Deek Jackson presenteert wekelijks op YouTube zijn kijk op het nieuws: The Fkn Newz. Daarin neemt hij de Vette Koppen (Head-Lies) onder de loep en op de hak. Vorig jaar heeft hij naar aanleiding van het 9/11 jubileum een musical uitgebracht. Deze voorstelling is niet geschikt voor gevoelige RTL4- en SBS6-kijkers, noch voor trouwe NOS-ers, NRC-ers en VPRO-ers die niet willen weten wat er werkelijk is gebeurd op 11 september.

Enjoy! 😉

911 The Musical – Full Version – Deek Jackson

Zie voor meer vragen en antwoorden:
Waarheid 9/11

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2 Reacties op “10 jaar na 9/11: Deek Jackson: De 9/11 Musical”

  • Arminius:

    Meesterlijke video weer van Deek!

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Deek Jackson heeft deze musical op 11 sept. 2013 opnieuw geplaatst, nu met de tekst van het lied: 9/11 is a lie!

    Gepubliceerd op 11 sep 2013

    If you think 9/11 was an inside job
    your probably right but who gives a fuck
    The world moved on the truth dont count
    if you dont believe take a look about
    At the tyrrany in China for a billion souls
    economic crisis adding to our woes
    Economic lies there to fool the masses
    while they bend us over and fuck us in our assets

    911’s a lie and some can see others dont care cos sports on tv
    911’s a lie but i think you ll find most people know it but just dont mind
    911’s alie – but what you gonna do watch some alex jones vids on you tube
    9’11’s a lie heres some from the past pearl harbour gulf of tonkin and the riechstagg

    Cheyne and bush got away scot free
    all we really care abouts the economy
    Building 7s a mystery for Scooby and the team
    Silverstien said pull it but what did he mean
    9/11 like the death of kennedy
    now just a bit of irrelevant history
    Iraq and Afghanistan invaded in error
    so bankers can profit from war on terror

    911 a lie yes really its true 911’s lie – but what you gonna do –
    911’s a lie –and theres plenty of proof 911;s a lie – join a movement for truth
    911’s a lie those buildings were blown 911’s we all have been owned
    911’s a lie like other conspiracies.. gods countries and nationalities

    Architects and engineers are my heroes
    for finding thermite at ground zero
    No amount of evidence will change the past
    or convince the masses wit their heads up their ass
    The truth movement has no clout,
    change the name to beyond reasonable doubt
    Anyway before 9/11 you know,
    planet rape and slavery were all on the go

    911 a lie sing it with me , 911 s a lie we live in tyrrany
    911’s a lie I have seen the light 911s a lie I know im right
    911s a lie but who gives a funk , calling people sheeple wont wake them up
    911 a lie and everybody knows this emperor is wearing no clothes
    911 its a distraction I say from economic exploitation and slavery
    911’s alie – but who gives a fuck 911’s a lie – please stop saying wake up
    911s a lie but its not the only one, 911s a lie lets just have some fun

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