Kerstmis in Yellowstone Park

Some people go to winter sports around the holidays, others dine with their mother-in-law, but around this time of the year many people are just waiting at home a little bit until it’s over! Loneliness takes on grotesque forms these days. Today I want to take these people to a unique winter sport: Christmas in Yellowstone Park. This nature reserve is on top of a gigantic volcano ! In winter it snows, but hot water sources spout their steam in the ice-cold air. This steam freezes and the result is an enchanting landscape in which all kinds of wild animals seek their food.

In this documentary, a photographer plays along with his camera defying the snow and the cold wind for days on end. What we do not get to see is the film crew who made this wonderful documentary. If Yellowstone ever erupts, then it is done with this beautiful nature. All that remains is a disaster movie !

Christmas in Yellowstone Nature Documentary lasts 51 minutes.

In the Yellowstone Park animals that are not welcome everywhere else, live because of the “civilization”. The bison and deer that once populated the prairies are virtually extinct, but they are still free to walk around in Yellowstone Park. The wolves and Grizzly bears still live in the wild. For the lovers of this nature the following documentaries are meant.

Nat Geo Wild 2014 “Yellowstone She Wolf” takes 44 minutes.

Grizzly Bears and Wolves or Yellowstone Full Documentary takes 44 minutes.

This video does not work anymore. However, he is on YouTube many times. Link yourself and search for the video with the highest resolution. Magnificent!

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