In Tripoli is de kruitdamp nu iets opgetrokken en de journalisten kunnen de toestand weer overzien. Toch is er helaas nog niets vernomen van de vermiste journalisten, geen nieuws van Franklin Lamb, Lizzy Phelan, Mahdi Nazemroaya en Thierry Meyssan. De journalisten van Al Jazeera die zo trouw de rebellen volgden, waren de eersten die de stad in konden. Wat een bloedbad! Wat een lijkenstank! Russia Today stuurde ook een journaliste, wat zij aantrof was een vrijwel uitgestorven Tripoli. Alleen de rebellen met hun guns durfden zich te wagen op straat. Waar een week geleden het dagelijkse leven ondanks de NATO-bombardementen nog gewoon doorging, heersen nu angst, verwoesting, dood en verderf!

Trauma at Abu Salim hospital
Geüpload door AlJazeeraEnglish op 26 aug 2011

The Abu Salim trauma hospital in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, has been cut off to most of the outside world due to fighting in the area.
Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons managed to reach the hospital this week, where he found bodies with gunshot wounds lying in and outside of the building.
He sent this report on the status of a hospital that is severely understaffed and cut off from medical supplies, with a warning that some of the images in the video may be disturbing.

Libyan political activists ‘murdered by Gaddafi loyalists’
Geüpload door AlJazeeraEnglish op 26 aug 2011

The bodies of 15 men have been found at a hospital in Tripoli.
The rebels say they were political activists.
Gaddafi’s men are said to have killed them after the Bab Al Aziziya compound had been stormed.
Al Jazeera’s James Bays was at the hospital, and a warning – you may find some of these images disturbing.

Gaddafi manhunt: rebels and NATO close in
Published: 26 August, 2011, 15:49. Edited: 26 August, 2011, 18:51

RT in Tripoli: It feels rebels only people left in Libya

Geüpload door RussiaToday op 26 aug 2011

British Tornado jets have fired cruise missiles at Colonel Gaddafi’s command and control bunker in his hometown of Sirte, despite previous claims the coalition would not assist rebels in hunting him down. The colonel’s whereabouts are still unknown. RT correspondent Maria Finoshina is in Tripoli.

Deze ordinaire olieroof maakt definitief een einde aan iedere Al Qaida-mythe die de NATO ooit heeft verkondigd. Wat in 2003 nog mogelijk was in Irak, kan in 2011 echt niet meer. De protesten zullen zeker nog aanzwellen als de lijken zijn geruimd, de doden zijn geteld, de gewonden zijn verzorgd en de schade is opgenomen. Alleen de stad Sirte is nog niet in handen van de rebellen, terwijl de NATO de stad bombardeert, zijn de NATO-rebellen Sirte nu aan het veroveren! Ze willen hun hoofdkwartier trouwens verplaatsen van Benghazi naar Tripoli, maar ze zitten voorlopig wat krap bij kas! En waar is Gaddafi? George Galloway is bepaald geen vriend van Gaddafi, maar deze analyse is toch wel verhelderend:

George Galloway interviews Michael Binyon on Libyan Civil War

Libyan Rebels Free Al Qaeda Supporters

Escobar: Al-Qaeda asset is military commander of Tripoli
Published: 27 August, 2011, 02:06

According to Escobar, Abdelhakim Belhadj, who commanded a military offensive in Libya over the weekend, has become the de facto commander of the Tripoli armed forces. Belhadj has also, says Escobar, was trained in Afghanistan by a “very hardcore Islamist Libyan group.”

Libyan Rebels strive to reach Gaddafi´s hometown of Sirte CCTV News
Geüpload door cctvnewschannel op 26 aug 2011

Fighting continues in Tripoli, despite rebels gaining control over large areas of the capital. Thursday saw gunfights erupting in the city’s Abu Salim district, one of the few remaining Gaddafi strongholds in the Tripoli. Further east, opposition forces are also trying to reach Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte.
Heavy gunfights erupted in the Abu Salim district as NATO airstrikes cleared the way for rebels. Opposition forces swept through houses and side streets to flush out snipers.
Some hoped Muammar Gaddafi was hiding in the district with some of his sons. But it turned out that most residents were driven out of the city as the battle escalated.
Elsewhere in the capital, rebel forces are purging streets of diehard gunman still loyal to Gaddafi, as the war nears its end. Rebels have also claimed that they have secured Tripoli’s Airport after intense fighting with Gaddafi loyalists.
Abdul Salam Sakali, rebel commander, said, “We have total control over the airport from 4 directions. Our problem is with Gaddafi’s army. It is located in a far area and shoots at the airport. This area is totally secured and under control of the rebels. Airport officials can come and operate the airport as of today.”
Further east from Tripoli, rebels are still trying to put pressure on the last main bastion of Gaddafi’s forces along the Mediterranean coast. They are approaching Sirte from two sides as there is speculation that Gaddafi could have fled to the town. But rebel fighters have seen massive resistance in the towns of Bin Jawad and Ras Lanuf.
An opposition spokesman said they are trying to negotiate the surrender of defenders in those areas and hoped Gaddafi’s loyalists would eventually abandon Sirte.

Libyan rebels base moves into capital Tripoli CCTV News
Geüpload door cctvnewschannel op 26 aug 2011

The Libyan rebels have announced that they are moving into the capital Tripoli from its previous base in the eastern city of Benghazi. The National Transitional Council’s senior official, Ali Tarhouni, made the announcement on Thursday at a news conference in Tripoli.
Ali Tarhouni, Finance Minister of National Transitional Council, said, “And based on the directions of the NTC headed by Mr Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, and the directions of the executive office, headed by Dr Mahmoud Jibril, I proclaim the beginning of, and the resumption of, the work of the executive office in free Tripoli as of this moment.”

West Pays: ‘Libyans bribed to forget Gaddafi’
Geüpload door RussiaToday op 26 aug 2011

The head of the Libyan rebel government has again called for the urgent release of frozen Libyan assets, saying it could face a “legitimacy crisis” if the people’s needs are not met, Associated Press reports. Mahmoud Jibril, head of the National Transitional Council, on Friday also urged the African Union to recognize the rebel government, a move that would ease the freeing up of Libya’s frozen assets. The opposition needs the money to pay state salaries and maintain services in Libya, including in areas still under Muammar Gaddafi’s control. The US and South Africa reached a deal Thursday that will release $1.5 billion in frozen Libyan assets in American banks.
RT talks to Eric Denece, the Director and Founder of the French Centre for Intelligence Studies.

De politieke consequenties van deze massamoord, deze rooftocht van de NATO onder het mom van “Responsability to Protect”, zullen zeker enorm zijn. Mathaba bericht:

On Wednesday Venezuela’s ambassador in Libya denounced the looting of his official residence by armed men, calling the assault “a violation of Venezuelan sovereignty” by “NATO itself.” The governments of Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, among other ALBA nations, denounced the violent attack as a “breach of international law,” as did Venezuela’s ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV).

Chavez: NATO went into Ultimate Madness and prevents Journalists from Seeing the Massacres

“They have torn apart a country, and it wasn’t Gadafi who did it. They have set the country ablaze, and it wasn’t Gadafi who did it; no, it was precisely imperial madness and capitalism’s global crisis who did it” – Chavez.

South Africa Wants ICC to Investigate NATO

Africans Condemn NATO Intervention in Libya

George Galloway warns Liam Fox not to send troops to Libya

Maar die troepen zijn er al en het is al een troep!!!

Nog even een laatste update:

‘Gaddafi dead or alive’ regime: RT in rebel Tripoli
Geüpload door RussiaToday op 27 aug 2011

The UN is calling for a halt to violence in Libya, as the rebels are advancing on Colonel Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte with aerial support from NATO. British Tornado jets have fired cruise missiles at his command-and-control bunker in the town, regarded as Gaddafi’s last stronghold. The NATO bombings come despite previous statements from the Alliance that it wasn’t assisting rebels in their hunt for Gaddafi. There’s also been intense fighting near Tripoli’s international airport. RT’s Maria Finoshina, who’s in the capital, says many there are now living in fear of anarchy.

Van onze vier onafhankelijke waarnemers nog altijd geen levensteken…

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6 Reacties op “Libië update: het bloedbad en de lijkenstank”

  • Chris:

    Dit is zo intens droevig en onmenselijk.

  • @ Mr. Drs. Bou

    Eric Denécé is één van de leden van onze onderzoekscommissie.

  • mr. drs. BOU:

    Artikelen, o.a. over het verlaten hospitaal van Abu Salim:

    Libya: 80 Found Dead at Abandoned Tripoli Hospital

    The horror of Abu Salim

    Libya: Expect A Humanitarian Crisis

    “Reporters in the field, more or less embedded with the rebels, cheering the rebels on”

    Special Operations Clear Paths For Rebel Forces Attack On Sirte
    By Christopher Stephen at Kilometre 60, eastern Libya
    August 26, 2011 “Irish Times”

    10 Myths About Libya? Rejoinder

    Okay, spot on for the NATO alliance, which is exactly the problem. Africa has increasingly become a chess piece in a global competition for resources and cheap labor. It is no accident that the U.S. recently formed an African Command (Africom)—the Libyan War was the organization’s coming out party—and is training troops in countries that border the Sahara. It is already intervening in Somalia, and a recent story in the New York Times about an “al-Qaeda threat” in Northern Nigeria should send a collective chill down all our spines. NATO has already “war gamed” the possibility of intervention in the Gulf of Guinea to insure oil supplies in the advent of “civil disturbances” that might affect the flow of energy resources.

    En op Zaplog gaat trollebol Tegengas nog even door met zijn Hoera voor de NATO-rebellen:

    Zo te zien gaat drs.. Bou vrolijk verder met de propaganda, volgens mij heeft hij ze niet helemaal op een rijtjes.
    Uitgestorven Tripoli?

    en over de vier vermiste onafhankelijke journalisten die met de dood zijn bedreigd door NATO-geheime agenten:

    drs. Bou kan het Marriott of Corinthia hotel bellen, misschien zijn ze uit gecheckt en met de ontsnappings-karavaan van Gaddafi getrouwen mee richting het zuiden.
    Ik zie het al helemaal voor me, die kamelen trein.

    Telefoonverkeer met Libië is onmogelijk, internet-contact ook! Maar Trollebol Tegengas voegt er een YouTube bij:

    Journalists under sniper fire at Tripoli hotel
    Gepubliceerd op 26 aug 2011 door AFP

    The Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel in Tripoli, where numerous foreign journalists are based, came under attack on Thursday.


  • mr. drs. BOU:

    Dank zij Johnito is Zap toch nog wel interessant. Hij heeft aan de link naar mijn artikel een aantal interessante aanvullingen toegevoegd.

    Lees dus ook Zaplog!

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    ‘Libya in dead-end as NATO washes hands of civilian blood’
    Geüpload door RussiaToday op 20 mrt 2012

    Human rights groups say NATO has failed to investigate civilian deaths caused by its air strikes on Libya, last year. They’re calling on the alliance to address the incidents and also pay compensation. NATO says it carried out its strikes with utmost care and precision.

    David Swanson, anti-war activist talks to RT. He says bombing campaigns for humanitarian reasons never pay off.

  • mr. drs. Bou:

    Remembering a Neglected Atrocity: One Year After the Abu Salim Hospital Massacre

    August 21, 2012

    Planet Earth

    One year ago, the roughly week-long NATO-backed conquest of Tripoli was raging. The days starting on August 20 saw victory against a government accused of horrific abuses across Libya during the war, as well as numerous scenes of the same kind of barbarity in the capitol as their order crumbled there.

    The two largest among these warranted further study, and have now both received part of that due, thanks to the Citizen’s Investigation Into War Crimes in Libya (CIWCL). In June we released our first major report A Question Mark Over Yarmouk: Re-Thinking the Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre (152 pages – PDF download page). This exposed the largest and “most clear-cut” mass execution of the war, allegedly by government forces against 157 civilian prisoners. The best evidence, however, consistently points to this being a massively covered-up crime of the rebel militias.

    Zie ook deze link

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