Aleppo is bevrijd en de evacuatie verloopt redelijk rustig, al schoten de gematigde terroristen wel wat autobussen in brand. Het Twittermeisje Bana is ook geëvacueerd, zo meldde de NOS en daarmee zal het hele Nederlandse media-circus wel instemmen. Ze praten elkaar nu eenmaal allemaal na. The Telegraph kwam het eerst met het bericht dat het lieve kind nu veilig is en naar Idlib zal gaan. Die stad is in handen van de gematigde koppensnellers. Zie eerst nog even de kaart van Syrië en Irak:

Idlib, dat tenb westen van Aleppo ligt, is de hoofdstad van de provincie Idlib die op de kaart paars is, want in handen van “rebel forces”. Op New Eastern Outlook verscheen gisteren het volgende informatieve artikel over de rol van deze hoofdstad van deze bezette provincie. Welcome to Idlib: America’s Model Syrian City. Het is ook de enige plek waar nog een onbewaakte grens loopt met Turkije. De rest van de grens is op de kaart lila, dus in handen van de Koerden. Zij vechten niet tegen Assad, maar voor autonomie, en hun oprechte haat tegen ISIS is dodelijk! Het stukje onbewaakte grens is trouwens al jaren betwist gebied, want Turkije heeft het van Syrië gestolen! Net als Israël de Golan-hoogte! Maar Bana zit nu dus veilig in Idlib, vanwaar ze wel weer zal gaan twitteren.

Op New Eastern Outlook verschenen nog meer artikelen over Aleppo en de toestand er omheen. De eerste drie gaan over de erfenis die Obama in het Midden Oosten achterlaat voor Trump:

Obama’s Political Legacy in the Middle East – is There Any?

Obama’s departing gift to the “Syrian rebels”

Obama is Digging an anti-Russia Hole for Donald Trump

While the previous week saw, in this behalf, Obama lifting sanctions on the provision of sophisticated weapons to the Syrian “rebels”, clearly an attempt at reversing the Syria and Russian forces’ gains against terrorist outfits, this week saw him ordering an inquiry into whether the US election was hijacked by Russia or not.

While the decision itself is as erroneous as has been Obama’s Syria policy, this decision serves only one purpose – stoke the fires of ‘Russophobia’ in America and Europe, and thereby force the president-elect into following an explicitly anti-Russia policy globally.

Nu de stad is bevrijd, komt ook de waarheid aan het licht, over de voedselhulp die aan de bevolking werd verkocht voor woekerprijzen, over de angst en de terreur van de laatste vier (bijna vijf!) jaar. Wapens en munitie die werden gevonden, bleken afkomstig uit Bulgarije. De betrokkenheid van de VS en de EU druipt er vanaf. Aleppo Starts Uncovering Washington’s Evil Designs

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the White House and its European allies have taken a step too far in their bid to obstruct the successful liberation of the city of Aleppo by Syrian government forces and Russian air power. This development has been widely commented on by various analysts and experts across the globe, with some of them claiming that Washington is determined to prevent the complete destruction of ISIS at all costs, since it created and nurtured this terrorist group to overthrow Syrian Present Bashar Al Assad just like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda was created to fight Soviet troops in Afghanistan back in the 1980s.

En dan een artikel over de manier waarop de westerse media deze bevrijding proberen te “verslaan”: Aleppo Proves Western Media Sources Wrong.

The question now is to prevent civilian casualties and allow Russia to keep the promise of a ceasefire being carried on. However, Western media sources have jumped their beloved Russophobia bandwagon yet again, accusing Moscow of disrupting the evacuation of the militants that participated in the Battle of Aleppo. Turkey has already confirmed that these accusations have nothing to do with reality. At the same time, everybody prefers to ignore the fact that hundreds of thousands of civilians have been liberated from the cruel rule of radical militants.

However, evacuation delays and the disruption of the cease-fire will not change the main thing Aleppo is now recaptured, and the so-called “moderate opposition” suffered the largest defeat in the entire history of the Syrian war.

The city is now being demined and prepares for the transition to peaceful life that this long-suffering Syrian community deserved a long time ago.

Pretty much every media source in the world says there’s an urgent need for humanitarian missions, but besides Russia nobody has ever sent a truck with canned food or medicines. As for the UN, OSCE and the Red Cross, they have all turned their back on the people of Aleppo,

Moon of Alabama schrijft: Sabotage Of East-Aleppo Evacuation Is Part Of A Plan

Update (Dec 19, 0:00 EST):

The culprits of the bus burning were “rebels” from Ahrar al-Sham and Jund al Aqsa. Both are favorites of the CIA and Turkey and in Idleb governate aligned with and under the military command of al-Qaeda.
After Turkey put heavy pressure on the groups it somewhat controls the evacuation deal is, for now, back on. The first exchange bus run occurrs right now. I expect a new sabotage attempt to jeopardize the deal.
Turkish media claim that Shia inhabitants of Fu’a and Kafraya burned the buses or that it is unknown who did it. Video and pictures proudly posted by the Takfiris themselves show that these radical Sunnis did it.

End-Update – original post follows:

The removal of defeated al-Qaeda fighters and their families from east-Aleppo has been on and off for several days now.

The agreement between Turkey and Russia on which the evacuation is based stipulates the parallel evacuation of wounded people from the al-Qaeda besieged Shiite village Fu’a and Kafraya in Idleb province. Note that neither the U.S. nor the (partisan) UN were involved in these negotiations.

The process was interrupted on Friday after al-Qaeda fighters in east-Aleppo opened fire on evacuating civilians. In parallel buses moving into Fu’a and Kafraya to evacuate the wounded were held up by al-Qaeda aligned groups in the area. Opposition claims that Hizbullah fighters was killing people that were evacuating from east-Aleppo were, according to a BBC producer, lies.

The agreement and evacuations were put on again and proceeded this morning after some new negotiations with unknown additional terms. The movements were to take place in strict parallel. Any move out of east-Aleppo on the government provided public buses would only happen at the very same moment that the wounded would move out of Fu’a and Kafraya on similar buses.

Today’s evacuations were again sabotaged by al-Qaeda forces:

By Evacuating and Pardoning Terrorists, Is Bashar al-Assad Being Too Nice?
Contrary to Western fake news, Assad’s approach towards terrorists is deeply humane, some would say overly humane. Here is what we know and what must be answered.

Images of green bus convoys leaving Aleppo have provoked mixed reactions across the world. The coaches are filled with the surrendered terrorists who had occupied parts of East Aleppo prior to its liberation by the Syrian Arab Army.

Far from the fake massacres reported in the Western mainstream media, President Assad and his Russian partners are handling the situation in an utterly humane fashion, perhaps too humane. Assad’s rationale is that in order for Syria to once again be a peaceful and united country, as it was prior to 2011 when Western provocations triggered the current crisis, there needn’t be any Nuremberg style trials for the terrorists who continue to plague the country.

Tot slot een bericht uit augustus/september, opdat men niet kan zeggen dat men het in de VS niet geweten heeft: MUST SEE VIDEO: US Peace Council Returns From Syria

Syria Fighting an “Invasion by the Most Powerful Country in the World”

A delegation from the US Peace Council (USPC) has recently returned to the US from a fact finding mission to Syria.

The members spent 6 days meeting with Syrian Government Officials including, President Assad, Union Leaders, Government Opposition Members as well as Civil & Business Leaders, NGO’s, Charities and Universities.

The delegation stated that each member paid their own way and that the Syrian Government allowed them to meet whomever they wanted.

They issued their report and held a press conference Press conference at the UN on 9th August 2016.

Bashar Ja’afari and US Peace Council Representatives on Syria duurt 50 minuten.
Gepubliceerd op 9 aug. 2016

H.E. Bashar Ja’afari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic
Alfred Marder, President of the US Peace Council
Mary Compton, Member of the Executive Board of the US Peace Council
Henry Lowendorf, Member of the Executive Board of the US Peace Council, Head of the Syria Delegation
Joe Jamison, Member of the Executive Board of the US Peace Council, Member of the Syria Delegation
Madelyn Hoffman, Executive Director of New Jersey Peace Action, Member of the Syria Delegation
Donna Nassor, Professor and Lawyer also part of US Peace Council

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27 Reacties op “Aleppo bevrijd, maar hoe nu verder?”

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    EXCLUSIVE: Terrorists Firing at Civilians in Eastern Aleppo

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    POWERFUL: Syrian man tells what it was like living under terrorists in East Aleppo

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    ‘We have nothing left’: Humanitarian crisis grows in Mosul

    Gepubliceerd op 19 dec. 2016

    Fears are rising over the humanitarian situation in the Iraqi city of Mosul as the US-led military operation continues. Over 100k people have been displaced and those who do remain are struggling to fine food and water.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    ‘The people of Aleppo are alive’: Breathing life back into ruined city
    Gepubliceerd op 19 dec. 2016

    Two weeks since the liberation of the Alshaar neighborhood in eastern Aleppo by the Syrian army, life is gradually resuming its course. More locals are returning to breathe life into devastated streets as heavy machinery clears the rubble.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Syrian War Report – December 19, 2016: Syrian Army Calls Tens Of Thousands Of Reserve Soldiers

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Gunman Kills Russian Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara:


    A gunman assassinated Russia’s ambassador to Turkey during a gallery opening in the capital, an act that Russian officials called an act of terror and that appeared to be aimed as retribution for the Kremlin’s role in bloodshed in neighboring Syria.

    • mr.drs.Bou:

      CrossTalk: Assassinating Hope

      Gepubliceerd op 21 dec. 2016

      The assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey was an act of terror. The motive is obvious – to damage Russia-Turkey relations and disrupt any kind of peace process ending the Syrian conflict. Will the assassin achieve his goals?
      CrossTalking with Onur Isci, Galip Dalay, and Daniel Faraci.

      MSM just couldn’t resist trying to justify killer of envoy who helped negotiate Aleppo evacuation
      Gepubliceerd op 21 dec. 2016

      Russian diplomat Andrey Karlov, 62, was fatally shot in the Turkish capital, Ankara, on Monday.

    • mr.drs.Bou:

      Who Profits from Turkey’s ‘Sarajevo Moment’?

      By Pepe Escobar

      December 21, 2016 “Information Clearing House” –

      Let’s cut to the chase: Ankara 2016 is not Sarajevo 1914. This is not a prelude to WWIII. Whoever plotted the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov – a cool, calm, collected old-school diplomat – risks a mighty blowback.

      The assassin, Mevlut Mert Altintas, was a 22-year-old police academy graduate. He was suspended from the Turkish National Police (TNP) over suspected links to the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETO) after the failed July 15 putsch against Erdogan but returned to duty in November.

      It’s no secret Gulenists heavily infiltrate the TNP; so a particular outcome of the attack will be an, even more, relentless Erdogan/AKP crackdown on the Gulen network. The Turkish investigation will have to focus not only on the (major) security service fail at Ankara’s modern art center – but way beyond. It’s not very reassuring that Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu put out a terse statement a very long three hours after the facts.

      The killer in a black suit and tie shouted slogans about revenge “for Aleppo” – the requisite “Allahu Akbar” included – in both Turkish and broken Arabic, something that might establish a connection to an Islamist group’s rhetoric, although that’s not conclusive evidence.

      Timing is crucial. The hit happened only one day before the Foreign Ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran were scheduled to meet in Moscow for a key Syria strategic discussion. They were already closely in touch for the past few weeks on how to strike a comprehensive deal on Aleppo – and beyond.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Lavrov Reacts to Assassination of Russian Ambassador Karlov by the Islamic Terrorist

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Syrian War Report – December 20, 2016: What Is Syrian Army Going To Do Now?

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    BREAKING: Syrian Ambassador names foreign agents captured in Aleppo -American, Saudis, Israeli etc

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Aleppo’s War Battlefield Update, Syria: Terrorists try to smuggle hostages and anti-tank weapons

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Zie ook BLIK:

    “Het echte doel van de VN-resoluties door Frankrijk en Groot Brittanië ingediend, is om de terroristen te beschermen”, aldus Al Jaafari, de Syrische VN vertegenwoordiger. Op minuut 9:45 begint hij de namen te noemen, maar het begin is ook interessant.

    Syria Names Foreign Secret Agents Trapped in Aleppo duurt 18 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 19 dec. 2016

    US, Isreali, Turkish, Qatari and Saudi secret service officers are trapped in Eastern Aleppo, Al-Jafari says. He mentions names and nationalities.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Christmas celebrations in Aleppo disrupted by explosion

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Kurdsh YPG Forces Seize About 60 Villages From ISIS In Syrian Province Of Raqqah

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    The people of Aleppo are returning and celebrating liberation by getting back to their lives.

    Gepubliceerd op 19 dec. 2016

    After almost 5 years of being held captive, bombings at the hands of the United States, Great Britain, France and their rebels the people of Aleppo have finally been freed from this hellish imprisonment. They’re responding with an incredible calm resolve to rebuild their lives and get back to normalcy.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Before and After Pictures Of Aleppo

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    UN to send 20 observers to east Aleppo

    United Nations (United States) (AFP) – The

    Syrian government and other parties on the ground have agreed to allow 20 observers to be sent to east Aleppo to monitor evacuations, the UN spokesman said Tuesday.

    The United Nations is however waiting for all sides to grant access for deliveries of humanitarian aid to Aleppo, where civilians have been living under siege since July.

    The green light came a day after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution on deploying the monitors to oversee the evacuation and report on the protection of civilians who remain in the besieged city.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    How The Military Excluded The White House From International Syria Negotiations

    By Moon Of Alabama

    The NYT laments today that international negotiations about the situation in Syria now continue without any U.S. participation: Russia, Iran and Turkey Meet for Syria Talks, Excluding U.S.

    Extracting Aleppo from the Propaganda

    The mainstream U.S. news has supplied a consistent narrative regarding Syria that treats the “rebels” as the good guys and the “regime forces” as the bad guys, but it has never been that clear-cut, as Dennis J Bernstein reports.

    Dennis Bernstein: Eva, tell us, when were you last in Aleppo?

    Eva Bartlett: I was in Aleppo twice in November, for my third and fourth visits to Aleppo.

    DB: Okay, and describe the situation there on the ground. What’s happening, what’s… daily life like?

    EB: I’m going to describe what it was like then, and note that, as of the last week, things have change dramatically. When I was there, in prior visits, as well, July and August and in November, the situation was that, on a daily basis, terrorists that are in many ways backed by the West and gulf nations, financially and otherwise, were, on a daily basis, firing a variety of bombs on the civilian areas of Aleppo, which we never hear about in the corporate media.

    In these areas there are over 1.5 million people. And on a daily basis they were subject to bombings of grad missiles, explosive bullets, mortars, gas canister bombs, water heater bombs, which are basically improvised bombs using gas canisters and water heaters, stuffed with explosives and shrapnel.

    When I was there, I experienced some of that myself, with a bomb going off half a kilometer away, and with an explosive bullet landing about fifteen meters away. I also met with many people who had lost loved ones due to these bombings. I went to hospitals that themselves had been hit, like the al-Dabit Maternity Hospital.

    In May of this year the al-Dabit Maternity Hospital was destroyed internally by a terrorist’s fired rocket. And when it was destroyed, three women inside were killed, and many more were injured. This was not, to my knowledge, reported in the corporate media, although the media’s always talking about alleged strikes on hospitals in Aleppo.

  • mr.drs.Bou:

    Russia criticizes Dutch over U.S. tanks, Crimean treasure

    MOSCOW (Reuters), – Russia criticized the Netherlands on Wednesday for allowing the United States to begin stocking tanks there, and for a court ruling that ordered Crimean treasures on loan to a Dutch museum to be returned to Ukraine rather than Russia.

    “It looks like the Dutch authorities have started to get a taste for deliberately destroying relations with Russia,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement.

    Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders called the comments “hard to understand” and said of the arrival of U.S. tanks which began last week: “It is not an aggressive but a defensive act,” according to news agency ANP.

  • AlbertV:

    Zojuist hoorde ik op de radio het volgende bericht (van NOS website geplukt):

    – Russische militairen hebben in de Syrische stad Aleppo massagraven gevonden met tientallen doden. De lichamen vertonen volgens de Russen tekenen van marteling en verminking. Vele hebben schotwonden in het hoofd, zegt generaal Konasjenkov in een verklaring.

    De Russische luchtmacht heeft het Syrische leger gesteund bij de herovering van Aleppo op rebellen, eerder deze maand. Nu helpen Russische militairen bij het opruimen van mijnen die door de rebellen zouden zijn achtergelaten. Konasjenkov zegt dat het oosten van Aleppo ook vol ligt met boobytraps, die burgers in gevaar brengen. Ook zijn er opslagplaatsen met wapens en munitie gevonden.

    Volgens de Russische generaal zet dit alles een streep door “de mythes die westerse politici de wereld hebben aangepraat” over “de zogenaamde oppositie” tegen het regime van president Assad. –

    Let op “zouden zijn”, alsof anderen dat ook gedaan zouden kunnen hebben. Russen zijn tenslotte niet op hun woord te geloven… toch?
    Ik ben benieuwd wat er nog meer geopenbaard wordt over wat men (de Russen) daar aantreft en of de MSM zich verwaardigd daarover te berichten, op wat voor wijze dan ook.

  • AlbertV:

    Ik zie dat men nog even wat heeft toegevoegd aan het bericht dat ik in mijn vorige bericht heb aangehaald:

    – Regeringstroepen
    Over en weer zijn er berichten van oorlogsmisdaden tijdens de herovering van Oost-Aleppo. De Verenigde Naties beschuldigden twee weken geleden regeringstroepen van massa-executies. 82 burgers zouden toen bij razzia’s zijn doodgeschoten.-

    Stel je voor dat we zouden gaan denken dat alleen de “rebellen” barbaars tuig is.

    • mr.drs.Bou:

      Albert, de VN zou waarnemers sturen, maar vanwege de veiligheid… Wat de VN beweert, is dus uit de lucht gegrepen onzin die door de media wordt gepapegaaid.
      Een helder artikel staat op

      Syrië-Goedmensengids 2017 (1)
      Nu met extra bronvermelding uit deugmedia

      De slag om Aleppo is voorbij, en als NPO-kijkend goedmens weet u waarschijnlijk verder niet zoveel over het conflict in Syrië. De oorlog gaat natuurlijk gewoon door, maar er is door de westerse wereld nog geen nieuwe locatie gevonden om de krokodillentranen op te focussen. Het 7-jarige twittermeisje Bana zit voorlopig op schoot bij ome Erdo en is er dus niet meer bij om met haar 100 procent betrouwbare en absoluut niet door volwassen ingefluisterde tweets verslag te doen van de situatie.

      Deugen is kortom nog nooit zo ingewikkeld geweest. Daarom hebben wij speciaal voor u een overzicht klaargezet over de huidige staat van de Syrische oppositie. Met deze gids bent u weer helemaal bij als u in 2017 lekker met uw Turkse kapper op de Dam met Arabische leuzen staat te zwaaien.

      Gevonden op Zaplog, dank zij Ness.

      En daarna volgt een gedegen opsomming van de verzameling junkies, koppensnellers, één-hersencelligen, Hitlertjes, trotse sadisten en anderssoortige onderkruipsels via welke Het Democratische Westen Zijn Gezegende Wormen en Maden Normen en Waarden Ondanks Gemene Russische Tirannie En Propaganda Aan Onderdrukten Schenkt. Prima stukje achtergrond-journalistiek van Alan Turgutoglu.

    • mr.drs.Bou:

      Wat betreft de NOS kan men terecht op BLIK, met alweer een kritisch artikel over wat de media aan Russofobe NATO-onzin uitbraken. Ook de reacties zijn verhelderend, mede over het vliegtuig dat van Sochi op weg was naar Syrië, maar is verongelukt. Het gaat om 91 doden… de Tu 154 crash…

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