In Tripoli heerst nu een complete chaos. Er komt nauwelijks nieuws naar buiten, de journalisten die door Gaddafi waren “gegijzeld” en die zijn “gered” door het Rode Kruis, zitten nu in het Corinthia-hotel en ook daar lijkt geen contact met de buitenwereld mogelijk. Ze zouden worden geëvacueerd naar Maltha, maar hoewel de NATO-rebellen volgens de NATO-berichten de stad onder controle hebben, blijkt die evacuatie onmogelijk. Zie ook het vorige artikel, dat vanmorgen nog is aangevuld. Wellicht heeft de NATO liever niet dat de chaos in Tripoli zichtbaar wordt. Intussen zoekt men koortsachtig naar Gaddafi en naar zijn chemische en zelfs nucleaire wapens, terwijl de aasgieren broeden op de verdeling van de buit: olie en goud!

Wanted dead or alive: $1.6 million for Gaddafi

Gaddafi on TV as rebels claim he’s trapped

Reported breakthroughs by rebels reap rewards

Lobbyists line up to new Libyan government

Chemical frustration – the race to find Libyan stockpiles

Crude Spoils: Italy ‘unfreezes’ $500 mln of Libyan money

Libyan war 100 Tons Of Libyan Gold being looted and Will Not Be Found 25/08/11

BREAKING NEWS: Libya’s Oil to be Exploited by the West

Europeans care about Libyan oil only

Rebels in £1 mln Gaddafi manhunt: ‘are they worth the cash?’

The UN has called for restraint in Libya amid reports of abuses and alleged summary killings by both rebels and Gaddafi loyalists. The Security Council has also agreed to release 1.5 billion-dollars in Libyan assets to help deal with humanitarian needs. The opposition continues to claim that Tripoli is largely under its control, while the National Transitional Council says it’s moved from its stronghold of Benghazi to the capital. There are reports of heavy resistance by Gaddafi forces, with the Colonel’s whereabouts still unknown. Meanwhile, Gaddafi has aired another radio message, claiming he’s fighting on the frontline. NATO has denied previous reports that it’s assisting the rebels in the hunt to find him. Mark Almond, a history professor at Oxford University with his perspective on the latest developments in Libya.

Tarpley: Al-Qaeda pirates to grip Mediterranean if rebels take over

CBC News (Canada) geeft een eerste verslag van de gevechten in de stad, d.d. 25 augustus. Lees ook het laatste nieuws van Mathaba (en geloof niet alles…).

Foreign reporters including Greece’s Panos Haritos, have confirmed that Tripoli is not under rebel control, that people are fighting for Qaddafi, and that Green Square too is not under rebel control.
The journalists, reporting from the Corinthia Hotel where they have a good view of the city, have confirmed that Green Square is controlled by Qaddafi loyalists.
The green masses also have control in all the areas of east and central Tripoli and also half of west Tripoli.
Also the terrorist rebels don’t control Tripoli airport they use the highway to land small planes for their supplies. This was shown live on TV, with a broadcast failed to be cut off by NATO.

Kleintje Muurkrant is weer kort, maar krachtig: Mission accomplished

woensdag 24 augustus 2011
Zo. Onze olieboeren in Libië zitten gebamzaaid. Die kutchinezen zijn opgelazerd. Waren werknemers van de Great Wall Drilling Company, een dochter van de China National Petroleum Corporation. De club uit Bejing vond het vanwege de Libische polletieke instabiliteit niet verantwoord meer om door te gaan met de werkzaamheden. Een verliespostje van naar schatting een 188 meloen dollar. Kan nog aanzienlijk meer worden, want de Mad Maxen die nu samen met de NATO de laatste hand leggen aan de overname van de NV Libië hebben al rondgetoeterd, dat ze moeite hebben met de terugkeer van de Ruskies, de Brazilianen en de Chinezen aan de olietap. Vanwege het gebrek aan steun bij de ruiming van Khadaffi. Met de westerse oliemaatschappijen staan ze uiteraard wel op goeie voet. Maar dat zal niemand uit zijn schoenen blazen. Want waar was het anders om te doen?

Libya: Now The War Begins
Chavez: Libya’s Tragedy Begins With Gadhafi’s Fall

Chavez: NATO went into Ultimate Madness and prevents Journalists from Seeing the Massacres

History Repeats Itself, With Mistakes of Iraq Rehearsed Afresh

With Gaddafi at large, a guerrilla war eroding the new powers is inevitable

By Robert Fisk

The West’s real fear – right now, and this could change overnight – should be the possibility that the author of the Green Book has made it safely through to his old stomping ground in Sirte, where tribal loyalty might prove stronger than fear of a Nato-backed Libyan force.

Sirte, where Gaddafi, at the very start of his dictatorship, turned the region’s oil fields into the first big up-for-grabs international dividend for foreign investors after his 1969 revolution, is no Tikrit. It is the site of his first big African Union conference, scarcely 16 miles from the place of his own birth, a city and region that benefited hugely from his 41-year rule. Strabo, the Greek geographer, described how the dots of desert settlements due south of Sirte made Libya into a leopard skin. Gaddafi must have liked the metaphor. Almost 2,000 years later, Sirte was pretty much the hinge between the two Italian colonies of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica.

And in Sirte the “rebels” were defeated by the “loyalists” in this year’s six-month war; we shall soon, no doubt, have to swap these preposterous labels – when those who support the pro-Western Transitional National Council will have to be called loyalists, and pro-Gaddafi rebels turn into the “terrorists” who may attack our new Western-friendly Libyan administration. Either way, Sirte, whose inhabitants are now supposedly negotiating with Gaddafi’s enemies, may soon be among the most interesting cities in Libya.

Chossudovsky: “Neocolonional West far too eager for Libyan oil – they should buy it, not steal it” duurt 25 minuten.
Geüpload door WolkenZwemmer op 25 aug 2011

Excerpts from – I have skipped most of Mahor Salloum’s words, because he talks too much about how great the Rebels are and how bad Gaddafi is. You can read and watch the MSM for that kind of opinions.

Tot slot nog een beetje oorlogshumor van onze Zaplog-trollebol tegengas! Want een dag niet gelachen, is een dag niet geleefd. 😉

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