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Syrië update: ellende en verwarring alom

Vandaag even over Syrië. Het reguliere Syrische leger SAA probeert met steun van de Russische luchtmacht zowel Aleppo als Raqqa te heroveren op de terroristen. Palmyra is in mei door het SAA heroverd op ISIS en dat is groots gevierd met een Russisch klassiek concert. Raqqa is nog in handen van ISIS en volgens de VS zijn dat terroristen, dus steunt de VS de Koerden van Rojava in een aanval op Raqqa vanuit het noorden, terwijl het SAA oprukt vanuit het westen. Raqqa is het centrum van de Syrische olie industrie en de streek is dun bevolkt, maar zeer vruchtbaar. Aleppo is bezet door allerlei groepen rebellen, waaronder Al Nusra, en volgens de VS zijn dat geen terroristen, maar vrijheidsstrijders. De VS heeft Rusland gevraagd om niet op hen te schieten, maar Lavrov weigert dat.

International Military Review – Syria, June 6, 2016

US failed to part rebels from Al-Nusra, asks not to bomb them – Lavrov

Gepubliceerd op 6 jun. 2016

On Sunday night, Al Nusra front militants launched a new wave of attacks on the Syrian city of Aleppo, which has already been devastated by conflict. Dozens of civilians are feared dead, as residential areas continue to be targeted from terrorist positions

On the Road to Raqqa

The road to Raqqa, capital of the phony ISIS/ISIL/Daesh “Caliphate”, will continue to be a riddle wrapped inside an enigma at least until the US Presidential elections. Let’s examine why.

by Pepe Escobar for Sputnik news

The loose combo known as Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), led by the Kurdish YPG alongside its women’s brigade, the YPJ, are trying to advance against Daesh north and now also west of Raqqa.The key target is Tabqa, west of Raqqa. Tabqa is crucial because it links Raqqa with Daesh positions near Aleppo — where an embryonic Mother of All Battles is gearing up. Conquering Taqba itself will be no mean feat as it implies the SDF forces crossing the Euphrates River, which happens to be a red line imposed by Turkey’s Sultan Erdogan.

Embedded with the SDF advance is a massive P.R. operation deployed by Washington, involving a hilarious controversy on American boots on the ground. President Obama has always repeated non-stop there would not be US boots on the ground in Syria. The State Department parroted the White House line. But boots — as many as 250 — are indeed on the ground, even as they may disguise themselves with YPG insignia.The Pentagon maintains they are only acting in an “advise-and-assist” role — as in trademark Obama “leading from behind” format. The boots are in fact Special Forces specialized in UW (unconventional warfare). Yet the theater of war — as established by Daesh — is quite conventional. Daesh is constituted as a small army, with heavy armor and considerable artillery, against which UW is meaningless.

The lame duck Obama administration — whose Syria “policy” hardly deviates from the “Assad must go” mantra — is trying to convey the impression for US public opinion that it is actively fighting Daesh. Yet this is a fiction. With no considerable “coalition” air power (apart from some bombing of Daesh targets south of Ain Issa) and no sizeable troops, no “leading from behind” will yield a US victory in Raqqa.

En dan Syrian Girl, meestal zeer goed geïnformeerd en ruim denkend, nu met duidelijke argumenten tegen Rojava! Op dit moment wordt de beweging voor Koerdische autonomie in Syrië gesteund door de VS, terwijl Erdogan in Turkije de Koerden vermaalt tot as of balkenbrij. De Koerdische strijders van PYD/YPG rukken nu op naar Raqqa, gesteund door de speciale troepen van de VS. Volgens Syrian Girl leidt dat niet tot vrede, maar is het een manier om Syrië op te splitsen. Eerst haar artikel, mijn uittreksel geeft een idee, maar het hele artikel is beslist een MUST READ!

Why A Kurdish Enclave in Syria Is a Very Bad Idea

A few simple reasons why PYD/YPG claims to federal autonomy and attempts to annex Syrian land are illegitimate, undemocratic, and could lead to genocide.

1. Kurds are not a majority in the Area PYD/YPG are attempting to annex

2. It is Undemocratic to Impose Federalism on the Majority of Syrians

PYD did not bother to consult with other factions of Syrian society before its unilateral declaration of Federalism. The other ethnicities that reside in Al Hasake governate, which PYD claims is now an autonomous Kurdish state, have clearly rejected federalism. An assembly of Syrian clans and Arab tribes in Al Hasaka and the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO) rejected PYD’s federalism declaration. In Geneva, both the Syrian government and the opposition rejected PYD’s federalism declaration. Furthermore, PYD does not represent all of Syria’s Kurdish population. The Kurdish faction of Syrian national coalition condemned PYD’s federalism declaration. Most of Syria’s Kurds do not live in Al Hasakah and many that do work outside it. Thousands of Kurds have joined ISIS and are fighting for an Islamic State not a Kurdish one.

3. Federalism May Risk Ethnic cleansing of Assyrian Christian and other minorities

Since the Kurdish population is not a majority in the areas PYD are trying to annex, the past few years have revealed that PYD/YPG are not beyond carrying out ethnic cleansing of non-Kurdish minorities in an attempt to achieve a demographic shift. The main threat to Kurdish ethnocentric territorial claims over the area are the other large minorities, the Arabs and the Assyrian Christians.

4. The Resources in Al Hasake are shared between all Syrians

While Kurds make up only 7-10% of Syria’s total population, PYD demands 20% of Syria’s land. What’s more, the region of Al hasakah, which YPG wants to annex has a population of only 1.5 million people. Much of Syria’s agriculture and oil wealth is located in Al Hasakah and is shared by Syria’s 23 million people. Al Hasakah province produces 34% of Syria’s wheat and much of Syria’s oil. The oil pumping stations are now being used by ISIS and YPG’s Kurds to fund their war efforts while depriving the Syrian people.

While headlines abound about Syria’s starving population, there is little talk of how federalising Syria could entrench this starvation into law for generations to come. Instead, promoters of Federalism talk about how giving the resources shared by 23 million people to 1.5 million people will lead to peace.

5. A Kurdish Region in Syria will be a Threat to Global Security

Finally, a designated ‘Kurdish area’ in Syria is deeply rooted in ethnocentric chauvinism. A US state strictly designated for Hispanic, White or Black ethnicity would be outrageous to suggest and would be considered racist. But the use of ethnicity as a means to divide and conquer is the oldest and most cynical form of imperialism. Syria must remain for all Syrians, not just for one minority.

The Race to #Raqqa – Why Syria Must crush ISIS before Kurdish YPG & US Forces do duurt nog geen 10 minuten.

Tot slot de berichten van Press-TV uit Iran, waar men de andere kant van het conflict beter kan zien dan wij. Per slot ligt Iran aan de andere kant van deze langdurige brandhaard. In Iran zelf heerst al jaren vrede, al wordt het land bij vlagen bedreigd door de VS. De oorlog met buurland Irak behoort tot het verleden en de economische sancties worden op dit moment versoepeld. Maar ISIS is een grensoverschrijdend gevaar, dus ook voor Iran!

The Debate – Syria Situation duurt 23 minuten.

Gepubliceerd op 6 jun. 2016

UK Special Forces have taken a frontline role in Syria. They are operating alongside the so-called rebels to destroy ISIL.

In this edition of the debate, we’ll ask what this revelation means, such as whether the Al-Nusra front mixture with the so-called rebels means that the UK troops are fighting alongside the terrorists. We’ll also look at why the US is opposed to Russia targeting the al Nusra front in Syria.

– Journalist and Political Commentator, Hafsa Kara-Mustapha (from LONDON)
– Former US Intelligence Officer, Bob Ayers (from SOMERSET)

Van de oudere berichten geef ik alleen even de titel met de datum, de tekst en de link.

The Debate – Syria peace talks, 25 jan. 2016

Gepubliceerd op 25 jan. 2016

The date has finally been set, even though there is still no consensus on the list of attendees representing the opposition. The UN Special Envoy to Syria announced Friday January 29 as the date for the Geneva Intra Syria talks. The main sticking point: Making the list of terrorist organizations operating in Syria, namely the ones that are backed and supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. This also includes the Kurds, which Turkey does not want to attend. In this edition of the debate, we’ll be asking the ultimate question: Will the Geneva Intra Syria talks mark the beginning of the end?


– Managing Editor and Columnist, Veterans Today, Jim W. Dean (Atlanta)
– Political Commentator, Baraa Abdulla Sharaf Shiban (London)

The Debate – Talks on Syria (Feb 12th)

Gepubliceerd op 12 feb. 2016

Skepticism seems to be the key word to use after the announcement of a cessation of hostilities in Syria agreed upon in Munich. While meant to get aid to long-suffering Syrians, it does not stretch to areas under terrorists’ control. Who is a terrorist in Syria has been a debate which has raged without any resolution in sight. This as President Assad says priority is to cut off militant supply lines, especially those from Turkey, & to liberate the entire country from militant control. Throw into the mix the possibility of Turkish, Emirati, & Saudi incursions, & the Syria crisis gets even messier.

The Debate – Turkey Syria Aggression (Feb 15th)

Gepubliceerd op 15 feb. 2016

Despite international outcries, Turkey has shelled Kurdish regions in northern Syria for the third day, saying it will not allow Kurds to take control of the Syrian border town of A’zaz. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has leveled new accusations against Russia’s military campaign in Syria, warning Moscow of its consequences. The US and France have warned Turkey of shelling the YPG Kurdish positions. In this edition of the debate, we’ll discuss how the retaking the whole of Aleppo from the terrorists spells failure of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in Syria.

– ANSWER Coalition, SAN FRANCISCO (Richard Becker)
– Political Analyst, Jihad Mouracadeh (BEIRUT)

The Debate – Seeking no-fly zone in Syria (Feb 17th)

Gepubliceerd op 17 feb. 2016

Turkey has again stated it’s desire for a no-fly zone in Northern Syria, this while it is shelling YPG Kurds in that area. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is renewing her proposal for a no-fly zone in Syria also. And again: the same doubts surface: Is Turkey’s demand for a no-fly zone to prevent Daesh terrorists from going into Syria, or actually facilitate them with weapons and support? That is one the questions we’ll ask in this edition of the debate.

– Programs Dir., Shafaqna Inst. of ME Studies, Catherine Shakdam (LONDON)
– Founder, American Institute for Foreign Policy, Michael Lane (WASHINGTON)

The Debate – Splitting Syria (Feb 24th)

Gepubliceerd op 24 feb. 2016

This is what the US Secretary of State has said: Russia’s role is vital to the Syrian ceasefire deal, but the US has ‘Plan B’. What is the US Plan B? Kerry, who spoke at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, did not specify exactly what it is, but the old plan of portioning, which was initiated during the Bush Jr. era, and relayed by then US Secretary of State, Condloleeza Rice, has been discussed, namely partitioning. In this edition of the debate, we’ll discuss why the US insists on something that has not worked, something which is without the consent of the Syrian people.

The Debate: Ceasefire in Syria (March 21st)

Gepubliceerd op 21 mrt. 2016

A ceasefire took effect on February 26 in Syrian. 97 anti-Damascus groups, along with the Syrian government agreed to the ceasefire. Since then, the cease fire has been violated dozens of times and now Russia is demanding an emergency meeting with the United States to agree to a monitoring mechanism for the ceasefire. Washington has rejected calls for an emergency meeting. The question is why doesn’t Washington want to have that meeting when, on the face of it, the US wants the ceasefire to hold and wants terrorists to be defeated in Syria.

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  1. mr.drs.Bou

    International Military Review – Syria, June 7, 2016

    President al-Assad: Our War On Terrorism Continues – We Will Liberate Every Inch Of Syria

    By President Bashar al-Assad

    June 07, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “SANA” – Damascus, SANA –

    President Bashar al-Assad said that the Syrian people surprised the world with their unprecedented participation in the People’s Assembly elections, sending a clear message to the world that the greater the pressure gets, the more the Syrians commit to their sovereignty.

    In a speech addressing the People’s Assembly of the 2nd legislative term on Tuesday, the President started with congratulating the Syrian people on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, hoping that in next Ramadan Syria will have recovered.

    His Excellency said that while this is not the first time he stands at the Assembly after a new parliament was elected, but this time is greatly different from the previous ones as these elections came amid great international and regional and political events and amid harsh internal circumstances that led some to expect the elections to fail or not be accomplished, or if accomplished, they would be boycotted completely by the citizens, or at best they would be met with indifference.

    “But what happened was the opposite, as the Syrian people surprised the world once again with their wide participation in one of the important national and constitutional events,” President al-Assad said

  2. mr.drs.Bou

    The Tragedy of Syria and the Middle East at Large

    By Peter Koenig and Amin Abadi

    A few weeks ago, Amin Abadi from the The Kayhan Institute of Teheran asked me for a written interview on “The Tragedy of Syria and the Middle East at Large” – in English. A few days ago the interview was published in Farsi in Kayhan (Cosmos), one of Iran’s most prominent newspapers. Her is the English version.

    June 08, 2016 “Information Clearing House” –

    Amin Abadi: What is the major reason for Syrian crisis in your point of view, the crisis that includes massacre of thousands of people and homelessness of too many

    By 2011 the ‘opposition’ was ready to launch a civil war on behalf of Washington against the Government of Bashar al-Assad, the democratically elected President of Syria, elected with a vast majority; and after five-years of foreign imposed war on the people of Syria, his approval rating is still above 70%. The ‘opposition’ – al-Nusra, al-Qaeda and whatever other names the ‘western friendly’ opposition was given to confuse the public at large by western media, was trained, fed and armed by the CIA, Mossad, Saudi Arabia – and of course, Vassal-Europe’s / NATO secret services.

    Backtracking – soon after WWII a few Zionist-headed US so-called ‘think tanks’, like the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) – and others, concocted a plan for the United States to take over the world. They called it ‘Pax Americana’ after the Roman Empire’s ‘Pax Romana’ which were arguably the 300 to 400 bloodiest years of the Roman Empire.

    AA: Do you believe that big powers across the world including America has fulfilled their humanitarian responsibilities and moral obligations toward Syrian people?

    PK: Of course not. To the contrary, they are responsible for the humanitarian disaster, for over 4 million of displaced people, for more than half a million killed by a ‘civil war’, entirely instigated and funded by foreign forces. They are responsible for uncountable human tragedies, for the flood of refugees into Europe via Turkey. Mind you this flood of refugees from Syria and other western devastated MENA countries was also planned, as a ‘weapon’ to destabilize Europe.

    The US and Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States funded refugee camps in Turkey at the tune of 6 billion dollars – camps that can hold more than 4 million refugees. Erdogan was told by his transatlantic masters – keep them in Turkey until we tell you to open the flood-gates. That’s exactly what he did.

    A new, little spoken about but horrendous tragedy is lately emerging from Europol – possibly as many as 10,000 refugee children, mostly orphans, have disappeared. Have they fallen into the hands of child traders, using and selling them for slave labor and the girls into sex trade?

  3. mr.drs.Bou

    ISIS loses ground on fronts in Syria, Iraq:
    ISIS’ far-flung enemies in Syria and Iraq pressed ahead on Wednesday with major advances on multiple fronts that have put some of the greatest pressure on the ultra-hardline Islamists since they declared their caliphate two years ago.

    Russia, U.S.-supported troops advance on ISIS ‘capital’ Raqqa:
    Syrian government army units, backed by Russian air power, and pro-US opposition forces are closing in on Raqqa, the de facto ISIS capital, from different directions.

    Daesh to Conquer Aleppo to Make it Militants’ ‘Capital Instead of Raqqa’;
    As the Syrian Army is getting closer to Raqqa backed by the Russian air force, Daesh terrorists are trying to take control of a different city.

  4. mr.drs.Bou

    Some 160 Al-Nusra terrorists head for Aleppo from Turkish territory – Russian MoD :
    “The column was moving from the Turkish border. It faced no obstacles while moving through territories controlled by different armed groups and reached the ISIS-controlled region.”

    Israel Attacks Syrian Army Post Near Homs:
    Syrian military source tells Zaman al-Awsl website that Israeli jets targeted the Fourth Mechanical Division of the Syrian army.

  5. Nexus

    Inmiddels zijn er Amerikaanse, Engelse en Franse special forces gezien in Syrië. Het is duidelijk dat de elite koste wat kost een no fly zone wil afdwingen door eerst een deel van Syrië af te splitsen van het regeringsleger om straks de zogenaamde gematigde rebellen daar de macht te geven, een stroman dus neer te zetten. Ik ben benieuwd hoe Rusland hierop gaat reageren. Ook met China proberen ze de boel te frustreren en een groter conflict uit te lokken. Tegelijkertijd zijn ze bezig de BRICS te slopen, de coup in Brazilië is slechts het begin.

    • mr.drs.Bou

      Nexus, ze beloven de Koerden van Rojava “zelfstandigheid” als ze Raqqa veroveren. Als dat lukt, dan is Syrië gesplitst en Rojava is te klein om ooit machtig te worden. Dat heet Balkanisering, een beproefd recept! Alleen de Erdogan-Turken liggen dwars, die zijn bang dat hun “eigen” Koerden dan ook zelfstandigheid willen. Daarom hebben zij liever een “no fly zone”, net als indertijd in Libië.
      De race om Raqqa is daarom best belangrijk!
      En Aleppo? ACH !!! Die historische stad ligt al helemaal plat!

  6. mr.drs.Bou

    French special forces on ground in Syria – Defense Ministry official

  7. mr.drs.Bou

    International Military Review – Syria, June 9, 2016

    Dat wat men nu Raqqa noemt, was in de tijd van Hammurabi in elk geval niet ver van de oude stad MARI

  8. Nexus


    Ik ben benieuwd hoe Rusland hierop gaat reageren en ik ben benieuwd wat Putin met Netanyahu besproken heeft. Hij moet weten dat Netanyahu ook mee doet met het ISIS spelletje, dat kan niet anders.

  9. mr.drs.Bou

    International Military Review – Syria, June 13, 2016

  10. mr.drs.Bou

    International Military Review – Syria, June 23, 2016

    Foreign Policy Diary – US Deploys Aircraft Carriers against Russia and China

  11. Stekeldier

    Deze moedige onafhankelijke verslaggeefster (Vanessa Beeley) zal ook niet snel op onze nationale t(er)reurbuis te zien zijn. Beste interview t.a.v. de situatie in Syrië dat ik onlangs ben tegengekomen:

    Over de toestand in Aleppo, het progaganda-middel van de “white helmets” en de “genetically modified so-called rebels” (terroristen die door het westen een ander label opgeplakt krijgen om ze daarmee “salonfähig” te maken).

    Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong duurt 25 minuten.

    Live gestreamd op 29 sep. 2016

    What’s really going on in Aleppo? Are Assad and Putin exterminating the population for sport? Is it a war against US-backed “moderates”? That is what the mainstream media would have us believe. We speak with Vanessa Beeley, a journalist who just returned from Aleppo for the real story.

    • mr.drs.Bou

      Dank je wel, Stekeldier. De oorlog tegen Syrië heeft dringend een update nodig op BOUblog. Ik volg het wel, want de oorlog escaleert nog steeds! Op naar Hillary for president en WW III. Even zoeken op de White Helmets en je rolt in dit soort smerige propaganda:

      White Helmets | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

      En Nederland betaalt daar aan mee!


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