President Bashar Assad van Syrië heeft onlangs een lang interview afgestaan aan een team van journalisten van Russia Today. Een dame en zes heren mochten hem 40 minuten lang vragen stellen. Zijn antwoorden zijn van een helderheid die men tegenwoordig maar zelden aantreft bij politici. Assad komt over als de redelijkheid zelve en hij laat zich niet uit het veld slaan als de vragen een beschuldigende ondertoon hebben. Hij analyseert de oorlog in Syrië op een correcte manier.

Maar we gaan eerst even naar president Poetin, want Rusland is al 50 jaar een bondgenoot van Syrië en ook heeft Rusland militaire toegang tot een Syrische haven aan de Middellandse Zee. Onlangs heeft Poetin extra militaire steun beloofd aan Syrië in de strijd tegen ISIS. Nu schreeuwt het hele vrije wilde westen: HELP!!! De Russen komen! Het blijkt echter te gaan om een oud contract van wapenleveranties. Ook heeft Rusland voorgesteld om ISIS te bestrijden in een gezamenlijke coalitie.

‘We need to abandon double standards to combat ISIS’ – Putin

Dat klinkt alleszins redelijk! Een langere versie van deze toespraak duurt 10 minuten.

En dan nu president Assad. Ook de Saker heeft naar hem geluisterd en ik blijk niet de enige die vindt dat de man zeer redelijk klinkt!

Listening to Bashar al-Assad

By The Saker

September 18, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – Like most of you, I spent 1 hour listening to Bashar al-Assad’s interview with the Russian media yesterday. I have to tell you that I am impressed. But before I discuss this in more detail, let me confess something which old-time readers of this blog might remember: I used to be very opposed to secular Arab nationalists, especially Baathists. Not only did I have an extremely bad opinion of Saddam Hussein (which does not prevent me from being outraged at the way he was treated and murdered), I also had some Syrian friend who told me a lot about Assad père, Hafez al-Assad, the corruption of his regime, the very real fear that so many Syrians had of this security services and the nomenklatura of wealthy fat cats which surrounded him. Coming back to Bashar al-Assad, I could not forgive him that he tortured on behalf of the CIA in the so-called “rendition” program and that he, or somebody very close to him, had clearly protected the Israelis who murdered Imad Mughniyeh. All this is to say that I can hardly be accused of being a Assad fanboy.

But now I have to say that I am changing my tune. Not only because there can be no doubt whatsoever that Assad and his military are currently the only force protecting the Syrian people from the medieval insanity and viciousness of Daesh, but because, frankly, the man impresses me more and more.

Syria ‘in a state of complete war’ with terrorism – Assad (FULL INTERVIEW) duurt 40 minuten.

Gepubliceerd op 15 sep. 2015

As the Syrian crisis enters its fifth year, tension in the country is still growing. Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, gives an interview to key Russian media, revealing his view on political progress, the Syrian crisis, its allies and its war on terrorism

Tot slot is er dan nog de vraag wat de VS gaat doen tegen ISIS. Op dit moment bestrijden ze ISIS met bombardementen, waarbij de bommen voornamelijk terecht komen op Syrische doelen. Met de regering van Assad is de VS niet on speaking terms, er is dus geen enkele coördinatie in de strijd tegen ISIS.

Obama’s Fateful Syrian Choice

President Obama faces a choice that could define his legacy and the future of the American Republic: He can either work with Russia’s President Putin to stabilize Syria or he can opt for a confrontation that could lead to an open-ended war with grave risks of escalation, writes Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

September 18, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “Consortiumnews” – There is an obvious course that President Barack Obama could follow if he wants to lessen the crises stemming from the Syrian war and other U.S. “regime change” strategies of the past several decades, but it would require him to admit that recent interventions (including his own) have represented a strategic disaster.

Obama also would have to alter some longstanding alliances – including those with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel – and correct some of the false narratives that have been established during his administration, such as storylines accusing the Syrian government of using sarin gas on Aug. 21, 2013, and blaming the Russians for everything that’s gone wrong in Ukraine.

In retracting false allegations and releasing current U.S. intelligence assessments on those issues, the President would have to repudiate the trendy concept of “strategic communications,” an approach that mixes psychological operations, propaganda and P.R. into a “soft power” concoction to use against countries identified as U.S. foes.

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13 Reacties op “Luister naar president Bashar Assad”

  • Boudine:

    Russia Should Ignore Washington’s Blind Arrogance on Syria

    By Finian Cunningham

    September 19, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “Sputnik” – The trouble with arrogance is that it is intellectually blinding; and the trouble with being intellectually blind is that you fail to see your own contradictions – no matter how preposterous those contradictions may be.

    The arrogant ones we are referring to here are the United States and its Western allies. In the past week, Washington has been up in arms about Russia’s decision to step up its military support for the government of Syria. The Americans are calling on Moscow for “clarification” and are getting all hot under the collar about what they say is unwarranted Russian support for the “regime” of Bashar al-Assad.

    This finger-wagging from Washington comes at the same time that a US-led military coalition continues to bomb Syria for nearly 12 months.

    This week, US warplanes striking Syria were joined by fighter jets from Australia for the first time in those operations, which are allegedly aimed at hitting the Islamic State terror group within the country. France and Britain are also expected to soon join the bombing runs inside Syrian territory.

    Now hold on a moment. Let’s get this straight. The US and its allies have appointed themselves to carry out air strikes on a sovereign country – Syria – without having approval from the government of that country, or without a mandate from the UN Security Council.

    Thus, the legality of these US-led air strikes – which have resulted in numerous civilian casualties – is therefore of highly dubious status, if not constituting flagrant violation of international law.

  • Nexus:

    Beste Boudine,

    Hoe sta jij tegenover de redenering dat Putin en consorten al en gecontroleerde oppositie fungeren? Ik geloof daar niet ingezien het vaak belachelijke gesteggel van de westerse landing richting Putin en vrienden.

    Zou graag jouw mening hierover horen en welke redenatie daarachter steekt.



    • Boudine:

      Beste Nexus,
      “Gecontroleerde oppositie” is volgens mij een gevolg van een verkeerde manier van denken. Hetzelfde geldt voor de “dertien bloedlijnen”. Een dergelijke redenering gaat er van uit dat een gering aantal mensen ALLES bestieren. In plaats van te begrijpen dat ieder systeem onbedoelde bijeffecten heeft, geloven zij in de KWADE OPZET van enkelen.
      De kapitalistische economie staat of valt met EXPANSIE. Daarbij is het een systeem van CONCURRENTIE. In dit systeem is er altijd een WINNAAR, maar het is een nulsom spel, er is dus ook altijd een VERLIEZER.
      De Amerikaanse neo-cons geloven in dat systeem. Zij willen een wereld waarin de VS domineert. Hun manier van denken is UNIPOLAIR, er kan er maar één de sterkste zijn.
      Zowel Rusland als China geven de voorkeur aan een socialistische economie. Deze is gebaseerd op SAMENWERKING. De winst wordt dan eerlijk gedeeld. Hun manier van denken is MULIPOLAIR, gelijkwaardige samenwerking leidt tot winst voor beide partijen. Volgens mij zou dat de wereld ten goede komen!
      Er is alleen een probleem: het kapitalisme is een roof-economie! Deze gaat gepaard met gewapende strijd. De VS voert voortdurend oorlog! Zouden ze daarmee stoppen, dan stort hun economie in. Op dit moment is er een economische oorlog gaande tegen Rusland (en China!). Tot op heden zijn Rusland en China aan de winnende hand, vandaar dat de VS (of de NATO) steeds agressiever wordt.
      Zoals je begrijpt, denk ik daarom niet dat er sprake is van gecontroleerde oppositie. Er is sprake van een (gewapende!) strijd van de kapitalisten tegen de socialisten. Het zijn twee verschillende economische systemen die elkaar uitsluiten. Deze strijd wordt ook gevoerd op ideologisch vlak. Winstbejag en de vrije markt zouden leiden tot rijkdom voor iedereen en socialisme zou betekenen dat iedereen even arm wordt. Kijk naar de realiteit, bij voorbeeld in Libië!
      Mensen die geloven in gecontroleerde oppositie, of in bloedlijnen, zouden Marx eens moeten lezen!

    • Boudine:

      Nexus, het is duidelijk dat de kapitalistische economie van roof en expansie niet duurzaam kan zijn. Op Washingtons Blog staat een duidelijk artikel:

      Here’s Why the Status Quo Is Doomed

      The central illusion of this era is that the Status Quo can be reformed or saved.

      But none of these reforms–or any of the other good-governance tweaks habitually promoted by left, right, center and Libertarian–can save the Status Quo. For what’s wrong with the Status Quo is systemic.

  • Boudine:

    The state of Syria is a result of US intervention – Middle Eastern historian

  • yvonne:

    Het misleide volk als oorlogswapen, dit hoort iedere wereldburger te weten, dan is het snel afgelopen met al die militaire spelletjes!

    • Boudine:

      Beste Yvonne,
      De zogenaamde seksuele revolutie is hier een beetje of topic, maar ik begrijp wat je bedoelt. We zouden het vaker moeten hebben over de van hogerhand gepropageerde seksuele perversie!
      Volgens mij gaat het niet om seks, maar om het erfrecht van Vader op Zoon!!! In de naam van de Moeder en de Dochter is een ander (en veel ouder!) patroon.

  • Boudine:

    Drie artikelen die in hun samenhang leiden tot optimisme:

    Russia Returns to the Middle East

    By Israel Shamir

    September 26, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – These autumn days are the most important in the Middle East calendar. The Muslims celebrate Eid al Adha, the Feast of the Sacrifice; the Jews fast at Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement; and the Eastern Orthodox Christians rejoice at Nativity of Our Lady Mary. It appears, surprisingly, the best place to be at this time is Moscow, where Putin received in quick succession the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Turkish ruler Recep Erdogan.

    This sudden interest to Moscow is a sign that the Russian entry into the Syrian fray has been playing to a full house. When, some three weeks ago I reported on this decision of Kremlin, my report was met with great doubt, to say the least. Could it be that Russia, after being licked in the Ukraine, will venture that far from home? They were supposed to sulk in the Kremlin under the heavy load of sanctions, not roam around. Now the facts on the ground had justified my previous report. Russian soldiers and marines, Russian weapons, jets and boats are seen on the shore; they are building a new base and fighting the enemy, giving a new lease of life to the embattled Syrian state.

    US Exploited Assad’s Fight Against Al-Qaeda

    By Daniel McAdams

    September 26, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “RPI”- The US government has been relying on its standard narrative that the Syria crisis emerged spontaneously after an “Arab Spring” inspired protest was violently suppressed by the Syrian government. The entire US intervention was justified on these grounds. Thus the Obama Administration, as it did in Ukraine, has attempted to disavow any role in fomenting the uprising and thus any responsibility for the violence that ensued.

    But like much else in US foreign policy the narrative is wholly false, constructed to propagandize the American people in favor of US intervention and shield the US government from any fallout.

    In fact the US government had long had its sights on regime change in Syria, starting at least with the Project for a New American Century’s plan peddled to George W. Bush to overthrow five countries in five years and remake the entire Middle East. The neocons always like to think big, but like any slimy salesman they never deliver as promised. Their Iraq “cakewalk” proved a deathwalk.

    So Obama Wants Talks with Putin on Syria?

    By Finian Cunningham

    September 26, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “SCF”- After more than a year of demonising Russia as a threat to world peace, all of a sudden the United States changes tack and wants to hold talks with Moscow over Syria. US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are set to hold talks in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting. The leaders will meet on Monday, 28 September, authorities from both the countries have confirmed. What a change from Obama’s churlish tantrums towards the Russian president!

    US Secretary of State John Kerry speaking in London last weekend seemed to be overcome with «shared goals» and objectives, seeking «common ground» with Russia to defeat the jihadist terror group, Islamic State (IS), in Syria.

    But only the week before that, President Obama was condemning Russia for stepping up military support for its long-time ally, Syria. Obama had said the Russian military aid was «doomed to failure».

    Suddenly, it seems, however, there is an American turnaround. The New York Times reported on how the Obama administration has now «reached out to Moscow» to coordinate actions in Syria «to avoid an accidental escalation».

  • Boudine:

    CrossTalk: Saving Syria duurt 24 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 25 sep. 2015

    Again the Russians have thrown Washington a lifeline to rescue Obama from his administration’s catastrophic policies in Syria. After years of demanding forced regime change and watching the rise of the Islamic State, can the official groupthink in Washington finally accept defeat and embrace Putin’s offer? CrossTalking with Sami Ramadani, Abdel Bari Atwan, and Daniel McAdams.

  • Boudine:

    Putin: Assad’s enemies are portrayed as opposition by West, but he fights against terrorists

    ‘If we stop training, arming jihadists, the war will end’ – Virginia state senator to RT

    VA Senator Dick Black discusses ISIS, Syria, and Assad with Sean Stone duurt 18 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 25 sep. 2015

    In this web exclusive, Sean Stone sits down with Virginia state Senator Dick Black to talk about the ongoing crisis in Syria, and what policies the US and other world powers should adopt to return the region to peace and stability.

  • Boudine:

    Russian parliament approves use of military in Syria to fight ISIS duurt 15 minuten.

  • Boudine:

    Commentaar van de kwaliteitskrant NRC:

    VS: Rusland heeft mogelijk boven Syrië gebombardeerd


    Eerder vandaag gaf de Russische Federatieraad, het hogerhuis van het parlement, toestemming om bombardementen in het buitenland uit te voeren. Het was direct helder dat het hier ging om een poging de Syrische president Bashar Assad te helpen, die Moskou om hulp had gevraagd. Rusland is een trouwe bondgenoot van het Assad-regime. De laatste keer dat de Federatieraad Poetin het recht gaf om troepen in het buitenland in te zetten was vorig jaar. Daarop werd het Oekraïense schiereiland de Krim geannexeerd.

    In Syrië woedt al vier jaar een conflict tussen Assad enerzijds en een wirwar aan rebellengroepen anderzijds – hoewel veel strijdgroepen ook elkaar bestoken. Bij de strijd zijn al meer dan 250.000 mensen om het leven gekomen, van wie de meeste door toedoen van strijders die trouw zweren aan Assad.

    Het “Assad-regime” is een democratisch gekozen REGERING. Het schiereiland Krim werd NIET “geannexeerd”, maar verzocht zelf om aansluiting bij Rusland na de fascistische coup die de VS in Oekraïne had georganiseerd. En dat er in Syrië mensen om het leven komen, komt bepaald NIET door het reguliere leger van Syrië, de “strijders die trouw zweren aan Assad”.

    Wat een propaganda!

  • Boudine:

    President Assad heeft een interview afgestaan aan de Iraanse zender Khabar TV. Information Clearing House brengt een transcript van dat interview in het Engels.

    President al-Assad: New Anti-terrorism Coalition Must Succeed, Otherwise The Whole Region Will Be Destroyed

    President Assad: In the beginning, I would like to welcome you in Damascus; and I’m glad to be talking to our Iranian brothers through your TV station. Concerning the changes that you see happening in the Western world, part of this is based on their statements to the media. For us in Syria, we cannot take these statements seriously, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, for many reasons. I believe that our Iranian brothers, including Iranian officials, share our view on this. In other words, both of us do not trust Western officials. As to their recent statements about a transitional period and other issues, I would like to be very clear: no foreign officials might decide the future of Syria, the future of Syria’s political system or the individuals who should govern Syria. This is the Syrian people’s decision. That’s why these statements mean nothing to us.

    But what is absolutely certain is that Western officials are in a state of confusion and their vision lacks clarity. At the same time, they are overwhelmed by a sense of failure concerning the plans they drew and didn’t achieve their objectives. The only objective of course is what you mentioned in your question, i.e. destroying Syria’s infrastructure and causing a great deal of bloodshed. We have paid a heavy price, but their objectives were subjugating Syria completely and replacing one state with another. They aimed at replacing this state with a client state which implements the agendas dictated by foreign governments.

    At the same time, the lies they propagated at the beginning of the events in Syria, in order to promote their positions to their audiences, have started to unravel. You cannot continue to lie to your people for years. You might do that for a limited period of time. Today, as a result of technological advances in the field of information, every citizen in every part of the world could know part of the truth. These parts have started to come together in the minds of their people, and they have found out that their governments have been lying to them concerning what has happened in Syria. They have also paid the price either through terrorist operations, the terrorism that started to affect those countries or through the waves of migrants coming to their countries, not only from Syria, but from different countries in the Middle East. All these factors started to effect a change, but I would like to stress once more that we cannot trust Western positions regardless of whether they were positive or negative.

    En zo voort. Het interview duurt een uur en 13 minuten. Voor wie Arabisch verstaat, staat er onderaan een YouTube van het interview.

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