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In onze media lijkt alles rustig in Oekraïne

Vorige week maandag ontplofte er in Kiev een bom! Misschien dat de media daar even aandacht aan hebben besteed, maar verder lijkt alles rustig in Oekraïne. Over de reden van die bom wordt gezwegen, net als over de gigantische schulden en de financiële puinhoop in Oekraïne, dat nu wordt bestuurd door oligarchen die door het vrije wilde westen in het zadel zijn geholpen. De bedoeling van deze fascistische coup, was het destabiliseren van Rusland. Toen dat niet onmiddellijk lukte, werd de MH 17 uit de lucht geschoten, maar ook die valse vlag hielp niet. Intussen werd de Donbas beschoten door de troepen die waren gestuurd door Kiev. Het Minsk 2 akkoord vereiste een staakt het vuren en een nieuwe grondwet, waarin Donbas meer zelfbestuur zou krijgen. Die bom ontplofte, toen het parlement ging stemmen over de nieuwe grondwet!

Een goede site om de ontwikkelingen in Oekraïne te volgen, is Russia Insider. Op deze site staan ook artikelen uit andere bronnen, soms vertaald vanuit allerlei andere talen in het Engels. U kunt inschrijven op hun dagelijkse nieuwsbrief en zij hebben ook een eigen YouTube kanaal. Aan de hand van hun headlines volgt hier nu een overzicht vanaf 1 september j.l. tot op heden, 8 september 2015, opdat u begrijpt dat het in Oekraïne bepaald niet rustig is!

Kiev Chaos Comeback: ‘Revolution eats its own children’

Kiev May Not Even Get the Full 20% Writedown on Debt to Private Creditors

The deal for a 20% writedown on debt to private creditors is preliminary and doesn’t have to be accepted by all of them
If some decline the total writedown will fall short of 20%

One Dead, 100 Injured in Kiev Clashes After Grenade Thrown at Police

One national guardsman dead
122 hospitalized
11 in critical condition

Outcome of nationalist violence against police in protest for Ukraine parliament voting in a minimal decentralization law for the sake of appearances of complying with the Minsk Peace Deal

Kiev Is Using ‘Decentralization Reform’ to Grab Even More Power From the Regions

A detailed and highly informative overview of the battles surrounding ‘decentralization reform’ in Ukraine

East Ukraine rebels believe Ukraine’s new vague decentralization laws fall short of its obligations under Minsk II agreement
Even so the bills could only be pushed through under heavy western pressure
Others have critiqued the reform for actually centralizing power further
Prefects appointed by the president will have power to issue decrees, block local initiatives and dismiss local officials

Death Toll From Kiev Grenade Attack on Police Rises to Three

Two more National Guardsmen have died from injuries suffered in the explosion
50 more remain in the hospital
National Guard is a paramilitary police subordinate to the Interior Ministry, it was established after Maidan and recruited from participants of the Maidan

Ukraine Bailout Funds Discovered in Oligarch’s Cyprus Kitty (Igor Kolomoisky)

We’re talking 1.8 billion dollars here

Attacker Who Slew 3 Police in Kiev Clashes Is an Auxiliary Policeman

This has been confirmed by both the Interior Minister and the commander of the auxiliary police battalion the man belonged to

Why Kiev Continues to Sacrifice Men in Strategically Useless Battles

Kiev knows it can not retake Donbass but continues to fight for strategically useless villages to keep the war going and not have to implement the Minsk II agreement

Ukraine Rightists Kill Police – New York Times Blames Putin

You can’t make this stuff up. The New York Times again proves equal to the task – of showing how Ukraine far-right nationalists attacking police and leaving 3 dead and 100 injured is really Putin’s fault

For Russia US Presence in Ukraine Is Cuban Missile Crisis in Reverse

Put yourself in the Russians’ position. US builds up its military presence in Ukraine – your most significant neigboring country, home to 5 million ethnic Russians – what do you do?

Watch That Grenade Go off in a Crowd in Kiev Yesterday – 3 Dead (Video)

One can see the grenade starting at 2 seconds into the video. Actually it looks like two grenades went off, one in the open area, and another where the policemen are standing holding back the crowd.

More than 90 security officers were injured during the clashes, including one officer who lost both of his feet as a result of the blast, and two more officers who died the next day from the blast(s).

Kiev Riots Herald the Coming of More Chaos to Ukraine

Strikingly, President Poroshenko’s priority in his television address following the riots was not to condemn the violence but to appease the rioters and their supporters by assuring them that his decentralisation proposals are not for real

Ukraine’s Neo-Fascist Continue to Sow Chaos, Now Over Phony Decentralization

Yet some would have you believe they’re akin to America’s Tea Party movement – read why they’re nothing of the kind

Some Eastern Ukrainians Are Still Forced to Live in Basements

Particularly in rebel-held cities near the line of control such as Donetsk, Gorlovka, Makeyevka, Lugansk

Heartbreaking Monument Listing 66 Children Killed by Poroshenko’s Civilian Bombings

The bombings were urged and financially supported by Obama and Merkel. It will come back to haunt them

BREAKING: IMF Officials Helped Steal Ukraine Funds – US Investigating

Highly unusual for US Department of Justice to be investigating a pro-western oligarch like Igor Kolomoisky
But apparently his PrivatBank hiding $1.8 billion of IMF funds was too much even for Washington
Now it appears, the bank had help from IMF officials who are running for cover and refusing to answer questions

Poroshenko Blames Kiev Grenade Deaths on…Wait for It…Russia!

In an interview with Sky News, Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko accuses Russia of extending its “campaign of destabilisation”

New Ukraine Military Doctrine Declares Russia ‘Adversary’, Calls for NATO Membership


East Ukraine Leader Zakharchenko: Kiev’s Decentralization Reform Is a Farce

Minsk II Agreement specifies that decentralization scheme would be drawn up in coordination with representatives of east Ukraine – not thought up and voted in unilaterally by Kiev

East Ukraine’s Lovely Fields and Forests Full of Deadly Mines

Nice work, Barack and Angela

RT’s Top Talk Show Explains Recent Violence in Kiev (Crosstalk)

CrossTalk: Exploding Kiev duurt 25 minuten.

Gepubliceerd op 2 sep. 2015

Violence has again returned to the streets of Kiev – the internal contradictions of the Maidan coup are on view for all to see. Since the forced ouster of the previous elected government, Ukraine has been long on intolerance and short on compromise. What’s next for this divided country? CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich and Mark Sleboda.

Russia Has a Better Claim to Crimea Than Britain to Northern Ireland

A retired Irish diplomat makes the case that western anti-Russian sanctions should be dropped.

But the most interesting part of the article where he compares Northern Ireland to Crimea only to find Russia has a better case than Britain

Crimea is geographically separate from Ukraine, of which it has been a part of only briefly, and home to very few people who wish for it to remain in Ukraine
Northern Ireland is geographically Ireland and home to numerous Catholics who want an end to British rule

Deadly Kiev Clashes the Work of a Former Maidan Top Dog Eyeing a Comeback

In early 2014 the right-wing nationalist Oleh Tyahnybok was perhaps the top political leader of Maidan
He was not as nationally prominent as the more mainstream Yatsenyuk and Klitshko
However, his Svoboda Party was the number one choice of the the right-wing street fighters who actually manned the Maidan barricades
His luck took a turn for the worse when few of his people managed to get elected in the 2014 parliamentary elections after the coup
One way to look at Monday’s clashes which left 3 police dead and over 100 injured is as the desperate attempt of this street-fighting right-winger to regain the national spotlight and prominence

Ukraine’s Latest Ceasefire: Neither War nor Peace

Ceasefire announcement does not point to an end to the Ukrainian conflict but to a weak government, unable and unwilling to make peace,

but incapable of going on the attack because of the weakness of its military and the opposition of its western backers

New Violence in Kiev – But This Time Nobody Cares

Whereas western reporting from the Maidan in 2013-14 was sensationalist and emotional…
…reporting on the recent most deadly Kiev demonstrations has been dispassionate and factual

Is the west tired of Ukraine and its problems? Peter Hitchens, prominent British conservative commentator thinks so

Large NATO-Ukraine Naval Drills Under Way in Black Sea

2500 servicemen participating, including 1,000 Americans and 1,000 Ukrainians

IMF’s Lagarde in Kiev Praises Ukraine Gov’t, Silent on Missing $1.8 Bn

Poroshenko used to opportunity to complain IMF isn’t funneling money his way fast enough
Lagarde made no promises here, but seemed not to mind the idea Kiev defaults on its debt to Russia
She mingled with locally-stationed IMF officials implicated in the disappearance of $1.8 Bn

Hero of Donbas: Massive Offensive Buildup by Kiev, Attack Coming (Strelkov)

Strelkov has excellent information about the situation on the ground
Kiev is massing troops and equipment with clearly offensive characteristics
Attack should come before Fall cold season
Ideal time to attack would be while Putin is in New York

Ukraine Prepares to Default on Its Russian Loan

Ukraine’s failure to secure a bigger haircut on its private debt means that it now has no alternative but to default on its loan to Russia.

The only question is whether the IMF will then break its rules and continue to support it

Outright Lies From The New York Times on Ukraine

NYT’s interpretation of the situation in Kiev is directly opposite of the truth

The truth: Poroshenko is being lamely pressured to move towards peace which is in Ukraine’s best interest by Berlin and Paris and is opposed by fascists

NYT’s telling: Poroshenko is being blackmailed by Putin, which has infuriated Ukraine ‘nationalists’ who oppose concessions

Ukraine’s Great Fire Sale to Fund the War

Ukraine wants to sell 345 state-owned companies – but what outside investor will buy a company in a country where there is civil war?

Moreover Russian money is not welcome

It’s the perfect setup for Ukraine oligarchs to get a hold of more state assets at the time when they’re at their cheapest

For Russia US Presence in Ukraine Is Cuban Missile Crisis in Reverse

Put yourself in the Russians’ position. US builds up its military presence in Ukraine – your most significant neigboring country, home to 5 million ethnic Russians – what do you do?

Truth on Nuland’s $5 Billion Is Less Spectacular Than You Probably Think

When State Department’s Victoria Nuland said US had spent $5 bn on ‘democracy promotion’ in Ukraine some commentators took that to mean that is how much was spent on regime change in Kiev

Actually $5 bn is the sum total of every US aid program to Ukraine over 25 years – most of these had nothing to do with politics or media

Also most of these did not benefit Ukrainians but merely US contractors


Tot slot een bericht van vandaag, dat te triest is voor woorden! Meisjes in Oekraïne verkopen zichzelf aan rijke olie-sheiks!

Ukrainian Girls Are Converting to Islam to Raise Money to Support Family in post-Maidan Ukraine

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  1. Boudine

    Oekraïne volgens Kleintje Muurkrant:

    Stropdassenleed (20)

    dinsdag 8 september 2015
    Geinig stel. President Porochoco en gouverneur Saakashvili. Net Peppie en Kokkie, maar dan op zijn Oekraïens. Poro staat bekend als een stevige zuiplap en Mikkel neemt kennelijk zijn toevlucht tot andere mindbenders om de spanningen het hoofd te bieden. Als je Nazi-financier Kolomoisky tenminste geloven mag. Naar aanleiding van een conflict met onze stropdassenvreter verklaarde de agressieve oligarch het volgende. Komt ie:

    “Ik geloof dat het weinig zin heeft om aan een smerige zware drugsverslaafde te vragen om met geld over de brug te komen zolang ie niet is afgekickt. Daarna zie ik hem wel in de rechtzaal. Saakashvili zegt dat ie twee ton per jaar verdient. Dus laat hem maar betalen voor het in discrediet brengen van mijn goeie naam en reputatie”.

    En daar bleef het niet bij. Wat dacht u hiervan? Komt ie nog eens:

    “Als een hond zonder muilkorf iemand bijt moet die hond worden gestraft. Maar nog belangrijker: zijn baas ook. In dit soort gevallen wordt de hond meestal afgemaakt. Maar in dit geval kunnen we hem beter naar Georgië terugsturen. Afrekenen aan de deur. Kunnen de mensen die hij gebeten heeft beslissen wat ze met hem moeten doen”.

    Heeft u ook het vermoeden dat Kolo iets dwars zit? Ja, wij ook. Maar wat had Mikkel dan gezegd? Nou, tijdens een interview voor de Oekraïense glazen tiet had ie eruit gekwakt dat de Oekraïense economie ernstige hinder ondervond van de veel te hoge vliegtarieven. Die werden in stand gehouden door de staatsinstantie voor het luchtverkeer en kwamen onderandere ten goede aan Kolomoisky’s luchtvaartmaatschappij. Met instemming van premier Yatsenyuk aka Yats. Blijkbaar vallen de ferme uitspraken van Mikkel, die van zijn vrouwtje heeft geleerd om worstelend boven te komen, in het putje van de eenvoudige Oekraïense burger. De petitie die de regering oproept om premier Yats over de vangrail te rammen en in zijn plaats Mikkel te benoemen is inmiddels de grens van 25.000 petitionista al ruim gepasseerd (1). Dat wil dus zeggen dat Porochoco en zijn junta zich op korte termijn over deze kwestie moeten buigen. En kijk er niet van op als Mikkel inderdaad op Yats zijn warme stoel wordt geïnstalleerd. Totale gekte. Maar met een flinke borrel en forse snuif merk je er niks van. Stay tuned.

  2. Boudine

    09.09.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

  3. Boudine

    CrossTalk: Kiev Infighting duurt 25 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 11 sep. 2015

    With military stalemate in the east of the country and the economy in serious depression, the regime in Kiev has had to face some very hard realities. And its very survival is in doubt. Losing on the battlefield and the economic front, the Kiev regime is turning in on itself.

    CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Michael Hudson and Rodney Shakespeare.

  4. Boudine

    CrossTalk: Ukraine’s Hard Choices duurt 25 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 18 sep. 2015

    In this pre-recorded edition, the debate focuses on the Kiev regime, which is stuck between a rock and a very hard place. With the Europeans and Russians pushing Ukrainians to implement the Minsk accords, there is growing evidence the Maidan political forces are turning against themselves in disarray. In fact, during the recording of this show, Kiev reversed its position on the expulsion of Western journalists. Meanwhile, NATO continues to target Russia. CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Alexander Mercouris, and Nebojsa Malic.

  5. mr.drs.Bou

    Oekraïne gaat vandaag een militaire “oefening” houden vlak bij de Krim. Als er iets “misgaat”, dan is dat de schuld van Rusland Poetin!

    BREAKING: New War in Europe Can Begin Today

  6. mr.drs.Bou

    Ukraine PROPHESY from 1998 – Top Russian Pol: US Totally Controls It (Zhirinovsky) duurt ruim 10 minuten.

    Gepubliceerd op 1 dec. 2016

    Zhirinovsky PROPHETIC speech about Ukraine in 1998: State Dept rules in anti-Russian Ukraine
    Translation and description courtesy of Zahinho

    In this video Zhirinovsky speaks about agreement of friendship and cooperation between RF and Ukraine. He tells not to sign it, and says what it will lead to. And, surprise surprise, he was right.
    Speech in Duma on: 25/12/1998
    CIS – Commonwealth of Independent States
    FO – Foreign Office
    MFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    US DoS – United Stated Department of State
    1. Petlyura and Makhno – are basically the people Ukraine has in its government now. That is, lawlessness, corruption, oppression, banditism, anarchy, chaos, etc, etc.
    2. Find our more about this agreement here:
    3. U (pronounced: oo, like for ex. when you say ‘’doom’’) – in Russian means near, close to, at. Krai – in Russian means – edge, brink, verge.
    4. Belorussia is Belarus. Belo – in Russian means white. It’s not like other Russians are black or anything, it’s just there is this saying, that a Belorussian is a Russian with quality stamp. White in this case represents some kind of purity. They are the same Russians. You can’t tell the difference between Russian and Belorussian. I can’t, at least.
    5. In case you don’t know what Helsinki Accords is, read more here:

  7. mr.drs.Bou

    Oekraine Maidanplein: revolutie of staatsgreep?

    Over de gebeurtenissen op het Maidan-plein ten tijde van de staatsgreep in Oekraïne doen veel verhalen de ronde. De voormalig president van het land Janoekovitsj heeft onlangs een boekje open gedaan over wat zich er heeft afgespeeld. Ook de ex-premier van Oekraïne heeft in de openbaarheid gebracht wat er gebeurd is. Wij belichten zijn visie, waarbij ook de rol van de EU ter sprake komt.


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