In Syrië gaat de strijd nog altijd door en het is alsmaar meer van hetzelfde. Na het bloedbad in Houla, is er nu het bloedbad van Tremseh. In dat dorp werden volgens het Free Syrian Army op 12 juli 2012 minstens 250 burgers gedood door het Syrische leger, de zogenaamde troepen van de dictator Assad. De beelden op YouTube zijn gruwelijk en gaan gepaard met een luid Allah Akbar. De BBC brengt het nieuws lekker vet en de internationale verontwaardiging is groot, maar de waarheid is anders…

Hundreds Killed in Tremseh Massacre in Syria [Warning: Extremely Graphic]

This footage, complied from videos uploaded by Syrian democracy activists on July 12-13, depicts the aftermath of a massacre in the Syrian village of al-Treimseh in the Hama countryside. Over 200 Syrian civilians are believed to have been killed by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad. Many of the corpses appear to have been set on fire.

Syria denies Tremseh massacre claim

‘Syrian rebels create mayhem to blame it on Assad regime’
Gepubliceerd op 13 jul 2012 door RussiaToday

Moscow says those behind the latest massacre in Syria want to unleash sectarian violence and ignite full civil war. Over two hundred people are believed to have been killed in the central province of Hama. Both government and rebel forces blame each other for the slaughter – while the UN remains paralysed on whether to extend its observer mission, or impose sanctions. RT talks to author and Middle East expert Tariq Ali who joins me now from London.

Information Clearing House:

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Syria
Syrian “Civilian Massacre” Story Falls Apart

By Alex Newman

Yet another alleged “massacre” of “civilians” by the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s forces. As has become typical, Western governments and mainstream media outlets – the New York Times, the BBC, and others included – parroted anonymous “opposition activists” for the claims.

Hillary Clinton Is Today’s Joseph Goebbels
Latest Syria “Massacre” – Goebbelsesque Propaganda

By Tony Cartalucci

What the Western corporate-media is actually reporting is terrorist forces being defeated by the Syrian military in violence growing SOLELY because the West continues to funnel cash, increasingly advanced arms, and even foreign fighters into the country.

New Massacre Blame Game in Syria

Volg voor een lijst van andere artikelen de link naar Information Clearing House!

Both government and rebel forces are blaming each other for the slaughter – while the world body remains paralyzed on whether to extend its observer mission, or impose sanctions. Maria Finoshina reports.

Covering Syria: The Information War
By Aisling Byrne

What we are seeing is a new stage of information war intentionally constructed and cast as a simplistic narrative of a struggle for human rights and democracy so as deliberately to exclude other interpretations and any geo-strategic motivation.

Where Syrian Fighters Get Their Weapons From
By Reuters

Syrian rebels are smuggling small arms into Syria through a network of land and sea routes involving cargo ships and trucks moving through Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq.

Israel Invents Syrian WMD Threat, IDF Commanders Threaten Intervention
By Richard Silverstein

The latest series of stories derives from U.S. and Israeli intelligence circles and suggests that Syria has a “vast stockpile” (Wall Street Journal) or “hundreds of tons” (Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News) of chemical weapons that could fall into the hands of Al Qaeda.

Syrian Rebels Aim To Use Chemical Weapons, Blame Damascus

The armed Syrian opposition has got their hands on chemical weapons, which they acquired from Libya, a media report claims.

Defected Syrian Ambassador Admits Role in Killing US Troops

By Tony Cartalucci

In Telegraph interview, Western-coddled Nawaf Fares admits he organized “Jihadi units” to fight US troops in Iraq.

Nawaf Fares, hailed a “hero” by the West for “defecting” from the Syrian government and joining the suspect “Syrian National Council,” has now admitted he was behind organizing “Jihadi units” that fought and killed US troops in Iraq. Undoubtedly these units he claims he created also killed British troops, as well as Iraqi fighters and civilians. His “hero” status is indicative of the dysfunction and morally depraved state of Western foreign policy.

Bashar Assad – “UN Want Peace Plan To Fail” Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad discusses the major issues in his country and manipulations by outside forces in an interview with German television.

Deze belangrijke video duurt 19 minuten.

Tom Is an Alawite Supporter?
By Tom Feeley, (de maker van Information Clearing House!)

“This site has very biased reporting about Syria.”

July 15, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — In response to an article I published, titled “Hillary Clinton Is Today’s Joseph Goebbels” one of our regular readers posted the following comment.

“Tom is an Alawite supporter, This site has very biased reporting about Syria. HAs not reported honestly who and what are these Alawites of Syria. Their Immense hatred , much more than a coptic christian from Egypt, Alawites are slaughtering Sunni muslims First thing to do, is to Stop donating to ICH news. ”

My Reply to Ahmed:

All Roads Lead To… Iran?
‘War At Core of MidEast Turmoil’

Video By RT

Saudi Arabia is sending additional troops to its Eastern region of Qatif – with the government fearing riots. Public anger is rising in the area – with reports of more marches planned in support of two local activists, killed at a rally on Sunday.

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36 Reacties op “Syrië update: Het Tremseh-bloedbad”

  • They Knew:


    Ik weet niet of je hem al had, maar hier is de link naar de Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung en het artikel van Rainer Hermann over de slachting bij Houla. Één overlevende, een jochie van elf, die geïnterviewd werd door Asscociated Press, heeft het daar over kaalgeschoren mannen met lange baarden en zo zien fanatieke jihadisten eruit, geen Assad militie die shabiha heet.

  • Divera:

    Beste Bou,

    Ik vind het klasse dat je hier steeds aandacht aan besteedt.

    Hierbij nog twee links die de waarheid naar voren brengen:

    Syrian conflict exposes America’s “Axis of Evil”

    Syria: The Globalist Destruction of a Nation State

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Tremseh killings targeted rebels — UN monitors

    Tall Tales in Tremseh
    Another day, another fake Syrian atrocity

    By Justin Raimondo

    July 16, 2012 “Antiwar” —

    For what seems like months we have been inundated with reports of “massacres” carried out by Syrian government troops against defenseless villagers. The sourcing for these reports is always Syrian “activists,” sometimes named but often not, and the details are always quite horrific: There was the “massacre” at Houla, touted by the BBC in a story that included a photo of a boy jumping over the shrouded bodies of the victims. The report claimed Syrian forces had murdered children and women in a house to house rampage in the village of Houla: it was all very dramatic. There was just one problem with the story: it wasn’t true. The photo used by the BBC to illustrate this tall tale was taken in Iraq, not Syria, and it had been pilfered by the Syrian “activists” who palmed it off to the BBC as “evidence” of atrocities committed by the regime.

    That wasn’t the first hoax these “activists” tried to pull, and — in spite of being repeatedly exposed as frauds — it certainly wasn’t meant to be the last. Now we have another such attempt: in Tremseh, a village near the city of Hama, the rebels claim, hundreds of civilians were wantonly slaughtered in a full-scale military operation by the Syrian army and air force. Kofi Annan is citing this alleged massacre as a reason for the UN Security Council to issue a serious warning: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon denounced the Syrian action as “an outrageous escalation of violence,” and went on to “condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the indiscriminate use of heavy artillery and shelling of populated areas, including by firing from helicopters.”

    Except the firing wasn’t indiscriminate. As the New York Times reports:

  • They Knew:

    Goed nieuws voor Assad…..

    MEDIAWERKGROEP SYRIE – 18 juli 2012 – Gisteren heeft Le Figaro onthuld dat de mortiergranaat die op 11 januari 2012 France 2-verslaggever Gilles Jacquier in Homs doodde, niet afkomstig was van het Syrische leger, maar van gewapende Syrische rebellen die zich nabij de wijk Akrama in Homs bevonden. De officiële Franse onderzoeksresultaten weerspreken de speculaties destijds in de westerse pers dat het Syrische regime het incident gemanipuleerd zou hebben en bevestigen de bevindingen van de waarnemersmissie van de Arabische Liga en het onderzoeksrapport van de Mediawerkgroep Syrië van 24 januari 2012.

    en voor ons de bevestiging van misinformatie/propaganda van aldaar aanwezige journalisten! Ook Nederlandse!

    Na eerdere rapporten van de missie van de Arabische Liga en hier de Mediawerkgroep Syrië publiceerde de Franse krant Le Figaro nu ook de conclusies van een officieel Frans onderzoeksrapport naar de aanslag van 11 januari 2012 op een groep journalisten die toen de Syrische stad Homs bezocht.

    Bij die aanslag verloor de Franse journalist Gilles Jacquier het leven en liepen enkelen verwondingen op. Bij die groep zaten ook de VRT-journalisten Rudi Vranckx en Jens Franssen naast dan een Nederlandse equipe.

    Wat daarop volgde was een fijn staaltje van vooringenomenheid elke journalist onwaardig.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Dank je wel, They Knew! MOOI dat de AAP nu uit de MOUW komt… 😉

  • ankie:

    Syria’s top security ministers slain in Damascus bombing!
    RussiaToday, 18 juli 2012. Video duurt 6 minuten.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Battle for Damascus: Rebels break capital peace
    Gepubliceerd op 17 jul 2012 door RussiaToday

    Syrian opposition fighters have taken their battle to the neighbourhoods of Damascus, with reports that the city has witnessed explosions and intense daylight shootouts.

    RT’s Maria Finoshina is in the capital.

    The Damascus Suicide Bombing

    Today’s killing of Assad officials raises uncomfortable questions about the meaning and justifiability of Terrorism

    By Glenn Greenwald

    July 18, 2012 “Salon” —

    In Damascus today, a suicide bomber attacked a meeting of high level Syrian officials and killed several of them, including the nation’s Defense Minister Daoud Rajha and the Syrian military’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Asef Shawkat, who is also the brother-in-law of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Several reporters covering the region, such as Omar Waraich of Time and The Independent, have deduced that the suicide bomber was “Islamist.”

    Needless to say, if such an attack — perpetrated by an “Islamist” suicide bomber — were aimed at a Western government or those of their allies in the region, it would immediately be branded Terrorism and vehemently denounced. One need not speculate about that, as it has already happened. It was called the Pentagon part of the “9/11 attack,” where a plane was flown into America’s military headquarters. More analogous was Nidal Hasan’s 2009 assault on the U.S. military base at Fort Hood, which was instantly branded Terrorism by American media outlets, Washington officials, and a majority of Americans.

    Indeed, even if this kind of attack were directed at Western-supported tyrannies in the region — such as, say, Saudi Arabia or Bahrain — the Terrorism label would be widely applied by mainstream Western outlets. In fact, the alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador — not civilians, but just this single official from a repellently oppressive regime — was instantly denounced as Terrorism.

    But it’s extremely doubtful that the term will be applied by Western media outlets to today’s Damascus attack.

  • ankie:

    Press TV, 18 juli 2012 -News Analysis.
    Gesprek met Hisham Jaber, Shoruk Khaddour en Webster Tarpley.

    CIA Leads Syrian Assault Based on Orchestrated Media Lies.
    Video duurt 21 minuten.

  • They Knew:

    VS verantwoordelijk voor de massale moorden in Syrië!

    Ben benieuwd wat onze politiek met deze wetenschap doet?

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    NATO set to attack Syria?
    Gepubliceerd op 18 jul 2012 door RTAmerica

    The UK and the US have drafted new sanctions aimed at the Syrian Government during the UN Security Council discussions. Russia and China don’t support the initiative created under the so-called Chapter #7, which implies foreign military intervention into the country – it will put pressure on the Syrian Government and make the situation
    worse, they argue. RT’s Marina Portnaya brings the details from New York.

    Russia and China don’t want Libya scenario in Syria
    Gepubliceerd op 18 jul 2012 door RTAmerica

    As a civil war grips Syria, it doesn’t look like there is an end in sight. This after Syrian officials were killed in an explosion of unclear nature – including the defense minister, his deputy, security advisor and Bashar al-Assad’s brother-in-law. So what’s going on in Syria? Is a diplomatic solution possible at this point? Cole Bockenfeld of the Project on Middle East Democracy joins RT’s Liz Wahl to explain.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Volgens Al Jazeera gaat het goed met de bevrijding van Syrië door de gewapende rebellen en huurmoordenaars van het Free Syrian Army. Er vallen talloze doden en gewonden! Dat komt omdat Rusland wapens levert aan de Syrische regering van Assad en dat komt beslist niet omdat de NATO en de Arabische Unie de wapens betalen die het Free Syrian Army nu vrijelijk Syrië binnen kan brengen.

    Syrian rebels take control of border crossings

    Gelukkig is er ook echt nieuws en dat is goed nieuws!

    Russia Today:

    Russia, China veto western-backed Syria resolution at UN Security Council

    ‘It’s all about Iran! Don’t be duped by US & UK, “the great humanitarians” – remember Iraq’
    Gepubliceerd op 19 jul 2012 door RussiaToday

    Russia and China have vetoed the latest Western-backed draft resolution on Syria at the UN Security Council. RT exclusively talks to one of the men who raised his hand in that ‘NO’ vote – Moscow’s envoy to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Nog even een oudere video met achtergrond commentaar:

    Bowie: ‘UN Should Investigate Arms Smuggling into Syria’

    Gepubliceerd op 9 jul 2012 door GlobalResearchTV

    At a July 6th, 2011 meeting of the Friends of Syria conference in Paris, the United States and its European Partners led calls for the implementation of new sanctions on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government, with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threatening Russia and China for their stance on the issue.

    French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called on the UN to invoke Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, mandating economic sanctions, an arms embargo, and potentially, military force. UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan admitted his six point peace plan had not succeeded and later criticized those nations undermining the plan by providing arms and assistance to Syria’s rebel fighters.

    Assad would not rule out direct negotiations with Washington and stated, “as long as you offer any kind of support to terrorists, you are partner. Whether you send them armaments or money or public support, political support in the United Nations, anywhere.”

    Originally aired on RT, July 8, 2012

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Syria’s Deadly Bomb Attack on Assad Cabinet: Is This ‘The Price’ Clinton Warned Of?

    by Finian Cunningham

    The deadly bomb attack on the top-level meeting of President Bashar Al-Assad’s senior cabinet ministers leaves little doubt that Western intelligence was involved.

  • They Knew:


    Hier nog een lekker artikel in de AsiaTimes over de Duitse regering en de slachtpartij bij Houla. De ware toedracht houden wij gewoon verborgen voor onze burgers om redenen van Nationale Veiligheid. Tja, hoe moet je je burgers uitleggen dat zij Al-Qaida in Syrië steunen en in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jemen en een aantal Afrikaanse landen oorlog met hen voeren. Dat kan je je burgers ook niet uitleggen, daarom houden wij het geheim en zorgen er via de media wel voor dat Bashar al-Assad de schuld krijgt. Dat lukt aardig, want wij worden al aangemerkt als Assad aanhangers.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Syria clears more areas of rebels, fighting continues in Aleppo

    Assad grants control of Kurdish region to militant group

    The prospect of a PKK-dominated zone in northern Syria appears to be an unintended consequence of the civil war between Assad and rebels of the Free Syrian Army, who are Sunni Muslims fighting, with U.S. and other nations’ backing, to topple Assad’s government.

    Assad withdrew forces last week from six predominantly Kurdish towns and handed control to the Kurdish militants in what appears to be an effort to bolster his defenses at Aleppo, which became the scene of sustained fighting last week for the first time since the anti-Assad uprising began more than 16 months ago. Assad also reportedly has pulled forces from the Idlib region of northeastern Syria and moved them to Aleppo.

    Tens of thousands of residents of Aleppo have fled in anticipation of a battle. Reports from anti-Assad groups indicate that thousands of pro-Assad and rebel fighters are converging on the city.

    The developments in Kurdish areas, however, suggest that no matter who wins the civil war, the fighting is shifting the politics of Syria and its neighbors in ways that cannot be predicted.

    The establishment of a Kurd-ruled zone inside Syria has long been a goal of the Kurdish population. Leaders of the anti-Assad opposition have said in recent days that they would oppose such a zone, and Kurdish fighters have said they would not allow the Free Syrian Army to operate in the region.

    Read more here:

    Turkey warns it may strike Kurdish rebels inside Syria
    (AFP) / 27 July 2012

    ISTANBUL — Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Syria of letting Turkey’s Kurdish rebels operate inside the north of the country and warned that Ankara would not hesitate to strike against them.

    “In the north, it (President Bashar Al Assad’s government) has allotted five provinces to the Kurds, to the terrorist organisation,” Erdogan said on Turkish television late on Wednesday, referring to the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK).

    He said the move was explicitly aimed against Turkey and warned that “there will undoubtedly be a response on our part to this attitude”.

    Turkey reportedly mobilizes tanks and missiles to border with Kurdish Syria

    Erdoğan’s rhetoric regarding Syria has grown increasingly belligerent

    PM: Turkey will not allow establishment of Kurdish state in northern Syria

    Syrian Rebel Leader Mustafa al-Sheikh Says Victory Against Assad Not in Sight
    by Mike Giglio Jul 26, 2012 4:45 AM EDT

    The general who heads the Free Syrian Army says his forces are dangerously divided and underfunded, al Qaeda is gaining a foothold in the conflict, and a major win that could topple the regime, like seizing Aleppo, is still out of reach.

    Insight: Cautious on Syria, Obama moves to help rebels

    By Tabassum Zakaria and Matt Spetalnick and Andrew Quinn

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – In his first year in office, U.S. President Barack Obama sent a letter to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad seeking a new start to a long-strained relationship.

    Syrian rebels threaten to attack Russian naval base

    Syrian rebels have threatened to attack Russia’s naval base at the port of Tartous if Moscow continues to supply weapons to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

    “We have a warning for the Russian forces: if they will send any more weapons that kill our families and the Syrian people we will hit them hard inside Syria,” said Louay al-Mokdad, a logistical coordinator for the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

    “Informers inside the regime are telling that us that there is a big weapons’ shipment arriving at Tartous in the next two weeks. We don’t want to attack the port, we are not terrorists, but if they keep acting like this we will have no choice.”

    Debate on Syria: Chemical Weapons, Foreign Intervention, Regime Change and More…

    How is the rhetoric of the West affecting the conflict in Syria? Is it an information war and if it is an endgame for Bashar al-Assad, what will replace his regime?

    Debate on Syria duurt 28 minuten.

    Zo, dit was even een haastige update, want de toestand in Syrië verslechtert nog steeds! Maar nu ga ik toch lekker zwemmen! 🙂

  • ankie:

    Up to 20% 9f Aleppo is TSA controlled – mr Aleppo.
    The Future of Syria’s Government will be decided in the flashpoint city of Aleppo given its economic importance and proximity to Turkey.
    Gepubliceerd op 27 juli 2012 door 108morris108. Video duurt 8 minuten.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Kleintje Muurkrant over Syrië:


    dinsdag 24 juli 2012
    Als Freddy nog leefde nam hij nu een fluitje van zijn eigen heerlijk helder. Nee, niet vanwege het mooie weer, maar vanwege de gestaag voortschrijdende realisering van zijn gedachtengoed. Ooit liet deze vermaarde connaisseur van jeugdige vleeswaren deze visionaire landkaart bij elkaar broddelen, waarbij Europa werd opgedeeld in zo’n 75 ministaatjes. Het geheel moest Eurotopia gaan heten. Als dat eenmaal zijn beslag had gekregen bestonden er tussen de Noordkaap en de Dardanellen geen landen meer die elkaar konden overheersen. En de noodzaak om nauw met elkaar samen te werken zou alleen maar groter worden. Liefst onder het genot van een lekker potje bier.
    Heel wat mensen wezen naar hun voorhoofd of dachten dat Freddie teveel aan zijn eigen spullen zat. Maar zijn bevlogen idee kreeg wel degelijk vaste vorm in voormalig Joegoslavië. Verder zijn Tsjechië en Slowakije uit elkaar, Schotland wil scheiden van Engeland, België is ook niet meer wat het was, in Spanje kraakt het, het noorden van Italië ziet het niet meer zitten met het zuiden, etcetera etcetera.
    We mogen aannemen dat zijn fata morgana ook verscheen aan Bildermamma met wie hij een vriendschappelijke connectie onderhield, die zelfs uitmondde in het delen van één en dezelfde bef: Frits Salomonson. En noem het toeval, maar de Bilderbergers werden een stuwende kracht achter het opknippen van het Midden-Oosten.
    Gisteren mochten wij nog vernemen, dat in het door “ons” bevrijde Irak de etnische bevolkingsgroepen elkaar naar het leven staan met leutige bommen en ander tickets to heaven. En ondertussen zijn de Koerden in het noorden bezig een eigen vrijstaat te creeëren. Het duurt nog even, maar dan neemt elke groepering genoegen met een eigen stukje Lebensraum en klaar is Ahmed. Hetzelfde staat de westerse Heinekendrinkers voor ogen in Syrië, waar de boel moet worden opgedeeld door de stijve en minder stijve mohammedaanse groeperingen, de Chistenen en de Koerden. Zal nog menig bommetje aan besteed moeten worden, maar gaat wel lukken. Net als in Pakistan en strakjes misschien in Iran. Zitten ze mekaar niet meer in het haar en kunnen ze zich aansluiten bij ons, de beschaafde westerse landen. U nog een fluitje? Komt eraan.

    Fluitje (2)

    vrijdag 27 juli 2012
    Assad leest Kleintje Muurkrant. Dat moet zo wezen. Drie dagen geleden kondigden wij aan dat het internationale gedachtengoed van Freddie Heineken vaste voet zou krijgen in Syrië. En dat het land in drie stukkies zou worden geknipt. Wat doet Assad gisteren? Geeft ie de Koerden in het noorden een paar kilo autonomie. Nou moet ie nog effe kijken of ie de jongens en meisjes van Jezus cq. Yuri van Gelder ergens een enclave met een kathedraal kan bezorgen en de rest is dan voor de rest. En die kan dan onderling uitvechten wie de baas wordt, de soen of de sji. Net als in Irak.
    Of Assad de kans krijgt om zijn schuimende plannen af te maken is twijfelachtig. Buur Erdogan heeft al laten weten dat een al te zelfstandig stukkie Koerdistan zijn slokdarm niet door kan. Hij heeft al moeite genoeg met die hap Koerdische kloothommels in Irak, laat staan dat ze nu ook nog een Syrisch stukkie krijgen. Voor je het weet willen ze ook nog een Iraans stukkie en allahbeterhet een Turks stukkie. Over Erdogan’s dead body.
    Het zit er dus vuistdik in dat het Turkse leger zich wat actiever gaat bemoeien met de ontwikkelingen bij de zuiderbuur. En dat is goed nieuws voor de NOS. Eindelijk wordt er dus werk gemaakt van MO-topia. Is het niet heerlijk? Alsnog proost Freddie. Stay tuned.

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