The EU – it’s in your hands

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The EU – it’s in your hands

Dear Boudine,
Decisions that affect the issues we care about, whether tax justice, transparency or human rights, are often made by European Union institutions.
If we don’t engage with these institutions, national or local solutions may well be short-lived. The WeMove.EU community – 280,000 of us across Europe – believes that we can and must make change happen at the European level.
That’s why we thought you’d like this: a new tool that gives you the power to jump-start the change Europe needs. A tool that will help you launch your own campaigns, and link up with other Europeans who feel the same. We’ve built a brand new petition platform: You Move Europe. We’re bringing Europeans together to build a movement – a movement powered by people, for a better Europe. Have a look for yourself:

Learn more about our new platform

Whether you are worried about dangerous substances in your food, or you think waste can be put to better use than sending it to landfill; whether you believe austerity does more harm than good or multinational companies should be more transparent about their taxes – You Move Europe is the action platform that can help you do something about it.
It will make your campaign truly international. You Move Europe will connect you with people who might not speak your language, but who share your values and goals. And we can help you out with the whole process – we understand how to navigate the EU and how to bring people together for a common cause.

So far it’s going well. It’s already been used for a petition to ask for peace in Turkey by War Resisters’ International, a petition to get blind people better access to publications, and a petition on transparency in the EU by DiEM25 and Yanis Varoufakis.

So why not give it a try? Set up your own campaign on the issues that you care about and make a difference in Europe.

Start a campaign now

With excitement for our future,
Rebecca (London), Virginia (Madrid), and all of the WeMove.EU team
Dank je wel, Rebekka en Virginia, en het hele WeMove.EU team!
Die petitie voor vrede in Koerdistan heb ik meteen getekend! En transparantie lijkt me ook een goed idee!
Met vriendelijke groet,

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  1. mr.drs.Bou

    FULL DOCUMENTARY – Euromania Uncovering the EU – Peter Vlemmix duurt 56 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 16 mei 2014

    Do you know how the European Union works? How democratic it is? Fact is it is rapidly becoming a more important part of the daily life of us European citizens. I took my camera and went on a journey to uncover the European project.

    Euromania (2014) is a crowd-funded doc, with a Dutch record for amount of backers, has been screened at multiple filmfestivals around the world and ranks among the top online documentaries.

  2. mr.drs.Bou

    Polls: Brexit campaign gaining momentum in UK

    Gepubliceerd op 31 mei 2016

    Two new surveys show that public opinion in the U-K has shifted towards leaving the EU.
    The surveys conducted by the Guardian and the public opinion researcher ICM suggest the referendum campaign for Britain to leave the bloc has picked up pace, with voters split 52-48 percent in favor of Brexit. Fluctuations in the opinion polls seem to be increasing as the UK gets closer to the June 23 referendum on the issue. Many top politicians including Prime Minister David Cameron have warned against the risks of leaving the EU. They argue that a Brexit can lead to economic recession. However, supporters believe that leaving the EU can help the country financially.

  3. mr.drs.Bou

    Eurozone social crisis continues to deepen

  4. mr.drs.Bou

    Will the UK Set Off A Secession movement?

  5. mr.drs.Bou

    Germany: BREXIT would be negative for EU states

    Gepubliceerd op 31 mei 2016

    Steinmeier said that BREXIT would create a negative dynamic among the bloc’s member states. He expressed his desire for the UK to remain in the E-U, but that it’s ultimately up to British voters to decide their fate. Next month, Brits will cast their votes on whether to remain in the union or not. Pro-EU campaigners argue that leaving the bloc would pose an economic risk to the country and result in trade barriers. Meanwhile, BREXIT voters want out for greater sovereignty.

  6. mr.drs.Bou

    Hebben we deze al? MUST SEE!

    Brexit The Movie – NL ondertiteld duurt een uur en 11 minuten.

  7. mr.drs.Bou

    Van bovenstaande dames kreeg ik nogmaals een e-mail:

    Dear Boudine,
    The nuclear industry is tightening its grip on EU decision makers. They want to take us back to the nuclear age – a time when people across Europe lived in the shadows of ever more deadly reactors producing radioactive waste.
    A recently leaked discussion paper from the European Commission [1] makes the nuclear industry’s ambitions clear: they want money for dangerous nuclear power, and they want it from EU taxpayers.
    Next week the EU energy ministers are meeting. We need to use this moment to shout out loudly against new nuclear power in Europe. Let’s tell our ministers and the Commission to drop all plans to support the nuclear power industry in their expensive gambles with our tax money – and with our health! If enough people sign this petition, we will go to the EU energy ministers’ meeting and present them with your signatures, to make the voice of EU citizens heard.
    Sign this petition to say no to financing nuclear power with our tax money!
    Nuclear power is not only a huge security risk – it’s also extremely expensive. The costs are so high that no private company would back nuclear without the promise of extensive subsidies from the public coffers. Learning from the terrible disasters in Chernobyl and Fukushima [2, 3], many European countries have already pledged to phase-out nuclear power. Instead, they are supporting clean renewable energy technologies, putting the health and safety of people and environment ahead of special interests of the corporate lobby.
    If we come together now before anything is set in stone and oppose the idea of backing new nuclear investments with public money, the EU decision-makers can still make the right choice and ditch all future plans to finance nuclear power. But to get there, we need all hands on deck! Europe should be leading the way in clean renewable energy and supporting small-scale, community-owned energy sources, not giving more power to corporations who happily risk our tax money and our health to turn a profit.
    Please take action and sign this petition now!
    With hope,
    Rebecca (London), Julia (Warsaw) and the WeMove.EU team


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