States.

    Why the unseemly haste to blow up Venezuela? The explanation is a simple one: it has to do with oil. “It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela.” said John Bolton on Fox News. You see, Venezuelan oil cannot be produced profitably without high oil prices—so high that many oil consumers would go bankrupt—but it can certainly be produced in much higher quantities at a huge financial loss.

    A rather large oil shortage is coming, and it will rather specifically affect the US, which burns 20% of the world’s oil (with just 5% of the world’s population). Once fracking crashes, the US will go from having to import 2.5 million barrels per day to importing at least 10—and that oil won’t exist. Previously, the US was able to solve this problem by blowing up countries and stealing their oil: the destruction of Iraq and Libya made American oil companies whole for a while and kept the financial house of cards from collapsing. But the effort to blow up Syria has failed, and the attempt to blow up Venezuela is likely to fail too because, keep in mind, Venezuela has between 7 and 9 million Chavistas imbued with the Bolivarian revolutionary spirit, a large and well-armed military and is generally a very tough neighborhood.

  16. mr.drs.Bou

    Venezuela Gets ‘Ukrained’

    By Finian Cunningham

    Anyone with an open mind knows that in Venezuela it is a classic demonstration of motive and means for regime change. The motive is Venezuela’s vast natural oil wealth, believed to be the biggest known reserves of hydrocarbons on the planet. Augmented to that factor is the country has been governed for the past 20 years by socialist administrations committed to developing the wellbeing of the nation, instead of pandering to Western capital. Present economic woes are due to years of American sanctions, or financial warfare.

    As for means, the events in Venezuela are following the US playbook for regime change used in countless other countries, most notably Ukraine.
    Washington has bankrolled opposition groups some of which have Neo-fascist tendencies, using violence, sabotage and murder to destabilize the country.

    What Washington is doing in Venezuela is flagrantly illegal. President Maduro was duly elected last May. He appears to have the support of the majority of the population. Yet a minority opposition faction which is predominantly affiliated to the traditional ruling class has been transformed by Washington and its dutiful media into a just cause for democracy.

    The regime change underway in Venezuela is perhaps the most brazen yet. Washington intends to confiscate financial assets belonging to the state oil company and hand over billions of dollars to opposition groups led by Guaido. This grand theft of a nation’s entire wealth and the subversion of government is being played out in front of the whole world.
    Russia has vowed that it will do everything to support the legitimate government of President Maduro. Moscow is not alone. China, Iran, Turkey and other nations have denounced what Washington is daring to do.

    Russia is right to draw another critical line regarding Venezuela. If the US and its pathetic European minions get away with their crimes in this strategically important country, then the damage to international law will be immense. It will be open season for regime change everywhere.

  17. mr.drs.Bou

    The History Boys 16: Venezuela, Maduro and Latin America duurt 31 minuten.

    George Galloway
    Gepubliceerd op 27 jan. 2019
    To get a broader understanding of what’s going on with the coup in Venezuela, George Galloway and Adam Garrie discuss the historical background to the country and its Bolivarian Revolution.

  18. mr.drs.Bou

    Lee Camp:
    ~230~ Venezuela Fake Coup, Truth About Kamala Harris, & Yellow Vests

    De eerste 12 minuten gaan over Venezuela. MUST SEE!

  19. mr.drs.Bou

    Trump’s Brilliant Strategy to Dismember U.S. Dollar Hegemony

    By Michael Hudson

    The Deep State is reacting with shock at how this right-wing real estate grifter has been able to drive other countries to defend themselves by dismantling the U.S.-centered world order. To rub it in, he is using Bush and Reagan-era Neocon arsonists, John Bolton and now Elliott Abrams, to fan the flames in Venezuela. It is almost like a black political comedy. The world of international diplomacy is being turned inside-out. A world where there is no longer even a pretense that we might adhere to international norms, let alone laws or treaties.

    The Neocons who Trump has appointed are accomplishing what seemed unthinkable not long ago: Driving China and Russia together – the great nightmare of Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. They also are driving Germany and other European countries into the Eurasian orbit, the “Heartland” nightmare of Halford Mackinder a century ago.

    The root cause is clear: After the crescendo of pretenses and deceptions over Iraq, Libya and Syria, along with our absolution of the lawless regime of Saudi Arabia, foreign political leaders are coming to recognize what world-wide public opinion polls reported even before the Iraq/Iran-Contra boys turned their attention to the world’s largest oil reserves in Venezuela: The United States is now the greatest threat to peace on the planet.

    Calling the U.S. coup being sponsored in Venezuela a defense of democracy reveals the Doublethink underlying U.S. foreign policy. It defines “democracy” to mean supporting U.S. foreign policy, pursuing neoliberal privatization of public infrastructure, dismantling government regulation and following the direction of U.S.-dominated global institutions, from the IMF and World Bank to NATO. For decades, the resulting foreign wars, domestic austerity programs and military interventions have brought more violence, not democracy.

  20. mr.drs.Bou

    Canada vs. Venezuela: The Background Gets Even Murkier

    By Joyce Nelson

    February 02, 2019 “Information Clearing House” –

    On January 26, Canadians learned the extent to which Canada’s “quiet diplomacy” had helped Venezuela’s Juan Guaido emerge to declare himself interim president on Jan. 23, in defiance of the elected president Nicolas Maduro. In a lengthy piece for The Canadian Press, reporter Mike Blanchfield noted that “emboldening Venezuela’s opposition has been a labour of months” for Canadian diplomats, given that the opposition parties had been in complete disarray. [1] But by January 9, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland was able to phone Guaido and “congratulate him … on uniting the opposition.”


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