Libanon telt nu ongeveer anderhalf miljoen vluchtelingen uit Syrië. Libanon is geen rijk land, het heeft geen geld om de vluchtelingen op te vangen. De meeste vluchtelingen leven er niet in kampen, maar zorgen zelf voor hun huisvesting. Daarvoor moeten ze huur betalen! Zelfs voor een tent op het land van een boer wordt huur gevraagd! Daarbij is het moeilijk om werk te vinden, want ook de arbeidsmarkt kan zoveel mensen niet opvangen. De grootste slachtoffers zijn de kinderen, die opgroeien in erbarmelijke omstandigheden, moeten werken en niet naar school kunnen.

Zo gaat het nu al jaren! Heb even wat artikelen als achtergrondinformatie:

Swollen With Syrian Refugees, Lebanon Feels Its Stitching Fray


QAA, Lebanon — Quietly but inexorably, a human tide has crept into Lebanon, Syria’s smallest and most vulnerable neighbor.

As Syrians fleeing civil war pour over the border, the village priest here, Elian Nasrallah, trudges through muddy fields to deliver blankets. His family runs a medical clinic for refugees. When Christian villagers fret about the flood of Sunni Muslims, he replies that welcoming them is “the real Christianity.”

But the priest and his parishioners cannot keep up. The United Nations counts more than 305,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon, but local officials and aid workers say the actual number is about 400,000, saturating this country of four million.

One Million Refugees Flee Syrian War to Lebanon
By Reuters 4/3/14 at 12:10 PM

School-aged refugees eclipse the number of Lebanese children in the country’s state schools, the UN says, and 2,500 new refugees are registered every day.

“The extent of the human tragedy is not just the recitation of numbers,” UNHCR representative Ninette Kelley told reporters in Tripoli. “Each one of these numbers represents a human life who … have lost their homes, their family members, their sense of future.”

Syrians have also fled to Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt, and the official total of 2.6 million refugees – which understates the scale of the exodus – means Syrians will soon overtake Afghans as the world’s biggest refugee population.

Syrian refugees in Libanon

While Lebanese officials attempt to maintain a principle of non-intervention in Syrian affairs to avoid a spillover of conflict, Lebanese NGOs have filled the gap, according to Professor Hala Naufal, author of a MPC study on Syrian refugees. Unlike Jordan, Iraq and Turkey, there are no refugee camps in Lebanon. Various factions in Lebanese government have refused to set up camps, worried about the signals it could send to the Syrian government. Instead, about half of the refugees live in rented housing, while the other half are in nomadic camps or hosted by families or local communities. Only in January 2013 did the Lebanese cabinet vote to start registering refugees.

A day in the life: Syrian refugees in Lebanon

As dawn breaks over the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, Fatima Ibrahim, her two boys and three girls start to stir. They live in a tent in one of the many makeshift Syrian refugee settlements that pockmark the countryside.

Lebanon is home to a million Syrian refugees, more than any other nation. And Bekaa is home to 400,000 of those, more than anywhere else in the country.

Children in neighbouring tents emerge to feed the goats or the chickens. In between rope lines and plastic sheeting, women begin to bake flat bread on the back of large round pots, heated underneath by small fires.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon: The Mattar family

Countless stories have emerged to highlight the discriminatory measures taken against Syrian refugees, the imposition of curfews, poor housing, physical and verbal attacks by local communities, and a lack of adequate aid from non-governmental organisations.

The long-term effects of their plight, meanwhile, are slowly emerging. Thousands of children are not attending school, paving the way for an illiterate generation.

Families are unsure of when, or if, they will ever be able to return to Syria, forcing them to look at Lebanon as their permanent home despite having very limited rights.

At the same time, the Lebanese are getting frustrated with the strain that 1.5 million refugees are putting on their economy and infrastructure, escalating tensions between the two communities.

Een klein, arm land met 4 miljoen inwoners en 1,5 miljoen vluchtelingen! En dat alles omdat de VS heeft besloten dat president Assad weg moet. De volgende documentaire gaat over een Syrisch gezin met 7 kinderen dat vroeger een boerderij bezat, maar is gevlucht naar Libanon. Het verhaal is schrijnend!

Gepubliceerd op 15 mrt. 2015

The war in Syria forced millions of civilians to flee their homes. Many of them crossed the border into Lebanon. But even though they are out of the war zone, they have to fight for their lives more than ever. They often live in unsafe accommodations, they have limited access to medicine and their children have to be their families’ main breadwinners. Now all they dream of is returning to their homeland.

Generation Standstill (RT Documentary) duurt 52 minuten.

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