Wie gisteravond op de TV wat nieuwsberichten heeft gevolgd, zal zeker zijn geconfronteerd met het Daraya bloedbad. Gruwelijke beelden, graphic images, meer dan 200 doden, onschuldige burgers, waaronder vrouwen en kinderen, gedood door snipers, of van zeer nabij. En dat alles zou volgens “Syrische activisten” zijn aangericht door het Syrische leger. Na het Houla bloedbad en het Tremseh bloedbad is dit zo déjà vu! Het nieuws is afkomstig van de Allah Akbar hooligans en wordt door de Westerse media kritiekloos overgenomen. Over enige dagen zal wel weer blijken dat het niet klopt, maar dat is dan niet langer relevant. Heb even een overzicht van de propaganda:

Syrian American Council: Massacre in Daraya Marks Bloodiest Day of Syrian Revolution

CNN: Killings near Damascus prompt world outrage

Al Arabia: U.N. chief condemns Daraya massacre; France says buffer zones in Syria ‘possible’

Al Jazeera: Syria accused of ‘massacre’ near Damascus

Opposition claims more than 200 bodies found in Daraya, alleging victims killed “execution-style” in government raids.

‘Odious massacre’

Ant-government fighters issued a video on YouTube entitled “Massacre at the Abu Sleiman Addarani Mosque in Daraya” showing dozens of bodies lined up in dimly lit rooms.

“An odious massacre committed by the gangs of the Assad regime in the Abu Sleiman Addarani Mosque. More than 150 innocent martyrs fell in a brutal campaign by the criminal gangs against the city,” said the commentary with the video, whose authenticity could not be verified. State television said Daraya, a mainly Sunni Muslim town of some 200,000 people, was being “purified of terrorist remnants”.

Anti-government activists said that many of the bodies showed evidence of having been shot by snipers, while others appeared to have been shot at close range.

They said that the army had killed the people “execution-style” in house-to-house raids.

Russia Today: Ban Ki-moon urges immediate investigation into ‘Daraya massacre’ (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The UN Secretary General has condemned “the appalling and brutal crime” in the town of Daraya, calling for an inquest into the reported killing of more than 300 people over the weekend. Neither side fighting in Syria has claimed responsibility.

­A handheld camera pans the streets of Daraya, a quiet suburb of the capital Damascus. All it sees are bodies – men, women, children; all dead, covered in blood. Some evidently tried to protect loved ones, with their bodies shielding those of their relatives. Others look like they faced a firing squad, with a sense of terror gripping anyone watching the never-ending lines of murdered Syrian civilians.

A blame game has already started as to who actually committed the atrocity.

Russia Today: Timely Massacre? ‘Aim to make Russia & China change stance on Syria’

Zo kunnen we nog wel even doorgaan, maar de waarheid zal pas dagen of weken later blijken en die komt dan niet of nauwelijks in het nieuws. Dan zal blijken dat het Syrische leger niet bestaat uit “snipers” en dat zij evenmin onschuldige mannen, vrouwen en kinderen van nabij afschieten. Het leger heeft slechts de orde willen herstellen in een buitenwijk van Damascus die was bezet door de gewapende huurlingen van Al Qaida en andere terroristen die worden gesteund door de NATO (het “vrije Westen”) en die worden betaald door de dictatoriale regimes van Saoedi-Arabië en Qatar.

Reacties met updates zijn zeer welkom!

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14 Reacties op “Syrië update: het Daraya bloedbad is déjà vu”

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    America ready to attack Syria?

    Gepubliceerd op 29 aug 2012 door RTAmerica

    As the bloodshed continues in Syria and civil war grips the country, the US is considering taking military action – President Obama has already put pressure on Assad to leave power. However, the mainstream media is neglecting the subject so you viewers wouldn’t know that the US is on the brink of a new military conflict. Russ Baker of and author of the book “Family of Secrets” joins RT’s Liz Wahl to discuss the matter.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    War – America’s number one export? US arm sales triple in one year

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Robert Fisk heeft een kijkje kunnen nemen in Daraya. En inderdaad: de talloze doden blijken slachtoffers van de Allah Akbar huurlingen van het zogenaamde Free Syrian Army! En dat kwam natuurlijk niet op het dagelijkse NOS-journaal…

    Inside Daraya – How a Failed Prisoner Swap Turned Into a Massacre

    Exclusive: The first Western journalist to enter the town that felt Assad’s fury hears witness accounts of Syria’s bloodiest episode

    By Robert Fisk

    August 30, 2012 “The Independent” – – The massacre town of Daraya is a place of ghosts and questions. It echoed to the roar of mortar explosions and the crackle of gunfire yesterday, its few returning citizens talking of death and assault, of foreign ‘terrorists’, its cemetery of slaughter haunted by snipers. But the men and women to whom we could talk, two of whom had lost their loved ones on Daraya’s day of infamy four days ago, told a story quite different from the popular version that has gone round the world: theirs was a tale of hostage-taking by the Free Syria Army and desperate prisoner-exchange negotiations between the armed opponents of the regime and the Syrian army, before Bashar al-Assad’s government decided to storm into the town and seize it back from rebel control.

    Officially, no word of such talks between sworn enemies has leaked out. But senior Syrian officers spoke to The Independent about how they had “exhausted all possibilities of reconciliation” with those holding the town, while citizens of Daraya told us that there had been an attempt by both sides to arrange a swap of civilians and off-duty soldiers in the town – apparently kidnapped by rebels because of their family connections with the government army – with prisoners in the army’s custody. When these talks broke down, the army advanced into Daraya, only six miles from the centre of Damascus.

    Being the first western eyewitness into the town yesterday was as frustrating as it was dangerous. The bodies of men, women and children had, of course, been moved from the cemetery where many of them were found; and when we arrived in the company of Syrian troops at the Sunni Muslim graveyard – divided by the main road through Daraya – snipers opened fire at the soldiers, hitting the back of the ancient armoured vehicle in which we made our escape. Yet we could talk to civilians out of earshot of Syrian officials – in two cases in the security of their own homes – and their narrative of last Saturday’s mass killing of 245 men, women and children suggested that the atrocities were far more widespread than supposed.

    One woman who gave her name as Leena said that she was travelling through the town in a car and saw at least ten male bodies lying on the road near her home. “We carried on driving past, we did not dare to stop, we just saw these bodies in the street.” She said Syrian troops had not yet entered Daraya.

    Another man said that although he had not seen the dead in the graveyard, he believed that most were related to the government army and included several off-duty conscripts. “One of the dead was a postman – they included him because he was a government worker,” the man said.

    If these stories are true, then the armed men – wearing hoods, according to another woman, who described how they broke into her home and how she kissed them in a fearful attempt to prevent them shooting her own family – were armed insurgents rather than Syrian troops.

    Lees verder…

    Ook is het nu overduidelijk dat de huurlingen gesteund worden door de VS, die geen vrede wil in het Midden Oosten, maar chaos, bloedbaden en burgeroorlogen. Dat is goed voor de wapenhandel, dus goed voor de Amerikaanse economie…

    “Bashar must die!”

    The Brahimi Plan

    By Thierry Meyssan

    August 30, 2012 “Information Clearing House” – In the aftermath of the second Russian-Chinese veto which formally prohibited foreign intervention in Syria on February 4, the West feigned seeking peace while actively organizing a vast secret war. On the diplomatic front, they appeared to accept the Lavrov-Annan Plan, even as these same countries were facilitating the movement into Syria of tens of thousands of mercenaries and while UN Observers were escorting the leaders of the Free Syrian Army to get them through the roadblocks.

    The July 18th attack that decapitated the Syrian military command was intended to open the gates of Damascus for these Contras as part of the West’s pursuit of “regime change.” This did not happen. Given the failure of these forces on the ground, and in open contempt of the third Russian-Chinese veto, the Western allies took things to the next level. Not being able to accomplish “regime change”, the strategic choice is to sew chaos. They therefore sabotaged the Lavrov-Annan Plan and proclaimed their intention to assassinate President Bashar al-Assad. The speeches of Obama and Hollande, both of which delivered sharp ultimatums on Assad’s hypothetical first-use of chemical weapons (in ways flagrantly reminiscent of the Bush Administration’s lies about Iraq) confirm that all forms of war are in play.

    The latest operation commenced with organized leaks by the press. Reuters [1], NBC [2], Le Parisien [3], Le Canard Enchaîné [4], The Sunday Times [5], and Bild am Sonntag [6] revealed that Barack Obama had authorized covert military intervention months before and that the U.S., Turkey, France, Britain and Germany were acting in concert. The press announced that the secret war had been coordinated from headquarters established at the NATO base in Incirlik, Turkey.

    When the U.S. presidential order was revealed, Kofi Annan resigned from his mission.

    Lees verder…

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Western Commando’s Tasked to Disable Syria’s Anti Aircraft Missiles – Ziad Fadel

    Gepubliceerd op 29 aug 2012 door 108morris108

    Ziad Fadel, a Lawyer and Political Commentator suggests it is time to ask for Russian Troops as a counter measure to NATO’s forces.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Anglo-American 1957 Secret Plan to Assassinate the Syrian President. Déjà Vu?

    At a time when the British press was still “reporting the truth”, London’s Guardian (27 September 2003) published a detailed report of a 1957 Anglo-American assassination plot directed against the Syrian president, with a view to implementing “regime change”. The similarity to today’s war on Syria is striking.

    What is revealing is that the political assassination of the Syrian president has been on the Anglo-American drawing board for over half a century.

    The article, which reviews the text of the leaked ‘Secret Document”, confirms that British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and President Dwight D. Eisenhower had ordered the assassination of the Syrian Head of State.

    “Macmillan backed Syria assassination plot

    Documents show White House and No 10 conspired over oil-fuelled invasion plan”

    To consult the complete article by Ben Fenton, The Guardian, 27 September 2003 click here

    The stated objective of this Secret Plan, entrusted to Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) [today’s MI6] and the CIA, consisted in assassinating the Syrian president together with key political and military figures. “Mr Macmillan and President Eisenhower were left in no doubt about the need to assassinate the top men in Damascus.”

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Voor een goede update van de situatie in Syrië kan men terecht bij de Nederlandse website Iraans en Syrisch nieuws.

    Ja’afari onthult de ware Politieke Motieven achter de Humanitaire Leugens van het Westen en Golfstaten

    Op 30 augustus 2012 was er een bijeenkomst van de VN Veiligheidsraad over Syrië. In deze door Frankrijk georganiseerde bijeenkomst werd de nadruk gelegd op de humanitaire aspecten van de Syrische crisis. Vertegenwoordigers van de aangrenzende landen waren ook aanwezig om te vertellen over de vluchtelingen uit Syrië.

    Zoals te verwachten kwamen er van de NAVO-landen scherpe propagandistische praatjes over hoe verschrikkelijk Bashar al-Assad toch wel niet is waarbij menigeen ook nog eens meende te moeten kunnen bepalen dat de president moest opstappen.

    Waarschijnlijk tot grote teleurstelling van landen als de Verenigde Staten, Groot-Brittannië, Frankrijk, Duitsland en Portugal werden andere landen van de veiligheidsraad steeds duidelijker in hun afkeur van de agressieve politiek van de NAVO-landen. Zo spraken niet alleen Rusland en China zich duidelijk uit tegen de lijn van de NAVO, maar ook India, Pakistan en Zuid-Afrika waren duidelijk voor de oplossing die was overeengekomen in het verdrag van Genève.

    In dat document van Genève staat dat de ondertekenaars hun best zullen doenen om de strijdende partijen aan de onderhandelingstafel te brengen. De NAVO-landen samen met hun a-democratische bondgenoten uit de golfstaten hebben echter geen enkele poging ondernomen om het Vrije Syrische Leger tot een dialoog te brengen.

    Integendeel zelfs: zij hebben eerder alles in het werk gesteld om het Vrije Syrische Leger te ondersteunen in hun gewapende strijd via wapenleveranties, het aanleveren van informatie van geheime diensten, het aanbieden van satelliettelefoons, het praten over het instellen van een no-fly zone of ‘humanitaire’ bufferzones in Syrië, het verzamelen van extremistische strijders uit allerlei landen en het trainen van gewapende milities op bijvoorbeeld Turkse bodem. Daarnaast wordt het Syrische volk danig onder druk gezet door een groot pakket aan sancties buiten de VN om door de NAVO-landen. Dat is de humanitaire bijdrage van de Westerse landen.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Saved to Struggle: ‘Slow death’ for Syria refugees in Jordan camp

    No-fly zone over Syria ‘not ruled out’ by France, UK

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    The “Red Line” in Syria
    Gepubliceerd op 29 aug 2012 door GlobalResearchTV

    Over the course of the Syrian crisis, a number of events have been used to portray Assad as a genocidal madman and military intervention as a necessary step. As things come to a head in the terrorist-torn nation, the lies, half-truths and exaggerations behind this “red line” thesis are gradually being exposed.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Syria’s Road from Jihad to Prison

    For the first time, a Western journalist has been granted access to Assad’s military prisoners

    By Robert Fisk

    September 02, 2012 “The Independent” – – They came into the room one by one, heads bowed, wrists crossed in front of them as if they were used to wearing handcuffs. In one of Syria’s most feared military prisons, they told their extraordinary story of helping the armed opponents of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. One was French-Algerian, a small, stooped man in his forties with a long beard; another Turkish, with what looked like a black eye, who spoke of his training at a Taliban camp on the Afghan-Pakistan border. A Syrian prisoner described helping two suicide bombers set off a bloody explosion in central Damascus, while a mufti spoke of his vain efforts to unite the warring factions against the Syrian government.

    Given the unprecedented nature of our access to the high-security Syrian prison, our meetings with the four men – their jailers had other inmates for us to interview – were a chilling, sobering experience. Two gave unmistakable hints of brutal treatment after their first arrest. It took 10 minutes to persuade the prison’s military governor – a grey-haired, middle-aged general in military fatigues – and his shirt-sleeved intelligence officer to leave the room during our conversations. Incredibly, they abandoned their office so that we could speak alone to their captives. We refused later requests by the Syrian authorities for access to our tapes of the interviews.

    “Remodeling of the Greater Middle East.”

    France’s Foreign Policy Breakdown

    By Thierry Meyssan

    September 02, 2012 “Information Clearing House” – The new French president, François Hollande, outlined his vision of international relations and foreign policy for his country on the occasion of the twentieth conference of French ambassadors. His speech was highly anticipated because he had never expressed himself on these issues, his experience being limited to the Socialist Party leadership and internal affairs.

    Unexpectedly, he presented a synthesis of two currents within his party: on the one hand, the pro-US opportunists surrounding the former Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine and, on the other, the totally Atlantist and Zionist ideologues around the current finance minister, Pierre Moscovici.

    Since the two groups do not share the same analysis, synthesis is reduced to a few points of consensus: the logic of blocs has vanished with the Soviet Union: the world has become unstable and needs to be regulated by international institutions; the Arab springs (with an “s”) confirm that the momentum of history is oriented toward the spread of the Western political model. Therefore, French influence can develop in two ways. First, by playing in all circumstances the role of mediator, Paris can use its flexibility to host international institutions despite the refusal of the Russians and Chinese to play the game according to the rules laid down by the United States. Then Paris can count on the Francophonie [1] to enjoy a natural sphere of influence.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    West seeks destruction of Syrian nation: Chossudovsky

    ‘West “adventure” in Syria may backfire in face of the world by WW3’

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Op Mediawerkgroep Syrië staat de vertaling van een prima artikel van Finian Cunningham:

    Syrië overgeleverd aan westerse ‘ministers van Terrorisme’

    Echt een MUST READ !!!

    Na de walgelijke verkrachting van Libië is de strategie in elk geval volledig doorzichtig.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    ingekomen e-mail:

    Manifestatie tegen de Vijanden van Syrië in Den Haag op 15 september 2012:
    Manifestatie Syrië / Manifestation Syrie / Demonstration Syria – 15.09.2012 Den Haag / La Haye / The Hague

    Bijeenkomst tegen de Vijanden van Syrië in Den Haag op 20 september 2012:

    Op 20 september 2012 is er de bijeenkomst van deze groep in Den Haag. Wij verzetten ons vreedzaam nabij het Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel aan het Gevers Deynootplein 30 te 2586 Scheveningen. Meer informatie volgt…

    Manifestatie tegen imperialistische oorlogspolitiek van het Westen tegenover Syrië op 25 september om 18 uur in Brussel:

    Stop à l’intervention occidentale en Syrie: manifestation Bruxelles, le 25/09/2012 à 18h / Manifestatie tegen een westerse interventie in Syrië op 25/09/2012 om 18 uur

    Petitie omdat de Mediawerkgroep Syrië het Palestijnse volk blijft steunen:

    Teken de petitie! EU-Israël ACAA: uitbuiting van de Palestijnse bevolking, niet in mijn naam

    Lees ook de nieuwe artikels op onze blog:

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    The Times: Largest Shipload of Libyan Weapons Heading to Armed Groups in Syria

    LONDON, (SANA)- The British newspaper The Times revealed that a largest shipment of weapons has arrived in Turkey to be delivered to the armed groups in Syria.

    “A Libyan ship carrying the largest consignment of weapons for Syria…has docked in Turkey,” said The Times in an article published on Friday.

    The article’s writer, Sheera Frenkel, said most of the Libyan ship’s cargo is making its way to the armed terrorist groups inside Syria.

    Quoting a member of the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’, who called himself Abu Mohammad, the article said the over 400 ton cargo included “SAM-7 surface-to-air anti-craft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs).”

    Abu Mohammad, who told The Times that he “helped to move the shipment from warehouses to the border” said “this is the largest single delivery of assistance” the gunmen have so far received.

    The article said the Libyan ship, which is called ‘The Intisaar’ (victory), is berthed at the Turkish port of Iskenderun and had been given “papers stamped by the port authority by the ship’s captain, Omar Mousaeeb.”

    The article pointed out that Mousaeeb is “a Libyan from Benghazi and the head of an organization called the Libyan National Council for Relief and Support,” which is delivering supplies to the armed groups in Syria.

    Mouaseeb ascribed the defeats of these groups in Syria to the lack of weapons, adding however that “we now see there is even more they need.”

    MR Aleppo in a Warzone Sept 14 – Voice Over Only

    Gepubliceerd op 14 sep 2012 door 108morris108

    Constant Battles and FSA reinforcements from Turkey
    With no internet now – only a telephone report was possible
    Some weapons being given out by Army
    People stock piling Food
    And a fast maturing of the young population

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