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Assad praat met een Chinese journalist

President El Assad van Syrië heeft onlangs een interview afgestaan aan een journalist uit China. Een belangrijke uitspraak van Assad heeft reeds de headlines gehaald: “Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation or consultation or permission, they are invaders, whether they are American, Turkish, or any other one. “And we don’t think this is going to help. What are they going to do? To fight ISIS? The Americans lost nearly every war. They lost in Iraq, they had to withdraw at the end. Even in Somalia, let alone Vietnam in the past and Afghanistan, your neighboring country. They didn’t succeed anywhere they sent troops, they only create a mess; they are very good in creating problems and destroying, but they are very bad in finding solutions.”

Het hele interview gaat uiteraard over veel meer: de oorsprong van de zogenaamde “burgeroorlog”, het gebrek aan internationaal vredesoverleg, de rol van Turkije en de huidige samenwerking van China met Syrië, het komt allemaal aan de orde. De oorlog tegen ISIS en El Nusra (al Qaida) in Syrië is nu zo goed als gewonnen, maar president Assad weet niet hoe lang de strijd om Raqqa nog zal duren. “Dat hangt af van de vraag of het buitenland nog tussen beide komt.”

Het interview duurt ruim 25 minuten en is een MUST SEE, MUST HEAR. Een volledig transcript staat hier

Bashar al-Assad interview (Phoenix Chinese Channel, 2017.03.11.) duurt 27 minuten.

De volgende reportage van Frontline PBS stamt uit 2015, dus voor Rusland ingreep in deze vernietigende proxy oorlog van de VS, Saoedi Arabië en Turkije tegen Syrië. De Amerikaanse journalist doet oprecht zijn best om te begrijpen wat er in Syrië gaande is, maar hij heeft het steevast over het “regime” van president Assad en ook de “barrelbombs” zijn niet van de lucht. De mensen die hij interviewt en de beelden die hij laat zien, schetsen echter een beeld dat met zijn visie lang niet altijd niet overeenstemt. De reportage is dus voor Amerikaanse begrippen redelijk objectief en geeft een droevige, maar moedige kijk op de menselijke kant van deze “burgeroorlog”.

Inside Assad’s Syria. Documentary HD 720p duurt 54 minuten.

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  1. mr.drs.Bou

    Syrians say ‘please leave us alone’ – Elizabeth Kucinich

    Gepubliceerd op 14 mrt. 2017

    The successful liberation of Aleppo enraged western media, but noted filmmaker and activist Elizabeth Kucinich says the narrative needs to be refocused. She traveled to Syria with Dennis Kucinich and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) and joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to offer her crucial perspective on the broader humanitarian crisis and greater geopolitical context of the conflict.

  2. mr.drs.Bou

    A Flawed UN Investigation on Syria

    U.N. investigators increasingly make their conclusions fall in line with Western propaganda, especially on the war in Syria, as occurred in a distorted report about last year’s attack on an aid convoy, explains Gareth Porter.

    The March 1 report by the United Nations’ “Independent International Commission of Inquiry“ asserted that the bloody attack on a humanitarian aid convoy west of Aleppo City on Sept. 19, 2016, was an airstrike by Syrian government planes. But an analysis of the U.N. panel’s report shows that it was based on an account of the attack from the pro-rebel Syrian “White Helmets” civil defense organization that was full of internal contradictions.

    The UN account also was not supported by either the photographic evidence that the White Helmets provided or by satellite imagery that was available to the commission, according to independent experts. Further undermining the UN report’s credibility, the White Helmets now acknowledge that rockets they photographed were not fired from Russian or Syrian planes but from the ground.

  3. mr.drs.Bou

    Why Trump’s Syria ‘Surge’ Will Fail

    By Ron Paul

    March 14, 2017 “Information Clearing House” –

    Last week President Trump significantly escalated the US military presence in Syria, sending some 400 Marines to the ISIS-controlled Raqqa, and several dozen Army Rangers to the contested area around Manbij. According to press reports he will also station some 2,500 more US troops in Kuwait to be used as he wishes in Iraq and Syria.

    Not only is it illegal under international law to send troops into another country without permission, it is also against US law for President Trump to take the country to war without a declaration. But not only is Trump’s first big war illegal: it is doomed to failure because it makes no sense.

    President Trump says the purpose of the escalation is to defeat ISIS in Raqqa, its headquarters in Syria. However the Syrian Army with its allies Russia and Iran are already close to defeating ISIS in Syria. Why must the US military be sent in when the Syrian army is already winning? Does Trump wish to occupy eastern Syria and put a Washington-backed rebel government in charge? Has anyone told President Trump what that would to cost in dollars and lives — including American lives? How would this US-backed rebel government respond to the approach of a Syrian army backed up by the Russian military?

  4. mr.drs.Bou

    Letter to My Friend in Damascus

    By Barbara Nimri Aziz

    March 14, 2017 “Information Clearing House” –

    I am afraid to ask you you’re feelings about the recently announced American invasion into your country. In our talks these past months, we’ve spoken only about hardships: the increasing scarcity of electricity, water and food shortages, an absence of home heating fuel. This in the capital, Damascus, where people can still go to school and to work, where some local buses can navigate through the mud and debris, where drivers can sometimes find petrol for their cars.

    When we’re able to connect by phone, you talk about people I know: parents unable to pay for their child’s surgery, a family with no means of keeping warm in winter.

    You could easily leave to live abroad with your children. But you’re in charge of a children’s home, and you simply can’t abandon the staff—those few who remain. Before, donations were adequate and teachers sufficient. Now teachers are leaving to find work and safety abroad, following many hundreds of doctors who’ve emigrated. You spend more time searching for assistance from the few remaining families offering charity. Syrians have always been especially generous to the homeless (few though they were in the past), and to any charitable effort by any faith. How can able Syrians sustain this deeply embedded principle when they themselves are in need, dependent on their children abroad?

    Do you have someone outside who supports you while you provide succor to others inside? I don’t know what sustains you, apart from your love of country, something few speak about these days, and hardly anyone outside Syria recognizes.

  5. mr.drs.Bou

    West must come to terms that we funded Islamist fundamentalism – Ken Livingstone

    Gepubliceerd op 14 mrt. 2017

    Instead of reporting on Mosul, several mainstream outlets are focusing on a recent UN report. It blames Assad’s troops and their allies for deliberate strikes on humanitarian infrastructure in Syria. The former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, commented on whether he expects the same kind of UN and media attention to the bombings in Mosul.

  6. DELO

    Ter aanvulling indrukwekkend ooggetuigenverslag van een in Libië werkzaam Amerikaans echtpaar die de massaslachtingen ternauwernood hebben overleefd met dank aan het prachtige Libische volk en de Russen
    One of the greatest stories ever told was shared with the world.

    It was the true story of two Americans sojourning through Libya,
    during one of the most violent periods in history. It is the story of an American couple escaping the secret airstrikes and bloody invasion of Libya by the savage Wahhabi mercenary army, financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and CIA Swiss Bank accounts (Union Bank of Switzerland), and
    given the diplomatic cover by the American CIA-Hillary Clinton-Obama- NATO-Rothschild banks. The mission was to depose Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, destroy the Libyan nation, steal the gold and natural resources of the Libyan people, and lie to the American people and the world in order to make it seem like a “human rights and Democracy” issue. Meer:

    • mr.drs.Bou

      Dank je wel, Delo. Ik zal er een apart artikel van maken, maar niet vandaag, want de tuin heeft nog wat werk nodig en morgen gaat het regenen. 😉

      • DELO

        Bedankt !!!

  7. Treowd

    The Truth About What’s REALLY Happening in Syria With Syrian Girl

    Syrian Girl provides a critical perspective on all matters of interest anent and regarding the Middle East with an emphasis on Syria (as the name would imply) that the mainstream media refuse to address or even entertain. The American and Western mainstream fake news media through its alt-Left, anti-Trump, bumper sticker, playbook, echo chamber repeater (versus reporter) media repeat the mynah bird tropes and memes as ordered and directed.

    It is critical and necessary to understand the world from every possible vantage and connection. It’s that simple.

    “Syria is geographically and politically in the middle of the Middle East.” — Bashar al-Assad

    Published on Mar 12, 2017
    Duur: 1:11:26

  8. Treowd

    Rand Paul Introduces Tulsi Gabbard’s Stop Arming Terrorists Act

    The bill, aptly named the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, aims to put an end to the illegal arming of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

    The Duran has reported extensively on Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s quest to stop the US Congress from funding jihadist terrorist groups, specifically al-Qaeda and ISIS.

    The Democrat Congresswoman recently traveled to Syria on a fact finding mission to confirm that their is “no difference between ‘moderate’ rebels and al-Qaeda or ISIS  – they are all the same”.

    Her bill, aptly named the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, aims to put an end to the illegal arming of terrorist groups, like ISIS and al-Nusra, used by the Obama Administration to destabilize Syria.

    • mr.drs.Bou

      Dank je wel, Treowd. Jouw bijdragen houden BOUblog wel gaande terwijl ik de moestuin wied. Het was eerst heerlijk buiten, maar later werd het guur en ik heb nog steeds koude voeten. Eerst eten en dan een rustige avond.
      Wat zou het mooi zijn als de VS eindelijk stopt met dat achterlijke agressieve gedrag!!!
      Dromen van vrede: wat zou het mooi zijn als Rusland en China zich niet langer hoefden te verdedigen tegen de VS agressie, maar hun volledige budget zouden kunnen besteden aan infrastructuur en werkgelegenheid… Wat zou het mooi zijn als ons geld niet langer naar Brussel en de BIGS bankiers ging, maar naar de mensen. Wat zou het mooi zijn als schoonmakers en bejaardenzorsters een normaal loon kregen waar ze prettig van kunnen leven. Wat zou het mooi zijn als iedereen voldoende te eten had, zonder de voedselbank.
      En ga zo maar door! Ik ga nu eten… Jawel, ik leef bescheiden, maar ik kom zelf niets tekort. En mijn moestuintje groeit…

  9. Treod

    Graag gedeeld, Boudine! 🙂 Ik droom mee van vrede en wereldse harmonie…..

  10. mr.drs.Bou

    Israel is ‘acting as air power for ISIS’ – investigative journalist

    Gepubliceerd op 17 mrt. 2017

    A total of four Israeli jets breached Syrian airspace on Friday morning and hit “a military target” near Palmyra, according to the Syrian army. While Syrian forces say they shot down one of the jets and damaged another, Israel claims that none were harmed. Investigative journalist Rania Khalek joins RT America’s Manila Chan to offer her analysis of the incident and to discuss the Western sanctions that have wrecked Syria’s economy and crippled humanitarian aid there.

  11. mr.drs.Bou

    At least 50 killed in Aleppo mosque strike, US admit targeting building nearby

    Gepubliceerd op 17 mrt. 2017

    U.S. Central Command has confirmed it carried out a deadly air strike in Syria. The strike took place on the border area between the Aleppo and Idlib provinces.

  12. mr.drs.Bou

    Syrian War Report – March 17, 2017: ISIS Defenses Collapsing Across Syria

  13. mr.drs.Bou

    Bij deze even een overzicht afkomstig van Information Clearing House. Voor wie nog de Volkskrant en het NRC leest, neem een gratis abonnement op deze nieuwsbrief!

    Exclusive: US says it carried out deadly strike that hit Aleppo mosque:
    Military officials have confirmed to Airwars that a strike in rural Aleppo which reportedly left dozens dead in and around a mosque was carried out by US aircraft.

    Pentagon Denies Bombing Syrian Mosque, But Its Own Photo May Prove That It Did:
    More than 42 people were killed and dozens more injured

    Syrian air defense shots down one of 4 Israeli warplanes:
    The Syria air defense forces confronted the enemy’s aircrafts and shot down one of them inside the occupied territories. “This blatant Israeli act of aggression came as part of the Zionist enemy’s persistence with supporting ISIS terrorist gangs”

    Syria responds to Israeli attack by firing missiles at Israeli war planes;
    Syria fired missiles at Israeli warplanes early Friday after a series of Israeli air strikes inside Syria – a rare military exchange between the two hostile neighbors that was confirmed by both sides.

    Israel denies Syrian claim that jet was shot down in bombing; ;
    The Israel Defense Forces said Syria fired anti-aircraft missiles at the Israeli jets, causing Israel to deploy its Arrow advanced ballistic missile shield. However, it said none of its aircraft had been shot down or damaged.

    Syria Claims Israeli Jets Were ‘Aiding Islamic State’ Near Palmyra:
    It’s suspected that the Syrian Army fired S-200 missiles at Israeli jets that entered Syrian airspace early Friday morning.

    Foreign Ministry: Israeli aggression against Syria is flagrant defiance of Syrian sovereignty and international legitimacy

    White House asks Congress for $5 billion now to ramp up ISIS fight:
    President Trump is asking Congress to provide an immediate $30 billion funding boost for the Pentagon, with $5 billion of it earmarked to quicken the pace of the fight against the Islamic State,

    U.S. Army Announces Troops Will Stay In Syria After ISIS Defeat:
    If this comes to pass, the U.S. will once again be an occupying force in yet another Middle Eastern nation.

  14. Treowd

    Amnesty’s Abuse of Rights Advocacy
    Alleged human rights advocacy organisation, Amnesty International, has had several of its recent reports called into question regarding the very real possibility that its “advocacy” work is nothing more than politically-motivated attacks on nations targeted by its Western sponsors.

  15. mr.drs.Bou

    Trump’s Syria strategy even less coherent than Obama’s – journalist

    Gepubliceerd op 21 mrt. 2017

    Israel’s defense minister has threatened to destroy Syrian air defenses after they shot at Israeli warplanes, which violated Syrian airspace and bombed targets on Syrian soil. Israel claimed it targeted weapons bound for the Lebanese militant movement Hezbollah. The Syrian Army, however, says that Israel struck a Syrian military site. RT America’s Simone Del Rosario is joined by journalist Rania Khalek to discuss.

  16. mr.drs.Bou

    CrossTalk: Syria Escalation duurt 25 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 22 mrt. 2017

    Just when there was hope the Syrian international proxy war could be coming to an end, Israel inserted itself into the conflict in a big way. Airstrikes against Syrian targets have not only witnessed Damascus forcefully react, but also has Moscow demanding explanations. CrossTalking with Ramzy Baroud, Dan Arbell, and Martin Jay.


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