FREE mister Baybasin NOW

Free mister Baybasin
Free, free Kurdistan
Free mister Baybasin NOW
Freedom for Kurdistan
Peace for the Zirkan-clan
Free mister Baybasin NOW


Huseyin Baybasin
Head of the Zirkan-clan
Pleading for justice and right
Pure honest businessman
Tribe-head from Kurdistan
Wrongfully sentenced to life

People of Kurdistan
Land of the Kurdish clans
Fighting for freedom and peace
Want their autonomy
Language and history
Independantly at least

Huseyin Baybasin
Leader of Kurdistan
Diplomat, decent and proud
Exposing corruption so
This whistleblower
Was silenced by bogus Dutch courts

Pedophile diplomats
Heroin traffickers
Cruel oppression of Kurds
Dutch monkey business
Invented indictments
With help from some criminal Turks

Incriminations and
False accusations and
Falsified telephone calls
Despicable judges
Corrupted verdicts
For crimes not committed at all

Turkish conspiracy
Dutch complicity
Dirty political games
Falsified evidence
Trial without defense
Convicted to lifelong in jail

Contacts prohibited
Fresh air limited
Bullied by jailors and wards
Missing his family
Feeling the pain to see
Children depraved of their dad

No view on the meadows
No light, just shadows and
Gray concrete walls all around
True love for colors
Expressed in his paintings
Which make the most beautiful art

Freedom, democracy
It’s all a mockery:
Telephone taps cut and paste!
Political prisoner
Held as a criminal
This is a deep Dutch disgrace!

Fight for democracy
With weapons of decency:
Love and humanity NOW!
Peace for Kurdistan
Free mister Baybasin
Free mister Baybasin NOW!

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