Er is geen enkel bewijs dat de gifgas aanval in Syrië op de burgers van Khan Sheikhoun is uitgevoerd door het Syrische Arabische leger, oftewel de “troepen van Assad”. Een Amerikaanse president heeft echter geen bewijs nodig om over te gaan tot de aanval. Net als de aanval op Afghanistan in 2001, de aanval op Irak in 2003, de verwoesting van Libië in 2011 en de Balkanoorlog in de jaren ’90, is het voldoende om wat propaganda te verspreiden over een wrede dictator die zijn eigen burgers doodt, om een buitenland in Verweggistan te bombarderen.

Dat Trump vannacht heeft bevolen om te schieten op Syrië, zou het begin kunnen zijn van een wereldoorlog tussen de VS en Rusland, die wordt uitgevochten in het Midden Oosten en Europa, terwijl Trump zelf in Mar-a-Lago dineert met andere wereldleiders of biljonairs. Wat een dwaasheid!

Omdat mijn vorige artikel te lang werd en dus langzaam laadt, post ik hier nu twee video’s die duidelijk maken wat er aan de hand is. WW III? Precies 100 jaar na de dag waarop de VS toetrad tot de chaos van WW I. Dat was ook al zo’n feest voor de Amerikanen!

Evidence Suggests S-Y-R-I-A G-A-S ATTACK Is False Flag duurt 19 minuten.

Syrian Girl stuurt al jaren vanuit Syrië haar commentaar op de oorlog tegen Syrië via YouTube de wereld in. Zij is ter plaatse, dit in tegenstelling tot de Syrian Observatory in Londen, waar de media steeds hun fake-nieuws vandaan halen. In dit geval praat ze met INFOWARS, gelukkig zonder Alex Jones. INFOWARS heeft Trump gesteund tijdens zijn verkiezingscampagne, maar met de huidige beslissing van Trump zijn ze beslist niet blij.

Evidence Syria Chemical Attack Was False Flag -Syrian Girl on infowars duurt 44 minuten.

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34 Reacties op “Trump schiet op de valse gifgas-vlag in Syrië”

  • Treowd:

    Russia to Arm Syria After “American Criminal Attack”

    Hmmmm… Let’s not forget, Russia stands to benefit from instability in the region. With a big increase in oil prices, the Russian oligarchs would rake in the caaaaaaaash!

    Published on Apr 7, 2017
    duurt 4 minuten.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    #SyriaStrikes Aftermath: What We Know So Far

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Ruptly films Syrian village hit in US missile strike on Syrian airfield (VIDEO)

    Villagers were the majority of victims of the US strike on the Shayrat Airbase on April 6, portrayed as retaliation against the Bashar Assad government, according to the governor of Homs Talal al-Barazi. A total of 14 people including nine innocent civilians were killed in the US missile attack.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    UK Foreign Secretary Johnson cancelled April 10 visit to Moscow due to events in Syria

    British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has cancelled his planned trip to Moscow hours before he was supposed to depart, citing the recent events in Syria. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman described the cancellation as “absurd.”

    ‘Theatrics for lack of argument?’ Russian embassy trolls Boris Johnson for canceling Russia trip

    Johnson, who was due to have a business lunch with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and then hold a joint press conference on Monday, said his decision not to go was backed by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

    As a result, the US official will be the one holding the baby in Moscow in the wake of the missile strike in Syria, the British Foreign Secretary announced.

    “He [Tillerson] will visit Moscow as planned,” Boris Johnson said.

    Russian FM & US Secretary of State discuss US strike on Syria in phone call

    A thorough and impartial investigation must be launched following the alleged chemical attack in Idlib, which the US cited as the reason for its missile strike, Lavrov told the American official.

    The US attack ordered by President Trump only played into terrorists’ hands, Russia’s top diplomat told Tillerson.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    US missile strike killed people fighting terrorists – top Assad adviser to RT

    The US attack on Syria’s airbase is meant to “bolster terrorist morale” after the significant setbacks the jihadists have suffered at the hands of the Syrian army over past few weeks, President Assad’s political and media adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban said.

    The attack on the airbase is a “violation of international law and it is a violation of our sovereignty,” Shaaban told RT, saying she believes that it will ultimately backfire, as it exposes the relationship between the West and terrorism.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    ‘No words, only sorrow’: RT talks to widow of Syrian soldier killed by US strike

    Gepubliceerd op 10 apr. 2017

    RT has spoken to the widow of one of the soldiers killed in Washington’s first direct military action against the Syrian government. On Apil 7th, U.S. strikes targeted an air base in Homs province, leaving 14 people dead, including nine civilians.

    CrossTalk Bullhorns: POTUS goes 180 duurt 25 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 10 apr. 2017

    Is Trump doing a one-eighty to please his political foes – it sure looks like it. Indeed, the mainstream media is now singing his praises. One has to ask – has the deep state and the neocons tamed Trump?
    CrossTalking with Joaquin Flores and Dmitry Babich.

  • Treowd:

    Trump is deleting his past Tweets about Syria. I have preserved them for you here. He is clearly flip-flopping on his position, much to the dismay of his supporters. This video is directed at those who support Trump but are confused about what to do over his mishandling of an ever-growing number of issues that he campaigned on. I believe that Trump has done many good things already and will continue to do more. But we need to help him straighten himself out on some very important positions – especially his march toward military conflict with other nations.

    OUTRAGE! Trump Supporters Furious Over Strikes on Syria

    Gepubliceerd op 8 apr. 2017

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Syrian War Report – April 10, 2017: US Deploys Forces At Syrian-Jordanian Border

  • Treowd:

    Evidence Calls Western Narrative About Syrian Chemical Attack Into Question

    Although Western media immediately accused Bashar al-Assad of participating in a gas attack against his own people, the evidence indicates that the intended target was not immediately in a civilian area and was in fact a location where Syrian White Helmets were on the scene with rebel groups at what observers have claimed was a storage facility for conventional and chemical munitions. Additionally, evidence indicates that rebel groups may have had prior knowledge of the attack and knew that there was a risk of chemical weapons being unleashed. The attack also came in the aftermath of a trip by Senator John McCain to meet with groups known to associate with radical jihadist factions in Syria, at a time when the United States government has been engulfed in a power struggle between different political factions who disagree strongly over what should be appropriate policy in regards to the Syrian civil war.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    ‘Look at Syria & Yemen. Who’s next?’ – Russian Deputy Defense Minister to RT

    Most terrorist groups today are a product of political, financial, and military efforts from the outside of the country where they operate, Russian Deputy Defense Minister, Aleksandr Fomin, told RT ahead of the VI Moscow Conference on International Security.

    With terrorist attacks looming large, Fomin said the world is currently witnessing some kind of a hybrid political and military phenomenon, gaining momentum.
    Read more
    FILE PHOTO: Protesters carry banners as they take part in a protest against Saudi-led air strikes on Yemen © Mohamed Azakir ‘If US is world’s conscience, why doesn’t it see what’s happening in Yemen?’ – Moscow

    “These are some new techniques, and revolutions are exported to different states that are supposedly suffering under undemocratic regimes. So-called democratic regimes are being planted in these countries from the outside,” Fomin said.

    “Because of this policy, some states ceased to exist; others are on the verge of disappearing. Look at Syria now, and Yemen. We can ask ourselves – who’s next?”

  • Treowd:

    Trump: Attacking Assad Was Vital To ‘National Security’

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Nog even een stukje Russische tv, ondertiteld in het Engels. Dat is wel andere taal dan het NOS-journaal!

    Trump Just Made a Pact With the Deep State Devil; He’s on Slippery Slope – Russian Report duurt 11 minuten.

  • mr.drs.Bou:


    ‘Most beautiful piece of chocolate cake’ Trump orders and tells Xi of Syria strike over dessert

    Gepubliceerd op 13 apr. 2017

    US President Donald Trump gave an intimate account of his state of mind as he ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria last week, and implied that China’s leader Xi Jinping agreed with his decision.

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