Om te beginnen wil ik u allen een gelukkig nieuwjaar wensen. Moge 2015 een jaar van voorspoed worden, een jaar van vrede, vriendschap, liefde en geluk. Het jaar begon zoals gewoonlijk met vuurwerk, een vrij onschuldig en oogverblindend volksvermaak. Helaas wil het nogal eens knallen, zodat het verschil tussen oorlog en vrede wegvalt. Daarom was vuurwerk dit jaar in Kiev verboden! De fascisten vierden oud en nieuw daar met een fakkeloptocht ter ere van Stephan Bandera, een massamoordenaar uit de Hitler-tijd. In de nieuwe en nog niet erkende staat Novorossiya werd het nieuwe jaar wel ingeluid met vuurwerk! Hopelijk blijft het daarbij.

New Year fireworks in Donetsk 01.01.2015

Kyiv New Year Firework Ban: Festive explosives prohibited amid east Ukraine conflict

Thousands of ultra-nationalists march in Kiev honoring Stepan Bandera

Breathtaking New Year Fireworks: France, Brazil, Turkey & Hong Kong welcome 2015

New Year Extravaganza: London, New York celebrate 2015 with a bang

U.S. is PREPARING for Something Big – Civil War, Coming WW3, Collapse of America? duurt 12 minuten.
Gepubliceerd op 23 dec. 2014

Stop Kidding Yourself: The Police Were Created to Control Working Class and Poor People

By Sam Mitrani

December 31, 2014 “ICH” – “LAWCHA” – – In most of the liberal discussions of the recent police killings of unarmed black men, there is an underlying assumption that the police are supposed to protect and serve the population. That is, after all, what they were created to do.
The police were not created to protect and serve the population. They were not created to stop crime, at least not as most people understand it. And they were certainly not created to promote justice. They were created to protect the new form of wage-labor capitalism that emerged in the mid to late nineteenth century from the threat posed by that system’s offspring, the working class.

Keiser Report: Big Kaputski of 2015 duurt 25 minuten.

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    Charlie Brooker’s Wipe 2014 – Adam Curtis

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    2015 Will Be All About Iran, China and Russia

    By Pepe Escobar

    January 02, 2015 “ICH” – “Sputnik” – – BEIJING, December 31 (Sputnik) — Fasten your seatbelts; 2015 will be a whirlwind pitting China, Russia and Iran against what I have described as the Empire of Chaos.

    So yes – it will be all about further moves towards the integration of Eurasia as the US is progressively squeezed out of Eurasia. We will see a complex geostrategic interplay progressively undermining the hegemony of the US dollar as a reserve currency and, most of all, the petrodollar.

    For all the immense challenges the Chinese face, all over Beijing it’s easy to detect unmistakable signs of a self-assured, self-confident, fully emerged commercial superpower. President Xi Jinping and the current leadership will keep investing heavily in the urbanization drive and the fight against corruption, including at the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Internationally, the Chinese will accelerate their overwhelming push for new ‘Silk Roads’ – both overland and maritime – which will underpin the long-term Chinese master strategy of unifying Eurasia with trade and commerce.

    Global oil prices are bound to remain low. All bets are off on whether a nuclear deal will be reached by this summer between Iran and the P5+1. If sanctions (actually economic war) against Iran remain and continue to seriously hurt its economy, Tehran’s reaction will be firm, and will include even more integration with Asia, not the West.

    No matter how it was engineered, the fact that stands is that the current financial/strategic oil price collapse is a direct attack against (who else?) Iran and Russia.

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    CrossTalk: Welcome 2015 duurt 25 minuten.

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