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Gelukkig nieuwjaar en welkom in 20013.

Just Begun – Happy New Year

RSA Animate: The Truth About Dishonesty

U.S. Government Redistributes Wealth… to the Rich

By Matt Bewig

December 25, 2012 “AllGov” — For about thirty years now, the federal government has been implementing policies that take tax dollars from middle class Americans and give them to the rich, supposedly as a way to spur economic growth. Although Americans actually want greater economic equality, the net effect has been to redistribute wealth to the rich and create the most unequal developed society on earth.

According to a series of reports by Reuters, since 1989 inequality has risen all across the U.S. to levels not seen since before the Great Depression:

• Inequality has increased in every state except Mississippi, which is the poorest state in the Union;

• The poverty rate increased in 43 states;

• In 28 states inequality and poverty rose while median income fell;

• In every state, the richest 20% of households far outpaced the income gains of any other quintile;

• Income for the median household fell in 28 states.

Ending Poverty duurt 20 minuten.

RSA Animate – The Power of Outrospection

Down and out in Paris and London

Goede voornemens:
Geef elke dag iets weg, want de economie draait veel beter met liefde en zonder geld, en bid daarbij in de naam van de moeder en de dochter en het heilig bloed. Dat is een kwestie van erfrecht, ook dat gaat over geld!

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