Wat Hillary Clinton heeft gezegd toen ze hoorde dat Gaddafi was vermoord, dat weten we inmiddels wel: “We came, we saw, he died.” Was dat even grappig! Nog geen twee dagen nadat ze Tripoli had bezocht en daar de wens had uitgesproken dat Gaddafi zou worden gevangen of gedood, werd Gaddafi eerst gevangen en vervolgens gedood. Dit is wel een beetje een oorlogsmisdaad, maar de hele aanval op en verovering van Libië was een aaneenschakeling van oorlogsmisdaden! Dit besef lijkt echter pas door te dringen tot de deelnemers aan deze roofoverval, nu Gaddafi voor het oog van de mobiele camera’s op een beestachtige wijze is afgeslacht.

Libya: Britain calls for probe into Gaddafi killing

Britain’s new Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said that the reputation of Libya’s new leaders had been “stained” by the killing of Muammar Gaddafi.

Hammond said he would like to see an investigation into the death of Gaddafi, who was captured alive during the fall of his hometown Sirte on Thursday.

“It’s certainly not the way we do things, it’s not the way we would have liked it to have happened,” he told BBC television.

“We would have liked to see Colonel Gaddafi going on trial, ideally at the International Criminal Court, to answer for his misdeeds not only in Libya but of course the many acts of terrorism that he supported and perpetrated outside Libya, of which we in Britain have a disproportionately large number of victims.

UN calls for investigation into Gaddafi´s death CCTV News

NATO says military operation close to completion in Libya CCTV News

Pepe Escobar: NATO wanted Gaddafi dead all along

Chossudovsky: Killing of Gaddafi and NATO’s Money-Driven Wars of Conquest

Western hugs with Gaddafi end with shot to head

Gaddafi: gone but not questioned

Gaddafi ‘Killer’: I shot him twice, in head & in chest

Gaddafi’s Murder and International Law

Libië is nu bevrijd en in het vervolg geldt er de Sharia.

Libya’s new leaders declare country ‘liberated’

Al-Qaeda leadership for Libya (commissioned by the CIA / NCT)

Libya: first days without Gaddafi

Libya Freedom Fun: Hangover to come?
RussiaToday op 24 okt 2011

Fate of Gaddafi´s family members CCTV News

Saif al-Islam zet strijd tegen bezetters voort

Morris praat weer met de Libische student in Londen. Hij komt uit Sirte en zijn ouders moeten daar nog zijn, maar hij heeft al dagen geen contact met hen kunnen krijgen. Hij weet niet of ze dood zijn of nog leven, maar hij weet wel dat Sirte is verwoest.

A Libyan in London Speaks about Libya

Exposed: Civilizations Barbarity
Muammar Gaddafi’s Grisly Death Raises Questions the Length of Libya’s Revolutionary Road

The manner of Gaddafi’s killing raises questions for the militias that make up the new Libya, writes Andrew Gilligan in Sirte.

The other bad augury from the death of the dictator is that it reminds us the new, free Libya has not entirely thrown off the old Gaddafi nastiness. Much of Sirte, a pro-Gaddafi city of 100,000 people, has been substantially destroyed by revolutionary forces: barely a building in many areas is undamaged.

“The rebels shelled my house,” said Mohammed Ferjani, from District 3, a clearly civilian residential area, pointing at a huge hole in the side of it. “On our street, a whole family was killed.”

District 3 was relatively lightly attacked. In Districts 1 and 2, their torn-down Gaddafi flags lying in rags on the ground, we drove through a townscape of almost complete destruction, empty of civilians.

Parts of the “Dollar” area – Libyan slang for the posh part of town – looked, quite simply, post-nuclear. By the end, Gaddafi and his entourage must have been some of the last people left in Sirte.


En tot slot T.West van AfriSynergy:

The Evil Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and NATO Rats Sodomizing of Muammar Gaddafi

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