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Frankrijk: De opstand van de gele vestjes

Vandaag, zaterdag 8 december 2018, trekt de bevolking van Frankrijk op naar Parijs om te demonstreren tegen de hoge belastingen, de lage lonen, de verhoging van de pensioenleeftijd plus de verlaging van de pensioenen en andere vormen van bezuiniging die neerkomen op armoede voor de bevolking en de verrijking van de aandeelhouders van de grote corporaties door verlaging van de vennootschapsbelasting. Deze problemen zijn niet uniek voor Frankrijk, al is de belastingdruk daar iets hoger dan hier. Het beleid om de winsten van de grote bedrijven te verhogen en de levensstandaard van de bevolking te verlagen is in heel Europa al jaren gaande. In Nederland gebeurt dus precies hetzelfde. Voor de Franse bevolking is nu de maat vol.

Hoewel aanvankelijk vreedzaam, probeerde de politie de blokkades te doorbreken en de menigte te verspreiden met traangas, waarna de protesten steeds gewelddadiger werden. Het is natuurlijk de vraag of hier provocateurs actief waren, agenten die worden ingezet om demonstraties uit de hand te laten lopen, opdat de demonstranten kunnen worden afgeschilderd als vernielzuchtig tuig.

Parijs gebruikt escalatie en noodtoestand om Gele Hesjes baas te worden

De demonstraties van de ‘gele hesjes’ op 1 december werden niet alleen in Parijs maar door heel Frankrijk door geweld en vernielingen overschaduwd, vooral van extreemlinkse autonomen en bendes uit de voorsteden.

Naar zeggen van politieagenten, vreedzame gele hesjes en enkele onafhankelijke journalisten waren de politie en veiligheidsdiensten van hogerhand geïnstrueerd om de in neonvesten verklede extreemlinkse autonomen en de bendes uit de voorsteden grotendeels hun gang te laten gaan.

Er zouden zelfs als chaoten verklede politieagenten aan de rellen hebben deelgenomen. Getuigen verklaarden dat ze gezien hadden hoe chaoten het rode politie-embleem op hun arm deden om vervolgens achter de politiebarricade te verdwijnen.

President Macron heeft voor vandaag 89.000 militairen ingezet om de demonstraties “vreedzaam” te laten verlopen. Omwille van de vrede stuurt men het leger er op af. Helaas werkt dat alleen maar averechts!

Een zeer lezenswaardig artikel over de economische achtergrond van de protesten:
Yellow Vests Rise Against Neo-Liberal ‘King’ Macron

By Diana Johnstone
in Paris

Every automobile in France is supposed to be equipped with a yellow vest. This is so that in case of accident or breakdown on a highway, the driver can put it on to ensure visibility and avoid getting run over.

So the idea of wearing your yellow vest to demonstrate against unpopular government measures caught on quickly. The costume was at hand and didn’t have to be provided by Soros for some more or less manufactured “color revolution”. The symbolism was fitting: in case of socio-economic emergency, show that you don’t want to be run over.

As everybody knows, what set off the protest movement was yet another rise in gasoline taxes. But it was immediately clear that much more was involved. The gasoline tax was the last straw in a long series of measures favoring the rich at the expense of the majority of the population. That is why the movement achieved almost instant popularity and support.

The Voices of the People

Deze protesten begonnen spontaan, dus niet georganiseerd door vakbonden of politieke partijen. Het gaat om de stem van het volk, een stem die door Macron (en Rutte!) niet wordt gehoord. Bij deze even wat nieuws van gisteren, in de vergeefse hoop dat de protesten vandaag waardig en vreedzaam zullen verlopen:

Eiffel Tower, museums to close during new ‘Yellow Vest’ protests

An interior ministry official told AFP earlier that authorities were bracing for “significant violence” on Saturday, based on indications that protesters on both the far right and far left are planning to converge on the capital.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told senators Thursday that “exceptional measures” would be taken to avoid the daylong street battles seen last weekend, with 65,000 police deployed across the country.

Eiffel Tower, museums to close during new ‘Yellow Vest’ protests

Paris warns radicals are trying to exploit Yellow Vests & overthrow the government

As France braces for a new wave of protests, a government spokesman warned that radicals are using the Yellow Vest movement to pursue their own goals and one of them is to topple the current leadership.

Some 89,000 officers, armored vehicles belonging to military police and increased vigilance – that’s how the nation is getting ready for Act IV, the fourth Saturday of Yellow Vest rallies. This time the protesters say they are to “stay on their course,” despite the authorities agreeing to abandon the fuel tax hike.

READ MORE: Elysee fears ‘putschists’, coup attempt during Yellow Vests protests this weekend – media

On Thursday Eric Drouet one of the movement’s most famous leaders announced the Yellow Vests plans to approach the residence of Emmanuel Macron. “Saturday will be the final outcome, Saturday is the Elysee, we all would like to go to the Elysee,” he said.

Recalling the violence of the previous rallies, government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux warned about provocateurs. “Radicalized elements try to exploit the movement. They want to overthrow the authorities,” he told Le Parisien newspaper on Thursday.

Revolt in France: Great many protesters coming to Paris to attack forces of law – PM

Gepubliceerd op 7 dec. 2018
Students across France are protesting against the government’s education reforms – forcing over 150 schools to close. The riots come in the wake of weeks of nationwide protests against fuel-price increases, and high living costs.

Macron Disappears as France Locks Down for Weekend Violence.

Come and See
Gepubliceerd op 7 dec. 2018
Macron Disappears, France Braces for weekend Violence. France shuts down. Macron remains invisible, as anti-government protests rage through France and Paris locks down, fearing new riots, the man whose presidency has unleashed the anger is nowhere to be seen.

En dan wat achtergrond-informatie van de alternatieve media:

Total Media Blackout! Paris Is Far Worse Than They Will Tell You!

Gepubliceerd op 7 dec. 2018
In this video, Luke takes to the streets of Paris France where there is a feeling in the air something BIG is about to happen. In fact, there seems to be a total media blackout, and the truth is that Paris is far worse than they will tell you!

Saturday is “Act Four”: Yellow Vests face off against 89,000 Macron army duurt 17 minuten.

The Duran
Gepubliceerd op 7 dec. 2018
The Duran Quick Take: Episode 32.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a quick look at French President Macron’s plan to deploy 8,000 riot police in Paris on Saturday, and 89,000 officers and security forces across France, as the Elysee prepares for “act four” of the Yellow Vest movement’s protests against the globalist, neo-liberal regime of “Jupiter” Macron.

CrossTalk: France Goes Yellow duurt 25 minuten.

Gepubliceerd op 7 dec. 2018
What does the rise of the ‘Yellow Vest’ movement in France tell us about the state of the neo-liberal order in Europe? Are the protests in France – the largest since 1968 – just about a hike in fuel prices? And is Emmanuel Macron the right person to be president to address the problems so many have in France?

CrossTalking with Bruno Drweski, Luc Rivet, and Louis Chauvel.

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  1. mr.drs.Bou

    Een leuke discussie op BLIK, naar aanleiding waarvan ik vanmorgen dit artikel schreef:
    Wat moeten de 10 A-Politieke punten van de Gele Hesjes zijn?

    Intussen heb ik zelf ook een rijtje extra punten:

    1) Nationaal Zorgfonds
    2) Gratis onderwijs en kwijtschelding studieschuld
    3) Voldoende betaalbare huizen
    4) Nationaliseer het openbaar vervoer
    5) Onderzoek de corruptie bij Veiligheid en Justitie
    6) Minimumloon naar 15 euro per uur
    7) Legaliseer alle drugs en zorg voor de junkies
    8) Bindend referendum

    Maar de lijst is eigenlijk nog veel langer! Stop de politiek van volksverkrachting en volksverlakkerij!

  2. mr.drs.Bou

    UPD: 700 detained during ‘Yellow Vests’ protests across France – Interior Ministry

    Gas EVERYWHERE! From The Streets Of Paris!

  3. mr.drs.Bou

    Chaos, tear gas, violence and… music: Surreal scenes at Yellow Vest protest in Lyon

    What You’re Not Being TOLD About The Yellow Vest’s in Paris

  4. mr.drs.Bou

    What do the protesters in France want? Check out the ‘official’ Yellow Vest manifesto

    The following list of demands has been circulating among French social media users in recent days. We do not know its exact origins or author(s), but it seems to have first appeared here on December 5th. You’ll have to click on the image to enlarge it if you want to read it in French. We’ve translated it into English (in summary, not word-for-word) below…

    Macron addresses France amid protests; is it too late?

    French President Emmanuel Macron is preparing to speak to the nation Monday at last, after increasingly violent and radicalized protests against his leadership and a long silence that aggravated the anger. Many protesters only want one thing: for him to declare “I quit.”

    That’s an unlikely prospect. Instead Macron is expected to announce a series of measures to reduce taxes and boost purchasing power for the masses who feel his presidency has favored the rich. He’s being forced to act after four weeks of “yellow vest” protests that started in struggling provinces and spread to rioting in the capital that has scared tourists and foreign investors and shaken France to the core.

    French PM calls for new dialog with “Yellow Vest”

  5. mr.drs.Bou

    Macron’s European army has arrived. It goes by the name Gilets Jaunes

    The French capital is now, for all intents, the frontline in a growing struggle against neoliberalism and its bastard child, austerity, across a European Union whose foundations are crumbling. They are crumbling not due to the devilish machinations of Vladimir Putin (as an increasingly unhinged and out of touch Western liberal commentariat maintains), but instead as the result of a neoliberal status quo that provides far too few with unending comfort and material prosperity at the expense of far too many, for whom dire misery and mounting pain are its grim fruits.

  6. mr.drs.Bou

    Guess who’s to blame for Yellow Vests protests in France…

    It’s Spreading Throughout Europe And Now The World!

  7. mr.drs.Bou

    Macron Announces Wage Hikes, Tax Cuts Amid “Economic, Social State Of Emergency”

    In his first public comments in more than a week, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that his administration will show “no mercy” towards “Yellow Vest” protesters who have committed violence over the last four weeks of demonstrations across the country, while also announcing a series of economic measures in an attempt to restore calm.

    France’s Macron Makes Concessions while ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Continue

  8. mr.drs.Bou

    Richard Wolff | Masterfully Explains France’s Yellow Vest Movement

  9. mr.drs.Bou

    Macron announces state of ‘economic emergency’ in France, promises small salary increases (VIDEO)

    As France still struggles to get a grip on the massive protests that have been raging through the country for weeks, President Emmanuel Macron has admitted that the country is in a state of “economic emergency.”

    “Today, we are forced to admit [it]. Today, I am announcing an economic emergency in our country,” Macron said, addressing the nation on Monday and calling for “support” for the French economy.

    French opposition rejects Macron’s concessions to Yellow Vests, some demand ‘citizen revolution’

    Macron’s concessions to the Yellow Vests has failed to appease protesters and opposition politicians, such as Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who called for “citizen’s revolution” to continue until a fair distribution of wealth is achieved.

    Immediately after French President Macron declared a “social and economic state of emergency” in response to large-scale protests by members of the Yellow Vest movement, promising a range of concessions to address their grievances, left-wing opposition politician Mélenchon called on the grassroots campaign to continue their revolution next Saturday.

  10. mr.drs.Bou

    France’s Yellow Vests: Fuel Tax Hike Triggers Poverty, Finances War and Repayment of the Public Debt

    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

    The Western media in chorus upholds France’s President Macron against the Yellow Vests Movement, which it describes as “Climate Deniers”.

    The New York Times casually describes the fuel tax hike as a carefully formulated economic policy to fight global climate change.

    It’s a lie.

    Hikes in the fuel tax applied Worldwide in more than 120 countries are part of a package of deadly macro-economic reforms which serve to impoverish large sectors of the World population.

    The hike in gasoline prices translates into increases in the price of food, transportation and essential goods and services. It undermines the productive structure. It leads to the collapse of the standard of living.

    US-NATO Diktats

    Profit over people. What is at stake is a process of lucrative military procurement through France’s Direction Générale pour l’Armement under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense.

    In turn, this multibillion war economy under NATO auspices, controlled by the Pentagon and directed against Russia, is destroying France’s social fabric, its Welfare State, leading to poverty and social despair.

    Guns versus Butter: This mechanism of NATO sponsored social destruction (coupled with neoliberal austerity measures) is operating relentlessly throughout the European Union.

    Fuel Taxes: A Worldwide Process

    Fuel taxes are being implemented in over 100 countries. In developing countries the hikes in fuel taxes are imposed by the World Bank on behalf of creditor institutions. They are part of the so-called structural adjustment program (SAP) under the helm of the IMF and the World Bank.

    The hike in fuel prices leads almost immediately to an increase in the prices of food and transportation, hikes in the price of social services. Bitter “economic medicine”: The result is widespread poverty as well as the bankruptcy of local producers.

    Gasoline Prices: Let’s Look at the Numbers

  11. mr.drs.Bou

    The Macron Implosion – Will it Spread to Other EU Members?

    The malaise is not just French, Belgian, Dutch or German, but of course, also persists in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, the latter countries and people about whom you hardly hear and read anymore, they are done with. The banking cartel has them under control. No public attention needs to focus on their plight anymore. Except for Italy, their brazen resistance to Brussels, is still a problem for the kings of finance. – Chapeau Italy!

    The discontent is everywhere; the result of a shameless neoliberal assault not only on people’s democratic and constitutional rights, it also prompts an increasing awakening to a reality of economic and financial fraud committed in front of your eyes by the globalized financial mafia – banks, insurance companies, investment corporations of all hues – milking workers’ rightfully accumulated social capital, like pension funds, unemployment benefits, free education, national health care, public hospitals, access to subsidized essential drugs – and so on. All that is being shredded by the financial fraudsters. But you need political leaders to facilitate the process. Macron is the perfect choice to do so – and he has done so royally, starting with the highly unpopular and contested labor reform.

    So, clearly, the Yellow Vest movement has little or nothing to do with the Macron introduced new French fuel tax. The tax was a mere pretext. The so-called eco-tax was a mere political-propaganda tool, a brazen lie. The tax would not have served any environmental initiative in France, but simply been a forced people’s ‘contribution’ to the budget, ever more depleted by Macron’s austerity programs.

  12. mr.drs.Bou

    Deze beweging is al aardig internationaal! In Egypte is de verkoop van gele hesjes nu verboden! Ook in andere landen duiken de gele hesjes op.

    Egypt bans yellow vest sales as French protesters reject Macron’s concessions

    Sisi’s attempted preemptive strike against “yellow vest” protests in Egypt points to the panic of governments worldwide at the radicalization of the international working class. Demands for social equality, wage increases, an end to militarism and repression and the ouster of unpopular governments, that drive the yellow vest protests in France, are shared by workers and toiling people in every country. As Sisi desperately tries to keep such protests from spreading to Egypt, various forces are calling such protests from one country to the next.

  13. mr.drs.Bou

    Bij de Action zijn de gele hesjes uitverkocht. In Nederland begint de bewiging op gang te komen. Gaarne geen verbrande auto’s en vernielingen aan winkels, maar wel een duidelijk geluid.

    Volkswoede ‘in de knop’; Jan Dijkgraaf en Sven Hulleman duurt 41 minuten.

    Cafe Weltschmerz
    Gepubliceerd op 13 dec. 2018
    De volkswoede tegen het politieke- en financiële establishment begint zich langzaam over heel Europa te verspreiden. De Nederlandse ‘gele hesjes’ worden door de mainstream media gemarginaliseerd en als onbenullig weggezet. De echte onbenul is de media zelf die daarmee juist het protest voedt en hun journalistieke rol misbruiken.

    Vanuit het eerder dit jaar opgerichte ‘verzetskrantje’ The Post Offline initieerde hoofdredacteur en ‘professioneel buttkicker’ Jan Dijkgraaf een gele hesjes-protest van doodnormale, vreedzame bezorgde burgers die het lied ’15 miljoen mensen’ zingen. Mensen die de buik vol hebben van de kloof tussen bestuur en burger, maar die nooit de straat op gingen om hun stem te laten horen. En nu wel. Omdat ook hun emmer overloopt. Sven Hulleman sprak heb uitgebreid.

  14. mr.drs.Bou

    More Media Blackout! Paris What They Won’t Tell You! duurt 18 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 14 dec. 2018
    In this video, Luke takes to the streets of Paris France where there is a feeling in the air something BIG is about to happen. In fact, there seems to be a total media blackout, and the truth is that Paris is far worse than they will tell you! In this video, Luke speaks with his source on the ground in France! What is about to happen with a movement that has shocked the world? And with the concessions made is Macron winning in France?

  15. mr.drs.Bou

    The Truth About the ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests by Paul Joseph Watson

  16. mr.drs.Bou

    ‘Time to learn from the French!’ Yellow Vest protests spread to Israel, 10 arrested (VIDEOS)

    Outraged by the rising cost of living and price hikes on basic services, Israeli citizens who were inspired by the French Yellow Vest movement took to the streets of Tel Aviv demanding concessions from the government.

    Wearing bright fluorescent yellow vests, symbolic of the French grassroots movement, some 600 Israeli activists blocked the Azrieli intersection and adjacent roads in the city center, accusing the government of “robbing” the people.

    France counting up billions in lost revenues after weeks of Yellow Vest protests

    The Bank of France has lowered the country’s economic growth forecast for this and next year from 1.6 percent to 1.5 percent, warning that the longer the unrest lasts the greater the losses will be for the national economy.

    Shortly after slashing its assessment of economic growth, in the final quarter, in half, the central bank has cut overall growth on Thursday. Meanwhile, the regulator remains optimistic about unemployment which they expect will continue to fall.

    While the new figures show that the economy is expected to slow just 0.1 percent in 2018 and 2019 compared to previous assessment, in real money the sum is quite significant. It may cost the protest-riven EU country up to $28 billion based on the IMF forecast for the country’s GDP for 2018 of almost $2.8 trillion.

    Round five: Yellow Vests gather in Paris for ‘Macron resign’ protest

    Paris is bracing for yet another round of Yellow Vest protests, with demonstrators taking to the streets of the capital. More than 10,000 are expected to join the march, with the slogan ‘Macron resign’.

    Similar demonstrations are also expected to take place in other cities across the country.

  17. mr.drs.Bou

    French mass rebellion grows and deepens

    The French ruling class is being shaken to the core and the huge people’s struggle has just begun.

    It began with the now familiar Yellow Vests movement, a militant street rebellion against intolerable economic conditions of poverty as the super-rich flaunt their wealth stolen from the workers.

    With each day, the movement is rapidly deepening, sweeping across France, with mass popular sectors, high-school, university, working and unemployed youth, postal, port, firefighters, transportation and other unionists, and more, joining in.

    After weeks of remaining silent while he oversaw the deployment of 89,000 police in a brutal assault in the hopes of crushing the protests, today French president Emmanuel Macron pleaded on national television to the public.

    Stating, “Maybe I gave the impression I didn’t care but that is not true. Maybe I hurt some of you. That was not my intention,” Macron declared a state of economic and social emergency, and promised immediate changes.


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