In de proxi-oorlog van de VS tegen Rusland, Iran en China is Yemen het nieuwste front. De machtige staten worden niet rechtstreeks aangevallen, maar middels een “burgeroorlog”, vorig jaar in Oekarïne en nu in Yemen. De schuld van de oorlog in Oekraïne wordt in de schoenen geschoven van Rusland, want Russisch sprekende separatisten kwamen in opstand tegen de door de VS geïnstalleerde junta in Kiev. De oorlog in Yemen is dan idem de schuld van het shi’itische Iran, want de shi’itische Houthies zijn in opstand gekomen tegen de door Saoedi-Arabië gesteunde Soennitische president.

Rond 22 april was er even een soort wapenstilstand, maar Saoedi-Arabië zette de bombardementen al snel voort. In de alternatieve media (op internet) verscheen een reeks van artikelen met achtergrond informatie.

US-backed Criminal Slaughter in Yemen Revealed

By Finian Cunningham

April 23, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “SCF” – Former UN envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar, has given an undiplomatic assessment of the crisis in that country, in which he rhetorically explodes Saudi myths «justifying» the US-backed aerial bombing campaign. The Moroccan diplomat told media at the weekend that the ongoing conflict was a direct result of Houthi rebels having been excluded from the political process last year.

Furthermore, Benomar went on to say unequivocally that during his tenure as UN envoy in Yemen he saw no evidence of Iranian involvement stirring the country’s strife.

That testimony debunks the Western media-contrived whitewash of the continuing Saudi slaughter in Yemen – a slaughter that is being aided and abetted, politically and militarily, by Washington.

Houthi Weapon Bonanza – a Gift From USA

By Gareth Porter

April 23, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “MEE” – As the Saudi bombing campaign against Houthi targets in Yemen continues, notwithstanding a temporary pause, the corporate media narrative about the conflict in Yemen is organised decisively around the idea that it is a proxy war between Iran on one side and the Saudis and United States on the other.

USA Today responded like Pavlov’s dog this week to a leak by Pentagon officials that it was sending the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt to the waters off Yemen, supposedly to intercept Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthis. It turned out that the warship was being sent primarily to symbolise US support for the Saudis, and the Pentagon made no mention of Iranian arms when it announced the move. But the story of the US navy intercepting Iranian arms was irresistible, because it fit so neatly into the larger theme of Iran arming and training the Houthis as its proxy military force in Yemen.

Yemen: Saudis To Arm “Popular Committees” (aka Al Qaeda)

By Moon Of Alabama

April 23, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – On the 17th Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula took a city, a military base, an oil terminal and an airport in south Yemen.

Military officials and residents said al-Qaida fighters clashed briefly with members of one of Yemen’s largest brigades outside Mukalla, the capital of Hadramawt province, which the militants overran earlier this month. The militants then seized control of Riyan airport and moved to secure their hold on the city’s main seaport, which is also an oil terminal.

The security officials, speaking from Sanaa on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the press, said the leaders of the brigade in charge of protecting the entire area fled.

Nasser Baqazouz, an activist in the city, said the troops guarding the airport put up little resistance to al-Qaida fighters.

Ook was er nieuws op YouTube, want de bombardementen zouden stoppen, maar gingen toch door.

Air strikes resume in Yemen

Gepubliceerd op 23 apr. 2015

The Saudi-led coalition says it has launched a new operation with the aim of restoring peace in Yemen, but so far there are no signs of a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Vall reports from Jizan, on the Saudi border with Yemen.

Voor de plaatselijke bevolking is er geen ontsnappen mogelijk. Voedsel, drinkwater en medicijnen raken op, huizen zijn gebombardeerd en er grijpt niemand in! Een humanitaire crisis in de maak. Buitenlanders wille weg, maar de VS helpt hen niet! De hulp moet komen van de Russen.

US citizens escape Yemen bombing aboard planes sent by Russia

Gepubliceerd op 23 apr. 2015

The US government said there is no plan for the evacuation of its citizens out of Yemen. And that’s been the message for several weeks now. A number of Americans though did manage to flee on-board planes organised and co-ordinated by the Russian embassy.

De manier waarop men in Rusland denkt over de oorlog in Yemen, verschilt ook nogal van de manier waarop deze oorlog nauwelijks aandacht krijgt in de westerse media. Overigens heeft Iran nu in de Verenigde Naties gevraagd om vredesbesprekingen. De “door Iran gesteunde rebellen” zijn dus ook een westerse improvisatie op de waarheid, oftewel nieuwspraak!

Yemen – what’s at stake. Nikolai Starikov duurt 17 minuten.

Het doel van de verwoesting van Yemen blijft onduidelijk. De enige die profiteert, is de wapenhandel! Het enige resultaat is een nog grotere chaos in het Midden Oosten, waar Irak, Syrië (en ook Libië) en nu Yemen in puin geschoten worden. Misschien is juist die chaos wel het doel van de VS!

CrossTalk: Destroying Yemen duurt 24 minuten.

Gepubliceerd op 22 apr. 2015

As Yemen is pulverized into oblivion, it remains unclear just exactly what Riyadh hopes to achieve in this war. Washington has tied itself to this conflict, but can’t control or explain it. Soon there won’t be much of Yemen left to make peace with.

De volgende documentaire geeft een goed overzicht van de achtergrond van de strijd in Yemen. De Hoethies, maar ook Al Qaida, vechten daar tegen een door Saoedi-Arabië gesteund gezag. De Hoethies en Al Qaida zijn in strijd met elkaar en ISIS is in opkomst! Het leger van Yemen is verdeeld, dus zwak. Een doel van ISIS is de omverwerping van de heersende koninklijke familie in Saoedi-Arabië en de “bevrijding” van Mekka. Kortom: een instant-recept voor chaos!

Frontline The Fight For Yemen Documentary 2015 duurt 54 minuten.

Gepubliceerd op 9 apr. 2015

Yemen is being torn apart by a toxic political crisis between a weak national government and a rebel movement known as the Houthis, who have taken over the capital of Sanaa and ousted the president. The resulting power vacuum has allowed extremists groups like Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS to expand their influence in the country.

Amid the escalating turmoil, a coalition of nations led by Saudi Arabia has launched a military campaign against the Houthi rebels, raising the odds that the fight for Yemen could soon spillover into a much larger regional and sectarian war.

So who is fighting who in Yemen, and what does each side in the increasingly complex battle stand for?

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7 Reacties op “Yemen, het nieuwe oorlogsfront”

  • Boudine:

    Yemeni minister says Iranians on the ground in Yemen

    Gepubliceerd op 30 apr. 2015

    As the war in Yemen drags on, the Houthis are proving to be a difficult foe for the Saudi-led coalition supporting President Hadi. The Yemeni government has said backing from Iran is giving them an edge, and an official says there is now proof the Iranians are on the ground. Al Jazeera’s Natasha Ghoneim reports.

    Houthi spokesman denies Iranian role in Yemen conflict

    Gepubliceerd op 30 apr. 2015

    Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, a spokesman for the Houthis told Al Jazeera, that the group was advancing across the country without the help of Iran or any other foreign actor.

  • Boudine:

    Wie bombardeert wie in het Midden Oosten?

    Who is Bombing Whom in the Middle East?

    By Robert Fisk

    May 03, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “The Independent” – Let me try to get this right. The Saudis are bombing Yemen because they fear the Shia Houthis are working for the Iranians. The Saudis are also bombing Isis in Iraq and the Isis in Syria. So are the United Arab Emirates. The Syrian government is bombing its enemies in Syria and the Iraqi government is also bombing its enemies in Iraq. America, France, Britain, Denmark, Holland, Australia and – believe it or not – Canada are bombing Isis in Syria and Isis in Iraq, partly on behalf of the Iraqi government (for which read Shia militias) but absolutely not on behalf of the Syrian government.

    The Jordanians and Saudis and Bahrainis are also bombing Isis in Syria and Iraq because they don’t like them, but the Jordanians are bombing Isis even more than the Saudis after their pilot-prisoner was burned to death in a cage. The Egyptians are bombing parts of Libya because a group of Christian Egyptians had their heads chopped off by what might – notionally – be the same so-called Islamic State, as Isis refers to itself. The Iranians have acknowledged bombing Isis in Iraq – of which the Americans (but not the Iraqi government) take a rather dim view. And of course the Israelis have several times bombed Syrian government forces in Syria but not Isis (an interesting choice, we’d all agree). Chocks away!

    The sectarian and theological nature of this war seems perfectly clear to all who live in the Middle East – albeit not to our American chums. The Sunni Saudis are bombing the Shia Yemenis and the Shia Iranians are bombing the Sunni Iraqis. The Sunni Egyptians are bombing Sunni Libyans, it’s true, and the Jordanian Sunnis are bombing Iraqi Sunnis. But the Shia-supported Syrian government forces are bombing their Sunni Syrian enemies and the Lebanese Hezbollah – Shia to a man – are fighting the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s Sunni enemies, along with Iranian Revolutionary Guards and an ever-larger number of Afghan Shia men in Syrian uniforms.

  • Boudine:

    Let Us Help The Yemeni People!

    A Message From Caleb Maupin Onboard the “Iran Shahed” Rescue Ship in the Persian Gulf

    By Caleb Maupin

    May 14, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – I have just heard what the US officials have said, and I must say that I and all the other peace activists aboard the Iran Shahed are filled with burning outrage.

    Why should we drop the goods in Djibouti and let the United Nations deliver them for us? Why should we trust the United Nations, which has stood by and allowed the Saudi military to destroy Yemen and slaughter thousands of innocent people? Why should we specifically trust the United Nations Relief Works Agency, which has a history of disgusting scandals, mismanaging assistance to those in need? The United Nations cannot be trusted.

    This ship not only contains water, flour, and medical supplies, but also 50 passengers including myself. Among us are 3 general surgeons, 2 anesthesiologists, 4 general physicians, the technicians of an
    operating theater, and the technicians of anesthesia. The entire population of this ship aside from the peace activists, the crew, and a few Iranian journalists, are medical volunteers.

    These men are very devout muslims, moved by their faith to “help the oppressed” as they have been instructed by important figures in the history of their religion. They don’t want to go to Djibouti, they
    want to go to Yemen and begin to treat the injuries of men, women, and children who are facing horrific atrocities at the hands of the Saudi criminals and their Wall Street masters.

    These Iranian men are not ignorant of what is going on, like the US public is. The media in the United States and Western Europe has largely ignored and mischaracterized what is taking place in Yemen.
    They have tried to pass it off as a “proxy war” or religious conflict.

    For weeks the Saudi regime has been committing horrific war crimes in Yemen. The day before we departed it was reported that the Saudis bombed a school full of innocent Yemeni children. The United Nations Security Council, the International Criminal Court, and all of the major bodies supposedly responsible for keeping peace have sat back and allowed these horrific crimes to take place. The United States has supported the Saudi attack.

    Yet, now the United States is bombastically ordering Iran not to send a boat full of doctors, medical professionals, water, flour, and medicine to those in need.

  • Boudine:

    Islamitische Staat binnenkort ontbonden?

    English farsnews liet afgelopen week weten dat een Jemenitische hackersgroep zich toegang verschaft heeft tot 3000 computers van het ministerie van binnenlandse zaken, buitenlandse zaken en defensie van Saoedi Arabië. ( MOFA ).

    De hackers zeggen dat ze buiten e-mails, persoonlijke en geheime informatie van diplomaten in hun bezit hebben gekregen. Niet alleen van SA diplomaten maar ook van spionnen, veiligheidsdiensten en uitvoerders hiervan, legerpersoneel en honderdduizenden geheime documenten van het ministerie van buitenlandse zaken, top geheime documenten en correspondentie van senior Riyad officials met andere landen en overheden vanaf 1980.

    De hackers gaan beetje bij beetje deze documenten vrijgeven en zullen dit als pressiemiddel gebruiken om Saoedi Arabië ( SA ) te dwingen te stoppen met de bombardementen en de bemoeienissen in Binnenlandse zaken van Jemen.

    Om te bewijzen dat ze daadwerkelijk deze gegevens in hun bezit hebben zijn de eerste documenten, die elk afzonderlijk aan te clicken zijn, vandaag al vrijgegeven.

    Geheime documenten Saoedi Arabie.

  • Boudine:

    Uit Yemen komen de meest vreselijke beelden! De bevolking wordt meedogenloos gebombardeerd door Saoedi Arabië, uiteraard met Amerikaanse wapens. Qui bono? Drie korte reportages, eind augustus 2015:

    War without mercy on Yemen: the Saudi-US Massacres continue (ENG subtitles)

  • Boudine:

    Yemenis seek refuge in northern Somalia

  • Boudine:

    Deadliest ever attack in Yemen: At least 131 killed as airstrike hits wedding party duurt 13 minuten.

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